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  1. This is just a fun topic to think about. What if the Falcons were in the AFC South instead of the NFC South? We would be going up against the Titans, Jags, and Colts. I think we can all agree the entire AFC is much weaker than the NFC. How many Superbowl's would the Falcons have playing in the much weaker conference? The NFC has been loaded for some time with Packers Saints Panthers Eagles all in contention.
  2. Whenever the Eagles had a 3rd or 4th down I just knew they were going to convert it. I have never felt that way about the Falcons. Everything the Falcons do on offense just seems so difficult and so easy for other teams.
  3. As we come up on almost a year since that infamous Super Bowl I'd like to reflect on the past year and say thank you. Growing up and living near Detroit I am the only Falcons fan I personally know. Yes, the Super Bowl was heartbreaking and hearing about it over and over for the past year has been just as awful. To go from such a high in the first half to such a low was horrible & from my family to my friends that is all they would ever talk about. I want to thank each of you on these boards for just giving me a sense of how strong the Falcons community is and always will be. RISE UP!
  4. ugh having to watch the lions while my falcons play...
  5. I figure this bad luck would have to turn eventually. Also with the pass rush picking up maybe that will create more INT's as well.
  6. I do watch as many games as I can here in Detroit. Aside from the penalties, it really is a shocking statistic compared to the ratio of the rest of the NFL.
  7. If I am not mistaken the Falcons only have a mere 2 interceptions on defense this season. The first being against the Packers by Trufant and the second being against the Fins by Deion Jones. I imagine this has to turn back into the birds favor at some point this season just by odds alone but it seems that teams don't make mistakes against the Falcons. Considering the Falcons had 12 last season what could be the difference & how concerned are you all about this?
  8. Why can't we ever have an OC who sticks around for more than 2 years? Everyone always leaves to become mediocre head coaches it seems. Yes, I know when a new HC arrives it typically changes anyway but has any other top notch QB had as much change with the OC position as Ryan? It would be so nice if we had someone like McDaniels in NE who turns down offers to stay with the organization.
  9. I am a die hard Falcons fan who lives in the Detroit area, and yes I was at that Lions/Falcons game a few weeks ago. The atmosphere in that stadium was something else during that game but I was so glad walking out of there with a W. Anyway, I am making the trip down to Atlanta for the fins game & my first ever game in Atlanta. We are staying at a hotel near the stadium and I was wondering if you all had some good places to recommend to eat/drink or just things to do or see. Thanks!
  10. Shazier and our very own Jack Crawford