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  1. Someone needs to 'accidently' drop him out. Technical difficulties.
  2. 55/45 Pass/Run should be the objective. You want to commit to the run game of course but you also know the horses you have out wide.
  3. Looks like I am not getting any work done today after lunch.
  4. 500 is pretty conservative, Its 1000+ or bust.
  5. So 9k+ people can cram into the stands to watch a game but they can’t figure out a way to host the combine?
  6. 😂 Slant boy never gets old no matter how childish it sounds.
  7. Everyone on our old staff can go. I want to start fresh. That being said, Ulbrich is one of the good ones and I wish him well. Hopefully he gets it.
  8. We built decomp stations at every entry to Flowery Branch.
  9. They might but they don’t have the picks Miami can offer (not to mention Tua)
  10. Panthers are not stuck with Bridgewater. They will be looking hard at getting one of the QBs in this draft
  11. Yeah, I never watched the game... Lol people like you are hilarious. Did Favre throw a cross field pass that was picked off while being in FG range in a tie game with less than 20 seconds or not? Ok then. He choked.
  12. It’s a good thing Brett Favre choked otherwise the Brees era would have ended in 0 rings
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