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  1. Unfortunately, Terry Eagleton is an idiot. Not a bad article though; Marx may have been a poor economist, but he was a brilliant sociologist. It is also interesting to read Marx in an early and late stage, which helps highlight some of the philosophical conflicts he was in with his predecessors (Hegel). Ultimately whether you agree or not, it's hard to name a thinker who had a more profound influence in the last 150 years, so he should be read.
  2. Bob Dylan is still making new music, and I'm not sure what relevant means, but the new stuff is good. I'd put Love and Theft against anything he's ever made as an album, and each decade he's made a relatively great album, and barring the 80's an absolutely great album per decade.
  3. "Philosophy is a battle against the bewitchment of our intelligence by means of language. "
  4. It's true, and most profound thinking is done in a movie theater.
  5. It was fun. Nice to watch a super hero movie and not be bombarded with pseudo philosophy and 2h40 minute run time.
  6. Post Newton it became a secular problem too. Determinists started cropping up in the 18th century, and concerns about freedom lie at the root of Kant and philosophical Idealism. Still, as a secular concern it really seems to boil down to a non-issue. Jacques the Fatalist does a pretty good job of covering it, but if we have free will we can act accordingly, and even if we don't we will act like we do. Science will tell us more, I'd imagine. Theologically it is obviously a trickier issue, but big questions of faith are difficult to have fruitful discussions about.
  7. My link Interesting article. I blamed the O-line for mediocre run blocking, but if Turner is willing to admit his size was a problem then I will pin some of the blame on him. Good to hear he is back on track though.
  8. A-. We got important depth/rotational players. I would not be surprised to see any of the players on the field with the starting unit at some point, with the exception of the 6th round safety. Guys get hurt in the NFL, and we play a lot of rotations anyway. I think this is a good draft, I'm excited for the season.
  9. You honestly just complained about our first round pick because of fantasy football? Remarkable... Baluga, maybe, but another 22 teams didn't think he was good enough to draft him.
  10. Fair. I also read that he was taught to float the deep ball and let the receiver make the play, but I'm not sure. The deep ball is his weakest throw, but it's really not as bad as some people make it out to be. When I say deep ball, I mean 35, 40+ yards. I actually think some of Ryan's best throws are 20-25 yards towards the middle of the field. He had one of the prettiest passes I saw all year to Jenkins against the Saints doing that. But my general point is that (1) I think you are right about him floating the ball and injury might well explain it and (2) if this is what we are worried about
  11. Personally I don't think his arm strength was the problem on many of his interceptions. Sure, he was a hair off some completions that went horribly wrong (deep ball against Carolina), but most of his problems were mental and I think he will grow into that. I also think we need to upgrade the O-line. On the other hand, injuries can have a mental effect and perhaps this explains his less comfortable demeanor back there. I still have faith in Matt Ryan, and didn't feel like he fell of that much this year. We played harder defenses and had more injuries, notably to Michael Turner and Harry Douglas
  12. First season was great, second season was good, and it continued with that trend. It's basically Myst My link as a TV show.
  13. Well said, I agree. The political climate is farcical; Bush as a fascist, Obama as a communist... it's unreal.
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