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  1. Stick to watching college football.
  2. Certainly played a part but lets not pretend us handing them 2 drives on our side of the field to start the game or gifting away 12-16 points from turnovers/penalties did not change the outcome of the game.
  3. Cam and the Panthers are done. They will continue to pretend he is not hurt until he physically cannot go anymore. Best of IR'ing him and seeing what they have in Grier.
  4. Why were we down big? Because we had a punt blocked, threw an Interception on our side of the field, a fumble in the redzone, 2 Drives inside FG range derailed by penalties and an INT on the goalline... Ryan rarely has multi interception games, Punt blocks rarely happen, Fumbles rarely happen and penalties can be corrected. Everything that could go wrong...did go wrong. Yet it was 14-14 after the first few minutes of the game the rest of the way. (If we just kicked XPs) but feel free to continue to let the sky fall.
  5. Over the last 7 games vs the Eagles, The home team has won 6 of them. Last 3 times we played them have all been in Philly. I think we can win this game as long as the O-line can hold up. We need to double Cox and make someone else on their D-Line beat us. Malik Jackson will be out. Barnett and Curry are solid but they don't scare me the way Cox does. () We need to do the same strategy we had against the Rams in the 2017 playoffs when facing Aaron Donald.
  6. Lindstrom before getting hurt and McGary both did good. The right side actually played great for 2 rookies starting in their first game. The problem was Jake Matthews getting beat by a spin move over and over and James Carpenter struggling heavily.
  7. That sounds like a brilliant plan. Said no one ever.
  8. At the end of the day, Football is entertainment for all of us. It's not a source of income nor do they pay any of our bills. I root like **** every week and always try to find the positives no matter what. What entertainment would they provide you if you were sad and down rooting for L's every week?
  9. He can't fumble that ball away. That was the back breaker. We went down 14-0 but had a drive going to get back in the game and he loses the ball. Next thing you know its 21-0 and we are reeling.
  10. Just go ahead and call us the no fly zone. Legion of Boom 2.0!! Whats the record for least passing yards allowed in a season?
  11. Grady was a 1 man wrecking crew. If the Vikings actually had to pass more than twice a quarter he would have been an even bigger nightmare.
  12. Defensively, That and Oliver were the biggest issues. Oliver got picked on every time they passed (not often, only 8/10 98 yards the whole game) Oliver needs to play better than the D-line has to play smarter.
  13. LOL. Did the Vikings even throw a pass in his direction. Out of the 8 completions they did have, pretty sure they were all directed at Oliver.
  14. The team looked lethargic and in complete disarray from the moment kickoff happened until the game ended. We got our butts handed to us in all facets of the game. That being said, the reason we found ourselves down 28-0 are mostly fixable and mostly our own fault. Lets go drive by Drive on offense: Drive 1 - A Blocked Punt is inexcusable. It's even worse when the block comes from someone going right up the gut untouched. Does not help Bosher eats a 3 course meal in the backfield prior to punting the ball. He needs to go. Vikings start the drive at our 21 yard line. Hard to fault the defense for giving up 7. Drive 2 - Matt Ryan makes one of the worst reads of his career. Not sure what glue he sniffed prior to throwing that pass but it was horrible. Triple coverage and you still force it in there? Again, The vikings start on our side of the field. Just like that its 14-0 in 5 minutes. Drive 3 - We throw a screen that gets us inside the Vikings 30 yardline. Block in the back then takes us out of FG range. 3-7 points off the board. Drive 4 - We get to the Vikings 21 yardline and Freeman proceeds to fumble. 3-7 more points off the board. Drive 5 - We get to the Vikings 28 yardline and we get a holding call. Out of Field Goal Range. 3-7 Points off the board. Drive 6 - End of half Drive. Did not matter with so little time. Drive 7 - We get to the Vikings 2 yardline. Ryan makes a bad pass and Stocker quits on his route. Interception. 3-7 points off the board. Drive 8 - 3 and out. First drive since the first 2 that looked bad. Drives 9 and 10 - Touchdowns, We go for 2 both drives for the **** of it. Should have had 14 points rather than 12. Recap: We got inside the Vikings 30 yardline 4 times and came away with 0 points (Fumble, INT, 2 Penalties). Brutal. Even if we only got FGs on those 4 drives, You are talking about 12 points. The drive that got us to the 2 should have been a TD, then you're talking 16 points. Huge difference and completely changes how this game probably ends. We gave them essentially a 14-0 head start and throughout the rest of the game it was 14-14 (if we had just kicked the XPs). Considering how many mistakes we made and points we left off the board, That's kind of surprising. Side Note - Defensively, We missed out on recovering a FF by Grady. We had a Defensive Hold that extended a drive on 3rd down that would have been a punt but instead turned into a Vikings TD. Turnovers and Penalties will lose teams games every week. Vikings are a good team, Maybe you can get away with it playing the Dolphins of the NFL but you can't do that against a talented good coached football team. We came out flat, made mistakes and got our *** kicked. Lick our wounds, Learn from it and come back next Sunday night and Win.
  15. 1. Gono or Ty 2. Riley 3. Hill or Olli 4. Hardy or Zacchaeus 5. Senat or Cominsky 6. Miller or Sheffield 7. Neasman or Ishmael