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  1. Not every player comes into the league and lights it on fire especially when you are tasked with catching passes from Michael Vick and our anemic passing offense. Roddy had his struggles on top of that but everyone knows that Joe Horn mentoring him and even Bobby Petrino telling Roddy he needed to slim down was the reason for Roddy's turnaround in 07'. Ryan gave him consistency afterwards but he certainly did not 'make' him which is what you implied originally. He was well on his way with or without Ryan. You don't go for 1200 yards with 3 bottom level QBs out of luck. Julio is having the same type of year this year he had last year. Aging + Injury filled and struggling to stay on the field. Combine that with Derrick Henry and AJ Brown also being great players getting lots of touches and it's not really a shock at all his numbers are what they are.
  2. I'm talking about his career as a whole. If we did not draft him, he would have been excellent no matter where he went, Even Cleveland lol. Tennessee has Derrick Henry and AJ Brown he was never going there to be the #1 option. Combine that with the injuries and it's about what you would expect.
  3. He was going to have a talk with Big Ben about becoming a Tide Cold Caller.
  4. Roddy was on fire in 07' with Harrington/Leftwich/Redman. 1202 yards that year. Julio would have been good anywhere he went let's be real here. Turner/Freeman are RBs so that's kinda silly to credit a Pocket QB for their success. He definitely made Douglas, Jenkins, Gage, Sanu, Hardy, Gabriel, Tamme, Hooper and a slew of others over the years into respectable WRs/TEs though. Not many WRs/TEs have left here and gone on to have a good career elsewhere. Douglas sucked in Tenn. Jenkins disappeared. Sanu sucked in NE and everywhere else after. Hardy disappeared. Gabriel sucked in Chicago. Tamme retired I think. Hooper is mediocre at best in Cleveland.
  5. The best part of it all is IF this Line can play well together throughout the year we have a unit that is extremely young and not have to worry about it for a few years at minimum. 29 // 21 // 23 // 24 // 26 All are under contract for this year and next and that can be extended to a 3rd year if Lindstrom/McGary get 5th year optioned.
  6. I was here and active. Most of the ones that were talking like that were trolls with 100 posts (Most of which aren't even on the board anymore and probably stopped coming around the second we drafted Pitts). Maybe BLM but other than him I can't think of anyone else.
  7. I don't think anyone with a brain cell thought any of these rookie QBs would be the better option than Ryan for 2021 and maybe not even for 2022. It was more about long term rather than short term. The Rebuild rather than the retool option. I get it though. The trolls that were screaming QB @ 4, Ryan sucks all offseason really got to some of yall and now it's time to return the favor.
  8. We likely are not beating the Cowboys but i’ll be happy if we go 2-1 over the next 3.
  9. Saints offense is so bad without Drew Brees. So used to seeing them throw it all over the yard and making offense look easy.
  10. DK lives rent free inside of Latti’s head
  11. No. You don’t trade a young great kicker. The return will never be worth it losing someone that can win/lose games weekly.
  12. Go look at JF's numbers while using playaction. They are trying to make JF into a traditional pocket passer all the meanwhile the playcalling is horrific, The o-Line is one of the worst in the league and the WRs are Falcons level bad. The #1 WR has no interest in even being there and is half a** running his routes. Combine this with a guy that anyone with a brain knew he needed to sit year 1 and you have the huge cluster F you see currently in Chicago. He needs to pray to god they sit him for Dalton and that Nagy gets fired this offseason or he will have no chance.
  13. We drop to a spot and stand in that spot no matter who goes through or by the area. The big crosser late in the game to Geiske he went behind 3-4 different guys and not one of them realized it or even tried to make a play. They continued their drop and then watched the ball go right over their heads.
  14. And look how easily Chase is now destroying NFL defenses as a rookie after a year off.
  15. That's gotta be good news regarding our other injured DBs...right? I doubt we release TJ if Sheffield/Terrell/Avery/Moreau are all in doubt for this week.
  16. Spriggs with a 66 is the biggest W of the day. Man could not block a blind quadriplegic in the preseason but sure showed up with something to prove yesterday. Hawkins continues to flash.
  17. I legit hate Means. I'm sure he is a great guy but he really urks me with how awful he is but yet we have to keep seeing him out there. Then when someone else makes a play we have to watch him celebrate like he did something.
  18. I think I would prefer to see what Gallman can give us over MD at this point.
  19. Our Line always looks better with CP carrying the rock it seems. We need to stop wasting our time giving the ball to Mike Davis. I did love that they ran it down the Dolphins throat to seal that victory on 3rd down. You already knew Koo was gonna drill it down the middle.
  20. Credit to Spriggs for not playing horrible as well. Gave up a few pressures but in general played well in place of McGary
  21. Seahawks are gonna be real hurt this offseason when they finish with 6 wins (or less), Russ wants out AND the Jets own the rights to that top 10 pick while the Hawks are paying Jamal Adams 70m to be a glorified LB that can't cover.
  22. I don't understand being miserable after wins. Are the Dolphins, Giants and Jets bad teams? Absolutely. However Winning against any team is hard. The talent level between the worst team and the best team is not nearly as much as many think. Ask the Titans who just beat the Chiefs and Bills but lost to the Jets. We should have beaten both teams that were in the SB Last year and we went 4-12. Enjoy the W and stop trying to write off everything positive that Ryan does.
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