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    Detroit_Falcon reacted to kenn.junior in Todd Gurley Signed!!   
    25 vs 32
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    Detroit_Falcon reacted to SkerFalcon8710 in Todd Gurley Signed!!   
    Whiniest board on earth. Sounds like yalls cycles sync’d up
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    Detroit_Falcon reacted to kew03 in Something is brewing   
    Unfortunately, that's not actually Kendall Sheffield.
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    Detroit_Falcon reacted to AxManBigFan in Something is brewing   
    Fowler or Clowney. But we have to have someone who can set the edge this year. I think they both know it, I keep checking my phone every 5 minutes expecting breaking news! But nothin.....
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    Detroit_Falcon reacted to Birdbrains9 in We Traded For Hayden Hurst   
    That’s rich compensation for a player that’s going to be 27. 
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    Detroit_Falcon reacted to gHost83 in We Traded For Hayden Hurst   
    This front office is run by idiots
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    Detroit_Falcon reacted to stizz in We Traded For Hayden Hurst   
    A 2nd and 5th. Fire TD.
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    Detroit_Falcon reacted to KRUNKuno in NEW JERSEYS IN APRIL!!!   
    The red on black was always a joy to see.  White on black was even better to me.  
    But now they want to add some fading gradient effect to the uniform, and that is tacky af.  There comes a time where trying to be too “ahead of the game” makes you look like a clown i.e. that jaguars two tone helmets, the bucs current unis, the hawks unis, etc...
    Keep it simple, stupid.  That’s all I ask.  They want to look hip and cool instead of classic and timeless, and honestly going that direction truly shows they’re not in touch with the fan base at all.
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    Detroit_Falcon reacted to Ovie_Lover in NEW JERSEYS IN APRIL!!!   
    Why are some of you talking as if you already know the uniforms are bad?
    So far we have
    Nike says red helmet 
    Riddell guy says black helmet 
    Guy says jerseys have big stripe on side
    Now it's two tone jerseys 
    Etc etc
    No. One. Knows. ****.
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    Detroit_Falcon reacted to ROMERO in NEW JERSEYS IN APRIL!!!   
    I like it. Looks more aggressive. 
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    Detroit_Falcon reacted to KRUNKuno in NEW JERSEYS IN APRIL!!!   
    For the record, I think it’ll be these with a red helmet
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    Detroit_Falcon reacted to ⚡Slumerican⚡ in NEW JERSEYS IN APRIL!!!   
    Im sure the words "embrace the suck" will appear somewhere on the uniforms 
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    Detroit_Falcon reacted to DogIsYourName in What do you predict the Falcons new uniforms/logo will look like?   
    Hopefully the Louisville chrome red helmets with a Falcon dive bombing a saint on there.  
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    Detroit_Falcon reacted to A Dog Named Brian in 4 words for those questioning what to do about resigning Austin Hooper   
    It’s gonna be a LONG offseason...
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    Detroit_Falcon reacted to FalconFanSince1969 in 4 words for those questioning what to do about resigning Austin Hooper   
    And if somebody takes him in the 3rd round?
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    Detroit_Falcon reacted to Augustadawgchop in NEW JERSEYS IN APRIL!!!   
    i could see a gray looking good as an alt.
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    Detroit_Falcon reacted to jfalconsp in Q&A With Arthur Blank   
    Q&A with Arthur Blank: 2020 expectations, draft, free agency, salary cap, uniforms
    By Matthew Tabeek
    Posted Thu, Jan 30, 2020 5:03 PM
      Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank is down in Miami this week and making the rounds of interviews with the national and local media, talking about the current state of his football team.
    Blank also took time out to speak with AtlantaFalcons.com on Wednesday, and he talked about the Super Bowl, what success looks like for Dan Quinn and the Falcons in 2020, the NFL Draft, free agency, salary cap and even the new uniforms that will be unveiled in April.
    Question: As you make your way through radio row and take in all of the pomp and circumstance that is the Super Bowl, how tough is it as the owner of the Atlanta Falcons not having your team in this game, knowing you have a talented roster?
    Arthur Blank: I don't think it's hard at all. You certainly reflect on playing in this game a few years ago. It's great to be here and see the celebration of the NFL's 100th year, see the Super Bowl - you have two fantastic teams playing, I think. So we're looking forward to getting back this time of year. We definitely will make the changes, the evaluations, and the roster moves we need to make. And I think that with Coach Quinn, Thomas (Dimitroff), their leadership along with Rich McKay, I think we'll be in good shape. I'm excited about next year. Right now I'm enjoying being down here, enjoying the beautiful city of Miami and it should be a great game.
