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  1. Based on how the draft fell, who would you have picked ? I can admit that I have not followed the prospects closely enough as most of the beta-males on this site who have cried (without an argument) about who TD selected, won’t admit either. So considering we filled a need with a top college prospect, I’m pleased. However, who would have made you happy. Post the name and WHY ?
  2. I work with these fools and they are talking blowout in favor of the Steelers. We all know there are way more steelers fans than falcon fans too. Im surrounded by this garbage if I could i would lock um all up and put them in a holding cell. jk though i could do it being a Military Police and all*
  3. Stainless, thanks for your honest opinion but when I used the hypothetical figure of 97% I was solely going by the predicted scores I have seen posted on the Steelers Message Boards. It does not surprise me that most fans of Pit think we will lose but what does is the large discrepancy of the score board. I appreciate you informing those of us fans who didn’t quite understand the inconsistencies of this franchise but I as well as many others certainly know very well how the history has played out. While I do respect and acknowledge your many past accolades, frankly this is a new year and the p
  4. The Steelers Fan Base is from what I have seen 97% certain they will easily win this game against Our Fighter Falcons this Sunday. I’m calling for you pessimist and glass half-Full punks to step and remove all doubt as to the ability of our players and most importantly our QB who has a relentless attitude toward preparation and determination to win at all cost. I’m sure this may come across as a rant but I assure you its just guided confidence in what we have brewing though-out this organization. As a whole I honestly believe the Players on this team know they can win and should do just that.
  5. Is Fifty Dollars really worth the permanent nightmares you will face every night from here until we win a SB, knowing you willfully cheered a hated rival over a small amount of plummeting currency? I don’t know your financial position but it can’t be that bad ... at least I hope not. I'm never surprised at what people will do for the love of money. Epic Fail/ JK ……. Sort of
  6. grimes will be ok with a pass rush , if he has that he will have a pro bowl type year. It's when he is left covering bigger receivers four 7 seconds that he suffers.
  7. I see you Jedi , whatever you gotta do to stay pumped. I just want a Win and a healty showing and its christmas in September
  8. I really like Grimes But if Mike Smith thought he was elite Dunta would never have been paid to come here the way he was. No offense but that shatters your OP right there.
  9. he still has alot to learn but he is trying really hard to get it down. A for effert
  10. compared to what we use to have , I would say it’s a come up . How quickly some forget smh
  11. People R so selfish they would rather knock U down 2 pick themselves up

  12. Our Defense has the players we just need to take the next step
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