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  1. Good stuff. Man, Patriots players are always getting paid.
  2. Can someone please tell me when the comp picks go out to all the teams? Did we even have any big money players that left last year?
  3. Harbaugh and Ryan would be absolute clown shows
  4. I would be thrilled if this happened. So true about losing OC's to other teams as the Falcons are all too familiar with...Ryan has to learn a new scheme every 2 years it seems his entire career.
  5. Also, It doesn't help that Oliver cannot make a play or cover to save his life.
  6. I hear him mentioned a lot around here with potential new coach candidates.
  7. Let me tell you this guy is an absolute joke! STAY AWAY PLZ. Living in metro Detroit, I watch a lot of Michigan games and he has no clue what he is doing. His offense is prehistoric and not effective against some of the worst college teams. He has been a huge disappointment. He is also very difficult to work with and that's one of the reasons why he left San Fran. Anyone but him (& Quinn)..
  8. The Falcons dished out a lot of money to players this offseason Julio got paid Grady got paid Vic got paid Deion got paid Honestly it feels like the players are just collecting a paycheck at this point and not really caring about wins and losses. I don't see a team that is young and hungry anymore. They got paid and are tuning out DQ now.
  9. We are by far the most unlucky team in the league. It never seems to bounce our way... The Edelman catch in the superbowl. (Luckiest thing I have ever seen)... The INT bouncing off Neal's knee against the Eagles in the playoffs... The play this year against the Eagles where Wentz knee was almost down but still completed the pass... ...Just to name a few. This stuff never happens to other teams time and time again.
  10. Wow it does seem like he is turning into a bust of a pick for DQ and TD. That touchdown he gave up to Corey Davis had to be some of the worst coverage I've ever seen. He has been playing terrible all year and committing penalties because he is bad. He should have stuck to running track.
  11. That was the worst game I've ever seen. They called an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Freeman for just saying something to a Saints player. We never had a chance that game with Sean Payton crying all week leading up to it.
  12. I made the trip down from Detroit 2 years ago for the awful Miami game. We stayed at the Embassy Suites at Centennial Olympic Park. There is some good bars/restaurants in that area that is walking distance. It's a great hotel location for a game.
  13. Having watched a lot of Michigan games I can tell you Winovich is more durable and just as productive as Rashan Gary. I'd be happy if the Falcons took him and I'm not even a UofM fan.
  14. I've always liked him.He turned out to be very solid for being undrafted. I wish him the best!
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