    Q: You had said when we last spoke that 7-9 is not the bar for success. What is the bar for success in 2020 and what does success look like for Dan Quinn in 2020?
    AB: Success for Dan and success for the team are really the same. I think we definitely want to be a super-competitive team. Not just competitive but think at a high level. We want to find ourselves back in the playoffs this coming year. That would be my aspirations; that's (Quinn's) as well. As well as Thomas, and hopefully being involved with Rich McKay - he could be another really smart person in the room providing them with some guidance, support, leadership and doing all of the things that Rich is capable of doing as well.
    Q: Last year heading into the draft, you had said, "This is my 19th year as an owner and one of the things I've learned is that Matt (Ryan) plays much better vertically than horizontally." Just knowing where the offensive line is right now, how do you feel about that unit's progress - you invested highly in the draft last year - do you think that is still a critical focal point this offseason? Or is there another area on this team that the Falcons should and will address in the coming draft?
    AB: First of all, the two picks we made last year - the right guard and the right tackle - the right tackle (Kaleb McGary), as the year went on, played better and better. You go through that rookie transition always, but he's got all of the talent, all of the strength, all of the smarts to play at a high level for most of the time. At guard, I think Chris (Lindstrom) is going to be a great player in the NFL for a long time. He missed most of the season, and when he was back he demonstrated both the toughness and the ability to make the right decisions on average. We have another hole I think at left guard. We have some talented young players there, but we'll probably look at that position I assume during the draft. We'll look at the defensive line, particularly the ability to rush and put pressure (on quarterbacks). We didn't do a great job of stopping the run last year, I think that's an area we can improve upon. So there are a number of areas that we can look at in this draft - corners are fairly deep, and so I think that's potentially another area I think we'll look at. There's just a variety of areas and needs that we have not only for starters, but we have three picks in the first two rounds which will put us in really good position. But beyond that, just to provide the depth that's so critical in the NFL. Unfortunately injuries become a factor and the ability to have somebody step up and play is really important.
    Q: Based on how things have gone the past two seasons, especially this past season, how important is it for the Falcons to get off to a quick start? Fans may push the proverbial panic button if they start off 0-1 or 0-2. How important is a quick start? AB: I prefer a quick start to a slow start, but I think 0-1 and 0-2 doesn't dictate a season. It's a long season obviously. This year while we ended up with a horrific start at 1-7, we ended up with a great second half of the season at 6-2, improved in a variety of ways. Defense went from No. 31 to No. 8 in the league. Having said that, my preference certainly would be to start fast and to be able to finish fast as well. And, basically, to have a successful season for the entire season - and I'm hopeful that we can do that this coming year.
    Q: You had said that you're not too concerned with the Falcons' ability to go after free agents with the salary cap. All things considered, do you think the Falcons can be just as active as they need to be in free agency?
    AB: I think exactly what you said are the key words, really - as they need to be. We have certain holes, not a long list. But we do have certain holes and we'll see what players are available. There are a number of things that Thomas, Rich and Nick Polk are working on that I think can create some cap space hopefully for us and give us the freedom to make the decisions we have to make. They've assured our fans and me that the cap issue is not going to keep us from being the best we can be next year.
    Q: Rich McKay was talking to season ticket members recently and said that the key to making sure Mercedes-Benz Stadium stays full - you know, people showing up to games and sitting in their seats - is to put a winning product on the field. He said he doesn't like when people get on the fans for not showing up. Do you echo that same sentiment?
    AB: Well I think there are a number of reasons why fans come out. I think having a product on the field that's competitive is certainly a key part of that. Beyond that, creating the right kind of fan experience so that win or loss - hopefully a lot more wins than losses - it's a great fan experience. I had several people stop me today who are not from Atlanta and say, by the way what you've done there is remarkable and keep it up. We were voted No. 1 in the NFL for fan experience and that means a lot, too. It doesn't take the place of winning, but creating the right kind of environment, the right kind of service environment, to demonstrate to our fans that we care deeply about them, personally about them and appreciate their energy and their enthusiasm and their commitment - not only financially, but their time commitment and their emotional commitment to the club is very, very important. But winning is a big part of it and we want to have a competitive team. And we need to be more competitive this coming year than we were these past two years for sure.
    Q: Speaking of the fans and speaking of excitement, I've gotten a ton of emails from fans who are just beyond excited about the first major uniform redesign in 17 years. Without giving anything away, what was your first reaction when you first saw the new duds and how excited are you to unveil a new look?
