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  1. I am so sad at this news. He is one of the BEST linebackers to ever play football. I remember playing Madden and always making a trade for Seau so I could play defense with him. Just a great player. He will be missed
  2. I like the new stadium idea. Just don't destroy the Dome, just let my alma mater Georgia State buy it. We have been using it for the past 2 years anyway
  3. I love these throwback jersey's the black on red is nice
  4. We gave them that touchdown. I'll like to see them make a touchdown on their own.... (We are our own worst enemy in this game)
  5. Tony Gonzalez now number 2 on the all time receiving catches list. Congrats
  6. Am I the only one not hearing commentary on Fox? Don't get me wrong the commentary kinda sucks sometimes but Im confused right now!
  7. Kinda late here, but did they say what was wrong with Edward's?
  8. Agree with the poster above, college football has its (financial) perks for everyone else. Everywhere I go I see Bulldog and Yellow Jacket items all over. As a Georgia State Panther Im always feeling left out. Understandably though, were babies -_-
  9. Get Drew Brees of my TV with that Nyquil commercial. He lost. To the Seahawks. The worst playoff team EVER!
  10. Falcons are a great, put together team that can, and will, beat anyone in the Dome if needed. It doesn't matter who we play. (I just really wanted to play Seattle over the Packers)
  11. John Fox, just told Smith: "I'll be rooting for ya man." Good decision Fox, good decision.
  12. Tons as in number, or Tons in how much they weigh from eating all that fried food?
  13. Thanks Tampa Bay for beating those Saints. That should show them lol.
  14. Totally OT real quick: The thing with Eli Manning didnt he complain that he didnt want to go to the chargers? Thats show the giants/chargers switched QB's?
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