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  1. He should count, no? We didn’t exercise the team option so it should act like an expiring contract. No different than a player becoming a FA. There were no years left on his contract unless we exercised the option, which we didn’t. By cap compensatory formulas, if Bryant signs for something similar he will cancel out a contract we sign someone to that would most likely be similar to the Fusco contract last year
  2. Won’t affect 2019 will be used in formula for 2020 draft
  3. Which if we go that route, he will be part of the compensatory pick formula...which always can’t hurt depending on how much we sign. Alford and Reed won’t count, but... Bryant, Teco, Shelby, McClain, Bethel, Levitre, Hardy are all potentials.... As for Beasley, this draft is so deep at DL, I’d see if I could get a sign/trade deal for a 3rd round pick... Thatd bring Montez Sweat into the picture and then a 2nd round OL plus two 3rds to go OL/DL
  4. Yep, which is where Grady played his best and we drafted Senat to be a 0/1T...if we go DL it will be a guy that can play 5T, along with the 3T, 0T, 1T...or an athletic freak at DE.... Otherwise, I think it’s OL... 1. Oliver 2. Simmons 3. Gary 4. Tillery Are the likely interior guys 1. Sweat 2. Polite Are the potential edge 1. Williams 2. Ford Are the likely OL... No matter what, we get a solid starter... Now to OPs post...this McShay first round has at least 5 guys that won’t even be Day 2 picks...
  5. If Beasley’s agent doesn’t take a reduced annual on an extension by the first of March, the FO will be looking heavily at DE in FA... They will keep Beasley up until the last minute to ensure they either have his replacement or don’t and need to keep him Will be interesting to see the Franchise Tags... Im looking at you, Clowney, D. Lawrence
  6. I’m just saying no team has given Ray Rice a second chance. And I’m sure most view what he did a mistake. We shall see...
  7. Have you seen the video? It’s worse than the Ray Rice video... Is he in the NFL after 3 years? Ive been saying it. I think he is a great talent, but slim chance Falcons draft him in 1st round...interested to see how things play out
  8. Ryan Schraeder, Brooks Reed
  9. Yep...No WR before 4th round...either our 4th comp or later... I do think we take a WR in this draft. We need to find a #4 that can become a slot in a year to replace Sanu and good return skills would be a super plus
  10. Really no effect. if anything, the team just got better on defense... But back to the draft, definitely makes probability of drafting a CB in the mid-late rounds much higher... look for Iman Marshal in the 5th round
  11. How bout #14 and 4th rounder for #26 and #34 from Colts? That would give us a two stud OL most likely and then whatever DL prospectcwe like too in the Top 45 picks
  12. Yes. I came out of Senior Bowl week with Jenkins as the best OL with Edoga as 2nd, then followed by Dillard, Lindstrom, and Risner in no particular order
  13. Vouch also like Deiter going into the Senior Bowl until he got curb stomped by every player. We can disagree, but Jenkins is the better player with versatility.
  14. They’s VJ and BJ...both are applicable to lower body power. Rhe reason they do bench is to get some sort of metric on upper body strength. There is a risk/reward to testing. You don’t do max testing on same day as all this other testing, and to to roll as many guys through as possible, it’s gotta be done in 1-2 days with no fatigue effect. Trust me, the testing at combine is solid and validated. Ive helped work and organize it for almost 8 years
  15. I actually thought Lindstrom struggled a bit with quicker DL in drills. Also not as good in recognizing stunts Jenkins is the far superior player and can play multiple positions
  16. I think he only has 10-12 starts at OT in his college career? I doubt first rounder, but I wouldn’t be upset with him as a 2nd rounder. I thought he played the best out of all OL for the entire week Strategically though, I’d rather draft DL in 1st and Elgin Jenkins in 2nd. EJ can start Day 1 at OG and easily be Mack’s replacement. I think adding a good player at RG will help the RT position. I’m not sure Falcons will give up on Schraeder yet, and I was encouraged by TYs last 4 games. If we do cut Schraeder, we create another hole we must fill, so I’m less interested in that route
  17. Leans more to Simmons than Oliver to me?
  18. Yep...I think he’s the one left at 14 out of the following: Sweat/Simmons/Oliver/Wilkins Been playing in my head: Lock and Haskins Bosa, Williams, Allen Taylor and Jonah I think those 7 are pretty close to locks to go ahead of our pick, so that leaves 6 picks for the four I mentioned... Will a team go CB? Greedy? Will another OL go off board like Ford? Nomatter what, we are getting a stud at 14
  19. What one set of eyes sees may be different from others and then interpreted differently. No right or wrong, just variation in the interpretation of outcomes in what is seen on tape. Whether you like it or not, I think it behooves the Falcons to improve the 28th ranked defense in the league in the 1st round rather than aTop 10 offense, who currently has starters at LT and RT
  20. Don’t expect Tevin back, we are gonna keep Grady more likely on contract extension and not FT, at least gonna bring in 1 OG whether FA or draft, but could easily be two...look for depth on interior DL
  21. I’m really digging this draft: 1. Sweat/Simmons/Oliver/Wilkins 2. Edoga/Risner/Jenkins/Lindstrom 3. Gaines/Mack/Saunders 4-7 Skill position guys
  22. Love Edoga, Dillard, Lindstrom, Jenkins, Risner.... One of those will be at 46 in the 2nd round....
  23. Probably 3rd round...this class is deeper than last years
  24. Edoga from USC looked good agst him...Edoga played lots of RT at USC...I could see him at RT or RG and could be had in 2nd round
  25. I disagree. If he hasn’t in three years at Bama, he doesn’t have that “dawg” in him that gets after it... I don’t think there is as much of a gap between Jonah and what will be available in 2nd round... We need a STUD on the DL... Simmons/Oliver/Sweat/Wilkins