    AB: Well it's the first time in 17 years that we're changing them which is remarkable to me because I didn't realize it was quite that long. But I did remember when we first bought the team a couple years later that we did change it - and that was a great change at that time. I think that this look that fans will feel, experience and see and hopefully wear is one that's more in keeping with a contemporary look and feel that our fans are looking for - a little more flair. I think the level combinations is one of the things that struck me about the tops and bottoms, the way they could be combined and put together provides a lot of options. The players had a lot of input in the uniforms; you know, they have to wear them. Beyond that, they're young and they're hip and they get it. They want to wear something that looks good on them. I think the uniforms will good on them and even better on our fans.
    Q: I'll take that as you like the uniforms a lot then?
    AB: I do.
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    Detroit_Falcon reacted to Falcons_Frenzy in 1-28-2020 mock draft   
    Sorry if this is a repost. I searched for it and I can't locate it. I even looked in content I started but it doesn't show it. It was posted in free agency and draft yesterday. Anyway, on to the mock.
      16: R1P16 EDGE A.J. EPENESA IOWA The Falcons need pass rush. They also need to stop getting bullied up front. Let's get big and strong on the d-line.   47: R2P15 RB D'ANDRE SWIFT GEORGIA This may require a trade up but for now he was available on the draft simulator so I went with it. The Falcons need to find a running game. Matt Ryan wont be getting punished so much if the Falcons can establish a running game. Control the clock, control the game, stop being one dimensional, win more games.   55: R2P23 S ANTOINE WINFIELD MINNESOTA Playmaker on the defensive back end. TD wants game wreckers. Here you go. I don't know what kind of player the Falcons have left in Neal but they need insurance at the safety position. Oh did I mention he has bloodlines?   78: R3P14 G BEN BREDESON MICHIGAN Not the sexiest pick but it is necessary. I'm a believer in building the lines. Yes they take time to develop. Still, you have to start somewhere and keep it going.    116: R4P13 TE THADDEUS MOSS LSU Son of legend Randy Moss. I like players with bloodlines. Moss is a jack of all trades. Run blocker, pass protector, he can move the chains, and he came up clutch in the biggest game of his career.   157: R5P11 DL DAVON HAMILTON OHIO STATE The Falcons have three interior defensive lineman set to become free agents. Better bring in reinforcements.    228: R7P14 EDGE OLUWOLE BETIKU ILLINOIS I like his story. What's not to like about this guy?  
    Make no mistake. Kinlaw is who I would love to see the Falcons draft. After his showing at the Senior Bowl I think he's already out of reach. If he blows up the combine he might be talked about in the top 5. Honorable mention Kenny Willekes. Adding a second edge pass rusher wouldn't be a bad idea. However, I tried to cover a variety of all the Falcons immediate needs. Maybe free agency will change things. I would like to see them add a solid run blocking fullback.
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    Detroit_Falcon reacted to theProf in Comp Picks?   
    In 2019, the NFL released the compensatory picks on February 22 (nineteen days after the Super Bowl).  
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    Detroit_Falcon reacted to Statick in Comp Picks?   
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    Detroit_Falcon reacted to Sun Tzu 7 in Comp Picks?   
    I don't know but the biggest one I remember leaving was the pass rusher that went to the Panthers.
    But the Falcons picked up 2 high price FA guards and if I remember correctly it's a net loss type of thing.
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    Detroit_Falcon reacted to Colin_Pernett in Cap gurus tell me how we trim the fat next year   
    Cut Freeman and Sambraillo. Restructure Matt and Matthews and you aren’t even in bad shape. The Cap **** Overstated 
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    Detroit_Falcon reacted to Summerhill in Prime Draft Position for a Trade   
    Who is going to be GM since Dimitroff doesn't trade down in the 1st round? 
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    Detroit_Falcon reacted to Sidecar Falcon in Prime Draft Position for a Trade   
    Currently we are in the 13th overall draft slot. Taking a quick look at the first round, and how the other teams are lining up, I think we are in a great place to trade down to pick up extra picks. This is the spot where I think most QB needy teams will be looking to trade to get Tua. I doubt Tua will make it past the Raiders at 14. I am basing this off a few factors;the upcoming move to Las Vegas, an underwhelming Carr, and Mayock at the helm. Two potential trade partners could be the Dolphins and the Titans. I believe the Dolphins would be the easiest to target as they have 5 picks in the first two rounds in the upcoming draft. We could possibly pick up an additional 2nd round pick from them, and have 3 selections in round 2.
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