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  1. We are set to be one of the youngest teams in the league going into 2021. (Tied for 8th youngest as of May)
  2. We threw it too much. 4th most in the NFL. To no surprise the Steelers, Cowboys and Falcons all were top 5 in passing attempts and top 5 in drops. They kind of go hand-in-hand for the most part.
  3. Ricardo Allen did the exact same thing and built himself a decent career. Spent his rookie year on and off the active roster and was even cut as a CB and then was switched to FS prior to his 2nd season.
  4. Well that was short lived. Mayfield gonna be starting at LG.
  5. Imagine being a 76ers fan and Falcons fan. Pain. (I'm a 76ers and Falcons fan) I'm watching my football team now in my basketball team. I cannot escape blown leads.
  6. We will have less than 10m after we sign our draft picks and it's not like you have the choice of premium players this late in FA.
  7. Would we keep 5 safeties? Really want to see what Hawkins can do.
  8. Not a signing but we saw this with Foye. He turned out pretty solid lol
  9. If it's for super cheap I am down. He just turned 25 and still has a lot of upside if he can stay healthy (Which is the big question) We have a rookie, unproven 2nd year player and 2 vets who are not exactly lighting the world on fire. I would happily welcome competition at Safety. Sure I like everyone else would prefer an EDGE or CB but we need talent across the board.
  10. You signed up with the name "Falcons Bust" just to say that. Good job.
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