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  1. Wow, celebs are just dropping like crazy....per TMZ.com they have said that she dies from cardiac arrest...makes you wonder if there was something other that contributed...she was only 32....way to young...RIP
  2. i have the samsung 6 series and it is amazing...one of the best pictures you will ever see
  3. actually this is not true at all...some live sporting events are broadcast in 1080i
  4. thanks...i was just getting ready to post this https://www.directv.com/DTVAPP/listing/dodM...sp?category=All
  5. this is not true....directv broadcasts in 1080p.....and i can tell noticable difference on my 52 inch especially during sports games and NFL Network broadcasts in 1080p as well
  6. yea, the experience was cool...actually.....yea, my stomach has been churning a bit...ate some wings at Taco Mac last night with the death sauce....it was hot but not terrible...it came out burning though
  7. yep...just visiting, and we actually did the aquarium and coke yesterday.....just got back from shopping....i really wanted to go to Stone Mountain but doesnt look like the rain will let up
  8. actually is there any stores that i can physically go to instead of websites...thanks
  9. This was my first time there, since I am from out of state....I heard good things, i must say that I thought it sucked...the burgers were small and the fries soggy...the o rings were good though........you guys need to come to Iowa to get some burgers..it would blow it away
  10. What the heck should I go do or see today since it is suppose to be rainy all day
  11. YEA....at first i didnt think it was bad....I was driving from the airport to our hotel in Buckhead and it just seemed like everyone was out to cut me off or hit me...it was crazy.....we used the MARTA trains today..i really liked that, it was pretty easy and effective...is this the best way to go to the game on Sunday as well.
  12. actually the ole lady and i just got back from lunch and i must admit I just had the best glass of sweet tea ever
  13. I am from Iowa and just got in today....all i have to say is WOW>.....so far very nice people....everyone is really polite....what i really want to know though is what is up with a Target in a parking garage with an escalator just for carts....that blew my mind..haha
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