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  1. Glad to see im not the only one that plays dress up with my dogs.
  2. You may want to post that on the new england cheatriots board, because last time i checked the "ATLANTA FALCONS" went 7-1 at home. The cheatriots gave up like 50 sack's to the falcons 17. Enough Said.
  3. The passes have been picked up by bradmr2 and mashdaddy. Hope ya'll have fun.
  4. bradmr2, i've still got them, just pm me with your address or e-mail and we can coordinate on mailing. everybody else, I've got 2 left.
  5. I just purchased 2 car tags and will be receiving 4 pre-game sideline passes to the Ravens game on 09/03 at 7:30 p.m. Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend and wanted to see if anyone who's going to the game would be interested in the passes. They are free. I can break them up into 2 sets if you just need 2 passes. Just PM me with how many you need and your mailing address and I will mail them to you as soon as I get them. I will give them to the first person or persons who respond to this.
  6. 9 am75°F Isolated T-Storms 75°F 30% chance of rain. i think we could get the morning practice in but the afternoon doesn't look so good.
  7. I just ordered tickets monday from studhub.com to atl vs miami sec.115 row 01.
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