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  1. Man the **** up, that's only 102 F. Just kidding, that's pretty hot, and I know it only feels hotter with the helmet/pads.
  2. Not sure about the running shoes, but I had a pair of Under Armor cleats that were pretty comfortable.
  3. Watch yourself, I'll be throwing surf boards next. -_-
  4. Thanks for the advice. I'm sure I'll be able to get through it (without quitting that is).
  5. Hey ki46dinah.... I want to add about 15lbs of muscle mass once I get down to like 185/190lbs, and was wondering if you could give tips. Thanks again...
  6. 13 pounds, wish it was 20. I'm excercising, not eating "right" per se. I'm eating what I want, but in limited portions, and I've cut out almost all drinks w/ sugar (before it had been just soda, now it's gatorade/energy drinks etc. as well). It's been pretty noticable, particuarly in the abdominal area, which is very cool.
  7. Weighed in at 197lbs a few days ago.
  8. That reminds me of a kid that was on my team. The guy really should not have been playing football. He just didn't have the size (6' 140lbs soaking wet), strength or toughness. I think (not positive), that he felt he needed to play because one of his older brothers was on the team that won state. This guy would cry a couple of times always EVERY practice, even in spring before we had our pads. It got to the point where we made up a point system for making him cry, don't remember exactly what it was, but I think the coaches ended up with the most points (they were unaware of this, of course). One specific memory was during morning lifting in the winter, we were doing power cleans, and he couldn't complete the set (we did 5x5) at 135lbs, and started crying out of frustration. At this point me and a couple of others are just busting up, but the cherry on top was that after a few seconds had gone by, and the crying stopped, he kicked the bar with his foot, hurting himself, and he started crying again.
  9. Alrighty, thanks. And what would you say about the BMI if they are lifting weights, as I currently am?
  10. Hey ki46dinah, Is there a formula for ammount of calories you need to intake, to maintain at your current weight? I remember something like your body weight times x.
  11. On a side note: Summer '06 I was playing broomball, and I ate **** and landed dead on my right knee pretty bad. I didn't notice right away, but right about where my patella is, there's a bit of a dip. It was really painful, so I went to the trainer on the next school day. He noticed it as well, and check my left knee, in the same spot, but no dip. I went to see my doctor, he checked it out too and found the same thing. He took an xray, but it came back clean. He was unable to figure out what was wrong, and to this day, it's still tender and aches from time to time. I remember my trainer made me this special cushion for it....
  12. My knee is fine now, but it didn't really get better until after the season, as rest is a key part of treament for it and I continued through practice / weight training as if nothing was wrong.
  13. I had tendoitis in my right knee during my senior year. After practice, you should go to your trainer and get the ice, as directed.
  14. Along w/ excercise. And if I had to guess, it's been water weight that I've been losing, because I know there's no way in **** there's 3lbs of fat gone.
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