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  1. thanks al, also he said there not gonna renew milloys contract but idk. im trying to get some info about the combine
  2. thanks and for those that dont belive me, the schools name is north hall middle also the teacher we have together is mrs. smith
  3. my bad. the only reason he told me is cause i asked if he could make 5 working voodoo dolls who they be he said our LA teacher and then mike
  4. now some of you may not belive me but i am friends with coach vangorgers son montgomery we callhim gummy and he said maike boley and his dad did not get along at all.
  5. yesit is worth getting. and unless u buy an autograpged copy ur gonna trhow away the cover
  6. man i fish year round! ive been goin alotthis winter but havent caught much. i cant for the warmweather to be back
  7. wanna play? put ur gamertag and well play
  8. yes. also there is a video over on nfl.com wit mike turner and jamie dukes couldnt get the link to work so ill just tell yall if ur interested
  9. dude screw that. i heard something that said by like 2010 pythons could inhabit all of georgia
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