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  1. texans are deep at RB, they cut ogbonnaya in the preseason who looked great. but like you said, we have depth at back too. help on the line would go much further, but teams don't go cutting starting LTs.
  2. you're kidding right? slaton hasn't been good for years. they benched him for ryan moats.
  3. he's good, not on the level of thomas yet, nowhere near megatron. he does have a better quarterback passing to him than thomas did.
  4. i would think less of ANYONE, in ANY position on the team who threw someone else under the bus. Take care of that in house, do not say **** to the media.
  5. all these naysayers are new to the whole atlanta sports thing. **** doesnt go according to plan around here too often. Anybody who looked at our schedule knew it was going to be difficult, especially the beginning. fact is we are 1-2, one game behind the division leader.
  6. it isn't always more expensive to eat healthy, but it is more difficult and time consuming. you have to cook for yourself, even the "healthy" options restaurants offer are usually inadequate. dont confuse healthy with "organic" here, thats a whole separate scam. the companies push fattening food because it makes them money, and the nature of a company is to make money. we buy **** loaded up with HFCS, and the companies take notice. i don't see how that will change.
  7. i agree, kids are gonna pick on kids who are different, thatll never change. Obesity has other, more serious consequences though. for instance, it looks like my generation is gonna foot the bill for these fat-*** baby boomers when they retire.
  8. http://www.nfl.com/videos/auto/09000d5d8228d4f9/Barber-picks-off-Ryan Wrong. Roddy should have had that, was a good throw.
  9. cant read too much into it, bucs aint beaten us for 3 years, they are playing angry
  10. you didn't actually watch the play, did you? the slant was open, roddy let it hit off his chest. and we needed the completion to make the FG more manageable. there's already enough things going wrong without making up ****.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiLAW4FBLro&feature=player_embedded Who else saw that?
  12. Sam Baker has to get right. The whole night, Cole was beating him like a red-headed stepchild. Straight embarrassing. And why did it take so long to give him help? He was obviously getting his lunch eaten 1on1.
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