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  1. Sheffield showed so much promise as the year went on, why ruin that by changing his position. One can hope that between Oliver, Terrell and Sheffield at least 2 end up being solid-good CBs.
  2. 10+ is needed. Since Abe left, The only 10+ Sack season we have had was the fluke Vic year in 2016. Thats 1 out of 7 years... 🤮
  3. Of course you can. If a team can cut you and not honor a contract; a player can ask to be traded.
  4. I loved what I saw from Senat in preseason his rookie year. He's been a fart in the wind since.
  5. Deion, Foye, Bucannon, Mykal, Reynolds & Thomas. I like those 6.
  6. He had no problem hanging out with offset, quavo, cam and hoards of other people not wearing masks or social distancing.
  7. While I think you are right that is just opinion. However, The facts show that it's not a comparison until Ryan either A) Wins 1+ SB and 2) Wins at a much more higher rate than currently the rest of his career. Peyton is one of the best QBs in NFL History, its not exactly a slight to Ryan to say he is not on that level (because he is not).
  8. I think I would hate playing here if I was Matt Ryan.
  9. Sucks for the guys trying to make an impression but this is for the best. Expect sloppy football the first 2-4 weeks.
  10. I can't wait for DQ and Koetter to get another year when they blame another mediocre season on COVID and the lack of ability to prepare.
  11. In 8 of Peyton's first 12 seasons the Colts went 12-4 or better. 2 seasons they went 10-6. Only 2 losing seasons (his rookie year and 4th year). He did not have another losing season the rest of his career. I get their stats may be close but Peyton's teams won at an extremely high rate. 186-79. Ryan already has 80 losses and he has played 4 less seasons.
  12. Loved Roddy. He was a true teammate and always had everyones back. Even when Vick was dead wrong he still showed love and support for him. He hated the Saints down to the core like no other. He worked his butt off from being labeled a bust and cut candidate to one of the best players in our franchise history. Idk if he is my favorite Falcon ever but he is surely up there. I hated when we cut him. He was hurt the entire year and kept playing through it. I would have LOVED to see him in 2016 healthy. Imagine the blocking from our WRs with Sanu, Julio and Roddy out there.
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