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  1. im hoping that we go into a hybrid 4-3/3-4 scheme. no need to rebuild the defense just add on. love the hire!
  2. why risk Matt to injury when the game is in the bag?
  3. We need William Moore back. William Moore and James Sanders at the safety positions and we'd be better off.
  4. Not to mention 1 touchdown with 0 interceptions. averaged almost 10 yards a play. **** good game today by Matt.
  5. i love his toughness in the pocket. standing while taking a huge blow and still completing ACCURATE passes.
  6. no huddle worked in the first half....guess not running the no huddle is MM's "second half adjustments"
  7. can we just let him GO already? outside of the first 2 drives the green bay game, he hasnt done sh*t, and even in that game there were no adjustments. he's not changing his ways so its time to let him go.
  8. Respect the Based celebration! in all seriousness though we need SOME kind of swagger. its not like he made a tackle 30 yards down the field (IE Keith Brooking) and celebrated.
  9. this score should be encouraging if we lose...SHOULD be....my problem is that we scored twice in the first half and thats it. the offense came out stagnant in the 3rd quarter, and we get something going in the 4th and something stupid like a penalty or a missed blocking assignment puts us in long range situations. and WHY did we take our foot off of their necks? the 3rd quarter i dont remember ANY blitzes or ANYTHING. BVG kills me with no second half adjustments and that same **** 3 man pass rush.
  10. i dont know WHY he continues to use that when it seems like every time we rush three the pass is completed
  11. waited for Willy Mo....how did that turn out for us? Ray Edwards will show up. He hasnt been bad this season IMO.
  12. Signed! I'm tired of seeing our secondary picked apart game after game. Pass rush or not we never seem to ever have good coverage.
  13. I swear that formation is a dead give away that we're running the ball.
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