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  1. Must suck to be a Chargers fan. That is like the 4th game they lost at the end.
  2. Two different divisions in the ACC = Not playing the same ACC Schedule Two different OOC Schedules
  3. We don't have many 3 and outs with him. Everytime the offense takes the field I am confident they will score with him as the QB. I think every game is winnable I couldn't say that last year.
  4. Yeah too bad he couldn't do what you do and that is delete threads that you are wrong on.
  5. Whether or not Tyrod reaches his potential will depend on w/e happens with Stinespring.
  6. NBA NFL they all have bad officials. They are only human so I can't blame them for getting calls wrong but when you replay it there is no excuse.
  7. So y'all are wearing white to a blackout? :blink: Unity
  8. They wanted us to kick a field goal or kneel. Either way they still would of loss they should get over it and be mad that their team got dominated today. They are our rivals it isn't our job to stop ourselves from scoring.
  9. We didn't overlook Denver they just lost to them plain and simple. They won't overlook the Chargers, and Turner will come ready to face his former team.
  10. If you think we can make the playoffs then Super Bowl is a realistic expectation especially with Matt Ryan at QB. So confident in this offense with him leading it.
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