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  1. Ridley has no shot at winning unless Julio gets hurt and/or we forget we have 2 good RBs. Ridley's production will probably be around 550-750 yards and 3-7 TDs.
  2. No thanks. I like Ricardo but we can do better. I wouldn't be opposed to packaging Ricardo and a pick to Seattle for Earl.
  3. I'm glad I went to the opener vs the Packers and got to see it open. Who knows when the **** they will re-open it again.
  4. Blank along with many other owners will probably just offer to pay the fines. (Jets owner is the first to come out and say it)
  5. Someone like Cleveland who has ridiculous cap space will offer him a short term deal for 10m+ a year.
  6. We should all be thankful for the current product. Since Matt Ryan got here, 10 seasons, 7 winning, 1 .500 and only 2 losing. Won some playoff games, shoulda won a Superbowl. This has been the best stretch the Falcons have ever had. Now go out there and take care of business against a team we are better than so we can be 1 game away from revenging that SB loss.
  7. ^ This. Cox is criminally underrated by most people. Him and Jernigan are a scary combo in the middle. We will need to do a lot of quick passing just like last week.
  8. Ok, who hacked him.
  9. Brian poole has been awesome. He made about 3-4 open field tackles where if he didnt bring the guy down its a huge play.
  10. They're a good team. So are we when we play our game and don't shoot ourselves in the foot. If we play our style and limit Gurley we will win.
  11. that is awesome! Although not gonna lie, I wouldn't have been all too sad if Andre Roberts was out.
  12. Ben has played solid in Levitre's absence.
  13. 4m per year? No way, he will command at least 6-8.
  14. I would prefer those drags be to Coleman though. Freeman wasent fast enough to really get a nice amount of YAC. Love the throws to the backs either way.
  15. Normally i would hate being the 6 seed. But this year, you get the rams with a rookie HC and 2nd year QB. A team with 0 playoff experience in sunny California. Then if you win, you get the Eagles. Now the weather will without a doubt suck.. but you get another team with no playoff experience and probably the worst offense in the playoffs with no Wentz. Them if you win that you probably are playing in a dome against the Vikings or Saints. Not sure you could ask for a better road to the Superbowl as the 6 seed.