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    Watching my kids play sports which include softball, basketball & football..........keeping up with Atlanta.....taking care of my patients & helping them have a better quality of life!
  1. Looking for tickets now....need 4 if we can swing it, perfect timing, my kids will be out of school.....I am dragging their skin/cowgirl lovin butts down south:-)
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions on places to visit, I have an 11 & 15 yr old, and they are skins & cowgirl fans, I am dragging them both with me, as well as my skin fan hubby. But they will be in full Falcon gear, lol.. I am shooting for the 27th of Dec., I WANT A REPEAT OF THIS PAST WIN AGAINST THE SAINTS! Although maybe not so close....I almost fell off my treadmill watching the 1st half...then I kept having to remind myself to breath, whew! It was an awesome game!
  3. I am wishing for the Dec 27th game....better give Santa my list now, lol...the game against Carolina on the 12th is w/in driving distance, but I really would rather go to Atlanta & visit THE Dome:-) We shall see!
  4. Thanks to you all for thi input....now to work around my work schedule. I really want to come to Atlanta, never been & have a few friends down there. GO FALCONS!!
  5. Finally done w/ nursing school, want to see a Falcon game so bad this season, could be driving from VA, but have flown to Atlanta before....SOOOOO, looking for advice on what would be a good game to attend & if in Atlanta, where is a good place to stay (not necessarily the cheapest) but close & with a lot of places to visit w/in walking distance. Will probably bring hubby & kids....unless they refuse to don Falcon colors (2 deadskin fans & 1 cowgirl fan), then I will leave them @ the hotel so they'll need stuff to do....any advice suggestions would be appreciated!

  7. He won't fizzle, no matter who he plays with, and hopefully he'll stay with Atlanta. This kid has the three D's....dedication, drive & determination.....he's a good guy all around, and yesterday I lost my voice screaming for him, so proud to watch him excel like he has!!! He stepped up & I sure hope Atlanta hangs on to him.
  8. So did my son, and I screamed & scared him & my daughter, lol.....
  9. I couldn't agree more!!! Job well done Snellings!!
  10. Love this team & will stick with them through thick & thin!!!
  11. Awesome play by Lawrence Sidbury!!!
  12. Good luck to you & congratulations on what you've already accomplished! Don't ever give up on trying to get healthy & maintaining the weight loss. I've got 30lbs to work on losing that nursing school & my bad habits put on, so maybe I'll take a look at the book myself.
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