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  1. You let him move all the place and play to his strengths. Make it hard for the other teams offense to know where he will line up. Simmons is the biggest freak of nature on the defensive side I have seen in a while.
  2. Every team other than the teams going QB (Bengals, Dolphins, Chargers) could use Simmons. No way he slides as far as these mocks let him.
  3. No position other than QB and maybe a dominating D-lineman like Donald should get paid that much. But that's what happens. Every year it will keep going up. Give it 5 more years and some WR will be talking 30million/yr.
  4. We don't even have a 5th
  5. Simmons is a game wrecker. He can play anywhere and everywhere. He can rush, cover and stop the run.
  6. I'd give up our 3rd round pick in a heart beat for Simmons. I still can't see him falling out of the top 10.
  7. I can't see him going round 1. He plays bigger than he is but the fact still remains that he is 5'9 and the WRs in the NFL will beat him over the top because of it. He would be a solid 2nd rounder.
  8. I like Lamar Jackson a lot. He reminds me a lot of Oliver but can be had in the 4th-5th round.
  9. Is this a serious question? One has been in the league 12 years, has 50,000 yards and over 300 TDs while winning over 100 NFL games, multiple playoff games and played amazing in a Superbowl. In what world would someone pick a Rookie QB who has not played a snap in the NFL over him?
  10. Missing that Jeff Heath Hit and the INT in the 2012 NFC Divisional lol 3 more seasons of 1269 yards or more and he will be 3rd all-time in receiving yards. I don't see Larry lasting much longer either so he will be in range of catching him too for 2nd. Doubt he plays long enough to reach Jerry. Not sure what's more impressive, His pace as a WR or his ability to play safety on the fly.
  11. Too many trolls in the world. The other 31 teams fans would vote for clearly the worst one just to be a-holes.
  12. Unless one expected to go in round 2 drops to the 4th I doubt it.
  13. You wanted those 2 players back for 20m a season? Because that's what it would have costed just to match what they got. No thanks. Not even close to worth it.
  14. 1) LB/DE K’Lavon Chaisson (LSU) If it was up to me I would take a different LSU LB (Patrick Queen) but I know our biggest need on defense right now is a SLB and Queen is more so a ILB or WLB. Chaisson would immediately slide in and start. He provides the speed, rush and coverage ability we would be looking for that Campbell more often than not.. Did not provide. I could see us sliding Chaisson to DE full-time next year if Takk does not return. For 2020 he could play both SLB and slide in at DE in packages that only call for 2 LBs. 2) DT Neville Gallimore (Oklahoma) Gallimore has a ton of potential to be a good pass rushing DT in the NFL and has drawn comparisons to Grady Jarrett. I have seen Gallimore go anywhere from the 1st round to the 3rd round among draft boards. While I think the 1st is too high and the 3rd is unlikely I feel a mid-2nd is kind of the perfect spot for him to be selected. The Falcons re-signed Davison to handle the run stuffing but bringing in a playmaking DT would allow the Falcons to have a nice pass rush front 4 of Takk -- Grady -- Gallimore – Fowler. 3) OL Cesar Ruiz (Michigan) Ruiz is a 3 year starter that has the power to move from center to guard. He has shown to be good in both run blocking and pass protection. Ruiz would compete at LG as a rookie and has the talent and ability to start from Day 1 if Carpenter/Gono/Brown continue to fail. In a year if Mack decides to retire or walk, Ruiz already has the experience to slide over into the Center role if needed. 4) CB Lamar Jackson (Nebraska) Waiting until the 4th for a CB?! Blasphemy. To be honest, I think Oliver and Sheffield showed A LOT towards the end of last year and our staff won’t feel it is nearly as big of a need as some fans make it out to be. Lamar Jackson is another Isiah Oliver type of CB. He is not going to wow you in terms of his athletic ability but what he does have is length which we ALL know Quinn loves. He excels as a press man corner and would be an awesome fit on the opposite side of Oliver with some time. Would allow us to slide Sheffield into the Nickel role where he is best fit for. Jordan Miller and Wreh-Wilson would round out our CB Depth chart. 5) SS Antoine Brooks Jr (Maryland) TRADE: Falcons move down from the 4th and add a late 5th and 6th The backup plan for Keanu Neal. Living in MD I get to unfortunately watch a lot of UMD games. After producing Savage last year I think Antoine Brooks could be another quality safety out of UMD. He is built very similar to Keanu Neal coming out of Florida and has a lot of the same strengths/weaknesses. One of my favorite late round prospects of 2020. Brooks played all over the field for Maryland and is actually is almost the same size as our current LBs so I could see us playing him some at those positions as well. We all know Quinn loves multi-positional talents. 6) LB Carter Coughlin (Minnesota) If I did not tell you his name or show you a picture and only provided you with his height, weight, 40 time and school you would for sure think I was talking about Devondre Campbell. Minnesota LB product at 6’4, 230 and runs a 4.5 and projected to be a day 3 pick. Coughlin would be a backup at SLB. He has some decent ability to rush the passer with great athleticism. We are severely lacking at LB depth so this will be a much needed addition. 7) TE Matthew Wilkerson (Edward Waters) What kinda TD draft would it be if they did not call a name from a school everyone’s never heard of before? Wilkerson plays community college ball and has been getting a lot of buzz lately as a potential draftee in the NFL. He has the size and athleticism to be a TE. With our current depth chart only being Hurst and Graham I could see us taking a flyer on someone to be the 3rd TE.
  15. The superbowl is what makes people hate him. Without either one of the 2 holding calls we have a FG (or two) and the SB is never in question. Hes a good LT but people won't forgive or forget that.