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  1. Ish is slower than most LBs. He is awful and a complete joke at SS.
  2. Hooper made himself a lot of money this season already. He won't be cheap to re-sign this offseason. If we could get a nice pick back for him you have to consider pulling he trigger before he walks for potentially nothing this offseason.
  3. Chase Young is easily the best player in this draft and I doubt that changes. He single handily dominates games off the edge and is a freak of nature.
  4. We had 2 timeouts. We would have gotten the ball back with approximately 1:30ish left if not for the bad spot on the 3rd down run which was definitely short.
  5. I wish we did so Miami would get a win. Time to root for the Redskins, Jets, Bengals and Dolphins every week.
  6. We NEED Chase Young therefor we NEED a top 2-3 pick. 1-15
  7. 1-15 please. It will guarantee mass changes. All the coaches will be cleaned out. Overpaid players will get their walking papers. Start over.
  8. Way to go boys!
  9. I’m a Falcons fan first. Anyone and everyone can go if it guaranteed even just 1 ring.
  10. Id give him away for a conditional future 7 if they just take the salary without any dead money on our end.
  11. What's the point? Does not matter where the other team starts on offense its gonna result in points. Just go for every 4th down, Madden style.
  12. Knowing our luck, We will win the next 3 to get to 4-4 at the bye week just to give the Fans hope. Then we will lose 5 straight, Be 4-9 sitting nicely for a top 10 pick and we will proceed to win the last 3 to get to 7-9. Mid 1st round pick. Where have you seen this before? 2018.
  13. Getting slapped around and embarrassed every Sunday was not enough to bond?
  14. You would both be fired on here the second we have our 1st 3 and out.
  15. **** the first *** kicking was not enough?! Titans gonna get a 2nd go at it?
  16. Did you guys hear that Lattimore is overrated?
  17. Can anyone explain to me why our coaches (DQ I am looking at you) think its smart to drop our defenders back 20 yards every time we have the other team in 3rd and long? I don't see any other team in the NFL do that EVER except at the very end of the game or half. Yet we do that garbage every time we get someone in 3rd and long. We probably lose either way but when it was 7-7 and we gave up that 3rd down conversion that changed the game completely.
  18. 1) Undisciplined league leader in Penalties 2) No Run Game 3) Bad Pass Protection 4) Mediocre at best Playcalling and Route Concepts 5) Turnovers 6) Soft Defense 7) Bad Coaching 8) No Energy 9) We Suck
  19. You do realize you can do this with mostly every team right? Patriots 2018 - No 3rd round pick 2017 - DE Derek Rivers and OT Antonio Garcia - Combined have 1 start now in the 3rd season. (Busts) 2016 - OG Joe Thuney, QB Jacoby Brissett, DT Vincent Valentine - Thuney great Pick. Brissett is now looking like a great pick as the Colts QB. Valentine is a (Bust) 2015 - DE Geneo Grissim (Bust) 2014 - No 3rd Round Pick 2013 - DB Logan Ryan and DB Duron Harmon. Both good picks 2012 - DE Jake Bequette (Bust) 2011 - QB Ryan Mallet (Bust) 2010 - WR Taylor Price (Bust) 2009 - WR Brandon Tate and LB Tyrone McKinzee (Busts) 2008 - LB Shawn Crable and QB Kevin O'Connell (Busts) So in the same time span, The Patriots have 4 good 3rd round picks, 2 of which are not on the team anymore. 11 Busts. We had 4 solid picks (Douglas, Peters, Hooper, Coleman) 3 of which are not on the team anymore. 8 Busts. Huge difference Like I said, You can go through for any team in the league and I guarantee you no matter what round you pick they had plenty of busts to choose from over the years. The draft is a crap shoot
  20. Same reason we struggle vs the Eagles and Vikings in the NFC. Teams that run the ball and play physical tough defense smack us around like a red headed step child.
  21. wE jUsT hAVe To eXeCuTe BeTtEr I'm over over this team after only a quarter of the season. As crappy as last years team was, crippled and all, They still fought hard every game even when outmatched. Meanwhile this team goes down 20 by halftime every week.