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  1. That was the worst game I've ever seen. They called an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Freeman for just saying something to a Saints player. We never had a chance that game with Sean Payton crying all week leading up to it.
  2. Why does Kay Adams always hate on the Falcons??
  3. I made the trip down from Detroit 2 years ago for the awful Miami game. We stayed at the Embassy Suites at Centennial Olympic Park. There is some good bars/restaurants in that area that is walking distance. It's a great hotel location for a game.
  4. Having watched a lot of Michigan games I can tell you Winovich is more durable and just as productive as Rashan Gary. I'd be happy if the Falcons took him and I'm not even a UofM fan.
  5. I've always liked him.He turned out to be very solid for being undrafted. I wish him the best!
  6. I follow him on social media and he appeared to have some sort of surgery or injury recently and has been in a boot. Has anyone heard any information on what happened?? I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere.
  7. I'm sure most of you on here are from ATL or live in GA near other Falcons fans. I live near Detroit in a house with a Saints fan and an Eagles fan. Lets just say the last 2 years have been rough to say the least. I root against their teams every chance I get but they always seem to have luck on their side (which the Falcons never seem to do). Anyway, end rant. Thanks for being my outlet for fellow Falcons fans and here's to the Eagles and Saints hopefully knocked out of the playoffs! Happy 2019 everyone.
  8. LMAO yall remember whatever a "Bush Hamdan" was??? that's the kind of guy DQ will hire.
  9. Does this man ever do anything on the sidelines?? anyone here sit behind the bench and watch this man do nothing on the sidelines or am I missing it? Every other head coach I see is either talking to his staff on the headset or coaching his players during the game. Why does he even have a headset on?? All I see him do on the sidelines is get excited for the 1 or 2 good plays the Falcons make or not know whether to accept a penalty or not. I think he is a good coach getting his team prepared but for 3 hours on Sunday when it counts, he is non existent. We need a coach who knows how to manage a football game.
  10. There is no way Shanahan gets fired. He has a mega long contract there and tied to the GM. Also his #1 Qb and RB went down early in the season.
  11. Remember the last time we tried an off-season like that with Dimitroff at the helm?? Everyone was so excited for Tyson Jackson, Jon Asamoah & Paul Soliai. Everyone said we won that off-season and how did that turn out???
  12. It is so discouraging to be a fan now of a team that doesn't seem to care much at all. Every single press conference after a loss is just copy and paste "We got to move on and worry about next week." Nothing ever changes. Our team has zero emotion when they are out there playing and I feel like that stems from the coaching staff. Franchises like the Saints have fiery coaches and players who hold their players & teammates accountable during the game. Even Kyle Shanahan in SF is holding his players and officials more accountable than DQ ever has. The only time I have ever seen DQ get upset is when Sherman interfered with Julio in Seattle a few years ago. I want a HC that shows the fans and his team that winning matters and its not just "we'll get em next time." This team plays some real uninspired football.
  13. It really is amazing that this team made the playoffs last year and were one play away from the NFCCG with all the problems offensively and coming off the worst loss in SB history. Now, the 2018 Falcons who are much improved offensively from last year just can't seem to put away games like they did in 2017 @ CHI week 1, & Debo's pick against Brees. It seems that our time for catching breaks and making plays has run out, I just wish every Falcons game didn't have to come down to the last play.
  14. Give Oliver a shot over one of them. Maybe he could locate a ball in the air or cover a pass out to the flat.
  15. Even if so, why doesnt this coaching staff bench players who aren't performing? Alford and Trufant have been horrible and maybe should have been benched in the last 2 games but the coaching staff just keeps rolling them out there hoping for different results. I think benching players for poor performance would send a message to the rest of the team.
  16. From what I see watching every Falcons game this season, DQ and the staff never call out players or officials during the games. Practice and during the week may be different but when it counts on Sunday, I don't see accountability from this coaching staff.
  17. There were reports about teams wanting to trade for Vic at the deadline so I don't think the FO has given up on him just yet. If they were they would have dealt him rather than just letting him walk.
  18. Please Please just bench this dude and give Oliver reps. He will at least give some effort out there. I was at the game yesterday and Tru could not cover any route thrown to the flat or any slants. He just seems uninterested in competing out there. Alford at least tries and competes week to week, that first Mayfield TD throw should have been an INT. Alford had time to react and couldn't make the play. If we didn't have Kazee our INT numbers would be horrible.
  19. Very intersting what he had to say...I've always liked Spoon a lot.
  20. Couldn't be worse than our LB play yesterday
  21. There was a tweet this morning that said aside from Nick Foles week 1 every QB since has thrown for 300+ yds against us. Yikes.
  22. Hope to see as many Falcons fans in CLE this weekend as there appeared to be in DC last weekend. I'll be in section 149 (I had to double check it wasn't the Dawg Pound) Hope to see a lot of you there! Anyone know of any cool bars/restaurants in Cleveland to go to?? I have never been there before and any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
  23. Nice! yeah we are 149 row 12. Hope to see you there!
  24. Fellow Falcons Fans, Now I never was a huge fan of Matt Ryan and always thought he was very inconsistent but also was a solid QB who could win us a lot of games. The past few years I have seen his demeanor change to a more aggressive one, often holding teammates and coaches accountable and chewing them out on the field. I love to see this passion from the QB and has swung me into being a bigger fan of his. Now if we could only get DQ to use some passion on the sidelines and against the officials... Also, anyone else going to the Browns game? I'm making the short trip over and wondering how many other Falcons fans will be at the game! Rise Up.
  25. I also feel like he knows he only has a certain number of prime years left and he is extremely driven to get a ring maybe more so now than in previous years.