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  1. It's also on YouTube in its entirety under NFL full games 2018
  2. Is it possible for him to get stronger ? What would make you happy considering this is his first year in the league?
  3. Wow I'm shocked at the logic that has been displayed thus far. Hopefully this can last into the season but maybe that's wishful thinking lol
  4. Thanks for that but even you must chuckle at the wide inconsistency of these rankings, at least PFF is allegedly compiled by some data, the others are pure speculation but digression. We shall wait and see.
  5. I challenge you to find one publication that has the Falcons Oline rated that low. Most have them at least top five. I could be wrong but I believe your spreading misinformation. Even PFF has us at number 3 Behind Phi, and Dallas but what do they know lol
  6. Steeler Nation is imploding due to the L. Bell holdout much worse than what happened with Julio, who's to blame in your opinion ? Is Bell being Greedy or is Management being careless and disrespectful. I say a little of both but more so it's the GMs fault. How can you expect a player to want to risk it all for a third straight year on a franchise tag ?
  7. While the eagles do have the better Oline, our Oline is slightly worse. Eagles have a A+ line and we're probably an A- or B+. Most would say we have the 3rd best in the league, do you think we are worse than that ?
  8. Please post that link for the love of God lol
  9. Not sure what race has to do with this but ok
  10. I guess you're not at liberty to disclose information on a released player lol, thanks anyway
  11. Is there anyone who saw or knows why Zimmer was kept over G. Smith? Could it be he's more of a run stuffer ?
  12. I saw him in the preseason look good but where did you get your knowledge about camp? I wish he would have made it.
  13. The mere fact that Fowler grew up a Falcon fan is enough justification for me. If you can't get up playing for your childhood team, maybe it's not in your cards to play. Keep him home TD.