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  1. Someone's feelings got hurt. When this is the only response you can give, Just go ahead and don't respond. Please continue telling us how Micah Parsons is a need but a TE is not. Tell us how the great Hayden Hurst has us set at TE for the next 10 years.
  2. Finished in the top 20 of what? Voting? Tackles? Turnovers? What qualifies someone as a Top 20 LB? Nothing "fact" about that except your personal opinion but keep reaching. Did Grady make the Probowl in 2017 and 2018 when he played outstanding? Weird. Funny how you yourself said "when your team loses games you don't make the probowl" yet you originally asked about where's the Probowls for Deion and Foye... Uhh when have we won during Deions career other than his first 2 seasons? Deion made it in 2017 in his 2nd year when we made the playoffs. Played solid as a rookie in 2016 but we all kn
  3. Fair. I just think all these meetings on camera are more often just to show face and give the fans something to see. The true feelings are off camera behind closed doors.
  4. As a NT I think he would be a nice get in the 4th round if he fell that far. Would like to see him add more weight though. Sitting at just a notch over 300 is a tad on the light side for my liking. I like my NTs in that 315-335 range. Not saying he has to be Grady Jackson big but just a little more mass to have to move.
  5. What else could he say in a F2F meeting with the cameras on? "Hey Matt, you suck but nice to meet you! Be on the lookout for a trade here soon bud" Not saying what he said isn't true, But of course he is going to give high praise to his new teams QB.
  6. Probowl is a popularity contest for the best teams players with the biggest names. Ryan has only made the Probowl 4 times in 13 seasons, Does that mean he has only been Probowl caliber for less than 1/3rd of his career? Grady is one of the best DTs in the league, Yet how many ProBowls does he have? I think anyone who follows football knows a Pro Bowl caliber player is simply someone good enough to make it (Something Hurst btw has never been) End of the Day - Our LBs are far better LBs than Hurst is a TE. So the point remains yet you want Parsons. 🤣 Make up your mind on how we should draft
  7. I think you missed my entire point. It wasn't a direct comparison, I am simply stating having a TE capable of being the best in the League is certainly worth drafting. You don't pass on that because you have Hayden Hurst. 🤣
  8. If we are going to sign an injury plagued Safety I would rather just re-sign Neal for a short term deal.
  9. How is picking Parsons any different? We have 3 capable MLBs, 2 of which are Probowl Caliber and another that had one of the best LB rookie seasons as a 5th round pick.
  10. The compensation is awful and theirs no way in the world we trade down with Carolina and help them get their QB. That being said, I am perfectly okay with drafting Pitts in a trade down situation. He's the 3rd best prospect in this draft behind Lawrence and Sewell. He's going to be the next great TE in the NFL. If you don't think a Travis Kelce type player in our offense would be helpful I don't know what to tell you. He would likely be BPA even at #4.
  11. I miss the times when you could negative someone into space.
  12. Highest Ceiling while also the highest chance to bust probably of any 1st round prospect. We do have the perfect situation for him though with sitting behind Ryan for a year.
  13. Anything involving Zach Wilson is not a dream, But nice Mock.
  14. Stay away from Mike Davis. He had a few solid games but overall he was a slightly better Gurley. 3.9 YPC is bad. He is 28 years old and never done anything special anywhere. Hard Pass. We need to draft a nice young RB in the 2nd or 3rd. I'm looking at... - Starting Safety (Either FS or SS and draft the other one in the top 3 rounds) - DB that has flexibility to play both Nickel CB and S in Peas system (Desmond King, Brian Poole return, etc) - Edge Rushers because you can never have enough and currently we maybe have 1. - True NT but I think we will draft one on Day 3 - T
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