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  1. Most offenses do not have the talent we have. We should not be the 13th ranked scoring offense nor should we struggle the second we enter the redzone. Miami has barely any offensive talent and even they score more than us.
  2. Uhh have you been paying any attention this year to what has happened to the 49ers? If you think we have had some bad luck with injuries in past years... the 49ers take the cake this year.. yet they still have won more games than us. QB Jimmy G been in and out and may be done for year now RBs they have dipped down to 4th and 5th strings due to so many injuries. Mostert, Teco, Wilson, Nasty, McKinnon have all been out at different points. Currently 3 of those guys are still on IR. WRs constantly keep having to swap them around. Deebo's been in and out as well as Aiyuk. TE Kittle mis
  3. Lance is an ideal QB for our situation since everyone knows he will need to sit year 1 and everyone also knows how large Matt Ryan's contract is and that he will likely be back 1 more season at minimum. Not sure I am sold though on his ability. Yes he can run but he will not be nearly as fast in comparison to NFL players as he is compared to these players he is playing against now. His arm looks great but his reads and mental aspect are a big question and that becomes 10x harder going to the NFL. I think right now if we were to choose a QB not named Lawrence or Fields I would prefer
  4. If he plays someone will sign him for sure. He is not as good as he once was but he's still a top 10-15 Center in the league.
  5. 2016 NFC Championship and 3 quarters of the SB 1998 NFC Championship That's about it
  6. So he has a top QB, top WR core, Good TE and a young O-Line that overall is solid and now he needs a top RB too just so his offense can score points? Imagine being an OC needing to have Everything possible be great just so you can succeed. DK Is trash. Was when he re-hired him and 2 years later he still is. Bye felicia. If Ryan wants him back he can be gone too. Same goes for Raheem.
  7. Davenport while he may end up being a bust has shown glimpses. He's kind of at that Takk stage. Promising first 2 years but injuries have begun to take a toll. If he can stay healthy I still think he can be a 10+ sack guy. I liked him going into that draft. Only time will tell.
  8. We know all about this, We are the kings of it. The game Sunday would be for first place if we simply knew how to recover an onside kick vs the Cowboys... Not miss an XP and FG and then blow a 16pt lead vs the Bears in the final 5 minutes... simply kneeling 3 times and kicking a FG vs Lions.
  9. This thread is a fail. Every team has misses. As others have already stated we have missed on plenty. You can do the "They should have taken this guy" for every team every draft in every round. Cameron Jordan has been one of the best pass rushers in the NFL over the last decade. Ingram may not have been as good as they like but he's still playing in the NFL and has had a overall solid career (7255 yards, 62 TDs). Hardly would call that a bust. Heck M. Turner had 7338 yards and 66 TDs for comparison. Davenport has not worked out like they would have hope but they drafted Trey Hendrick
  10. What would a baseball GM know about how to build an NFL team? Sure anyone can look at some combine numbers and say a guy is athletic but unless they have experience breaking down film and knowing what to look for in a FOOTBALL player I don't know how that would work for us. Not to mention the differences in all other aspects of team building (salary cap, free agency, trades, contracts, drafting, etc)
  11. Raheem is 3-1 here so technically we are a "winning program". The last program that got us out to an 0-5 start got cancelled. If you want to go all-time were both losing programs. If you want to go h2h we have won 53 to your 49. I hope you beat us, but if 2020 should have taught you anything it is to expect the unexpected. No Drew Brees and the QB you likely are starting is 1-5 vs the Falcons the last 6 times. Most recently...
  12. Chargers will come down to which team blows harder in the 4th. Every other game will be a loss. 4-12 or 3-13.
  13. I doubt that given his age already. He also played in an offense with a horrific passing game while still putting up good TE numbers. I would have loved to see what Crump could have done in a good passing offense.
  14. He has played more games than most behind him. Thank god for the horrific Carolina Run defense. Without that game in other 8 games he is averaging 18 carries for 57 yards (3.1 YPC) He is a TD machine and would be better served as a #2 back for goalline situations.
  15. #3 maybe. Alge Crumper will be hard to pass as #2. Alge actually had more yards and the same amount of TEs as TG had with us. (Albeit he played more games also)
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