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  1. Of course. But I will never hope to lose as no matter where you pick you can find great players. That's all I am saying.
  2. 150 yards on slants and drags. Meanwhile Riley and our cast of LBs will look like this -->
  3. Is it PPR? If so, you still have a shot. Based off how low those scores are I'd assume not though. In which case, 6-1 aint bad lol
  4. I'm sure Bill and Brady have nothing to do with it.
  5. I would rather be 8-8 than tank. Teams draft high all the time and take busts. Teams draft low all the time and find probowlers/all-pros. As long as you can draft, won't matter where you pick. Keanu was in the 2nd half of the first. Jones was 2nd round Alford was 2nd round Trufant was end of 1st Poole was undrafted Campbell was 4th round Takk was end of 1st Grady was 5th round Meanwhile..Matthews was top 5. Beasley was top 10... I could keep going but I'm sure you get my point. You don't need to draft in the top 10 to have good players/team. And some of the players we did draft in the top 10 aren't even great. Matthews is mediocre. Beasley sucks.
  6. I believe you're correct. Dallas is the earliest he can return I thought.
  7. @ Redskins is not going to be easy nor will we be favored. And no game against a division rival is ever easy
  8. We got one player back on defense and that player was around when we got throttled on defense by New Orleans and Cincy. Our defense will make Eli look great again, OBJ will go for 100+ and Saquon might look like the best RB to ever play the game. I think we will win but this defense isn't holding anyone to 21 right now.
  9. Also known as grasping at Straws. Got it.
  10. What does an ACL injury have to do with reading coverage? I would expect him to struggle with running or getting hit. You should not struggle to see 2 guys in perfect coverage and you still throw it while under no pressure. Wentz looked terrified at the end and it cost the Eagles the W.
  11. Would you seriously like to Compare Neal and Reid or are you just grasping at straws? Neal did UFC kick an INT in the playoffs for sure. But for as good a poster as you are, Their is no way even you believe that Reid is as good as Neal is. So unless that is the stance you are going with, Let it go. And that "one" way is a penalty in the NFL for pretty much 20 years if not longer. Their is no excusing a player grabbing a QB and throwing/slamming/or whatever you would like to define that move as a full 2 seconds after he hands the ball off to a RB. Not sure why you are blindly supporting the guy and anything he does.
  12. Probably not. 8-8 or 9-7. But I will root as if they're going to go 12-4.
  13. No I just won't try and change someones stance on something. Clearly you have no issue with him going onto the field during the coin toss and yapping his gums at someone to pick a fight. Or that he hit a QB extremely late for no reason. You may be fine with it, I am not. And Please don't compare Neal to Reid. This isn't 2013. Neal lowers his head for sure no argument there (I even said that in my post.. "He ducks his head and prays just like our safeties do."), but in terms of quality of a safety.. now your reaching.