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  1. Never. In 2012 when we got screwed by the refs they laughed. They made 28-3 jokes everytime we played them since. They have been laughing for months about playing in our dome for the superbowl. Their coach is a D-bag and they deserve what happened to them last year vs Minnesota and what happened to them last weekend. Hope it pains them for months.
  2. Who cares. Rodgers getting in over Ryan was just as much of a joke. Playing in that game is just another chance to get hurt.
  3. I'm fine with the Patriots winning another.
  4. You score when you can score. Game is over with the INT but Dee Ford ruined it. When you give the Pats a 2nd chance you can pretty much guarantee it won't end well.
  5. The way the Saints lost to the Vikings last year and the Rams this year is karma for the nonstop 28-3 crap they pull everytime we have played them since. They laughed non stop when we got screwed over in 2012 on the clear as day hold by Bowman in the NFC Champ. game when we would have been playing the SB in New Orleans. I love they got screwed over this time. I am going to enjoy all the Saints fan tears for the next 7 months.
  6. I hope the Patriots win. The more rings he gets the more likely he is to retire sooner.
  7. He wont be back until September
  8. GO RAMS!!!! They weathered the storm. Get ball at half and get at least 3 to tie/take lead.
  9. Every mock has us taking Oliver.. that just means its a lock it won’t happen.
  10. Murray is 5’9 with no haircut for a year and standing on a kiddie step stool. He won’t be a 1st round pick i dont care what anyone says.
  11. If the Saints won the SB they would host the opening week....
  12. We would be massive idiots to let Grady walk. Franchise him or sign long term. No other options
  13. I didn't know doing backflips was a part of playing football. This is about as relevant as Duke Riley pulling an SUV.
  14. We have someone just like Taysom except WAY better. People act like Hill is out here getting 1000 yards...He is a gadget player that sees a few plays a game. His passing is suspect and until he is lining up every play under center and reading defenses and actually being effective...Meh He had 64 pass yards, 196 rush yards and 4 receiving yards. 264 total yards (16 yards a game). 2 Total TDs. Mohammad Sanu can do everything he can do (Pass, Run, Block, Catch), is the same size and is a better overall player. If he played in New Orleans that would be a nightmare as Peyton would use him to his full ability.
  15. Preseason of 2003. Actually my first post was asking about the Georgia dome as I was seeing my first game live. Falcons vs Ravens We all know how that went. Lost my account sometime around 2005 or 2006. Then stopped coming to the boards after the Dog fighting stuff as this place was just miserable. Rejoined in 2008 and have not looked back since.