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  1. Did you see our team vs the Jets? We looked horrible. Even in the brief time the 1st and 2nd string did play.
  2. This wouldn't even work in Madden. Mack won’t be traded and if he is it certainly would not be for that low of a return.
  3. Please dont hate me but 2003..when Vick broke his leg vs the Ravens in preseason. I wish I was joking but I promise I am not a curse.
  4. Trufant is a far better CB than Alford he just has not been healthy lately. Even with the stone hands his coverage is far superior to Alford. Alford was better last year in the 1st half of the season but Trufant was better in the 2nd half. Also, Trufant should be pressing dang near every play. He is one of the best at it. Stop having him give a 10 yard cushion.
  5. The only remote way this is possible is sending salary back. We can't absorb 13+m added to our cap. Beasley has a high cap and his position would be replaced by Mack thus the logical solution. Either way it's not happening. Beasley is back at DE and will get 10+ sacks this year. I love Mack but we can't afford him no matter how you slice it.
  6. Love Neal. Hes only touching the surface of his ability. I'll never understand why he jumped and high knee'd a football which completely changed the playoff game. 13-6 at half instead of 10-9. Big Difference in such a low scoring game.
  7. Eli Mannings 1st start. 04 was a fun year
  8. Neal is more so Kam than Dawkins.
  9. Barr is like Beasley. Very up and down. Hes extremely good at his best but far too often he disappears.
  10. Can he teach Trufant how to catch an INT?
  11. Again, When you get to the SB or even that close.. it is a SB or bust type of year. After we blew a 25pt lead were you sitting there all offseason thinking "wow that was a great season we really overachieved!"... **** no. You thought about how badly we blew the SB and pissed it away. I think you are either forgetting or vastly undermining how good that offense was in 2016. It was top 10 in NFL History. We lit up nearly every defense we faced outside of a few off games like the Bucs and Eagles. **** even against the Bucs we scored 24..Eagles was the only game we were held to under 20. Most people were picking us to win the SB due to how mediocre/bad the Patriots defense was that year and how good our offense was. Maybe you don't agree but 2016 goes down as a massive bust in my book.
  12. Excuse me but I have won 13 straight superbowls in madden. Do not discredit my evaluations on our roster management!
  13. When you get to the SB and lose a 25pt lead its a massive bust. May not have started the year as a SB or bust type of year but the talent was there from the beginning. We saw the 5-0 start in 2015 prior to the issues. We brought in fixes to the issues (Mack to fix Interior of O-Line, Talent on Defense finally, etc) and to no surprise we were very good in 2016. 2016 was the start of the window. We are now going into the 3rd year of the window. They don't stay open forever. Ask the Seahawks.
  14. Its another Superbowl or bust year just like in 2012, 2016 and 2017. We can't keep pissing away these teams.