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  1. Falcons coaches the West roster in the Shrine game, so look for guys from that roster starting in the 4th round and beyond
  2. I think there are 4, all on the DL plus Simmons. I don’t see the Okudah love, but maybe he’s a 5th... Young, Simmons, Brown, Kinlaw Falcons have to come out of this draft with one of those 4 guys even if it means giving u a 2nd round pick I know folks are down on Derrick Brown...Hes Richard Seymour for the next 10 years...and I love that next to Grady right now...Kinlaw is easily Fletcher Cox...
  3. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen...And Mahomes cap hit was $1.5m this past year, no??? Had nothing to do with the overall outcome... Edelman and Ertz weren’t even on the same teams... You are so stupid for being so old Your posts are generally bad, but this one just set a new milestone even for you FFS70
  4. Delete this mock and never go near flowery branch for the next month please. A trade up to 11 is only for Simmons, Brown, Kinlaw... I actually think we move to 8 with ARI who doesn’t have a 2nd rounder... The rest of the draft is awful while I respect the Johnson pick, I’m not a fan of the player, but respect the draft slot for the position
  5. TD would rather take his guy when he has the chance than risk the move back
  6. I’m fully on board with this idea for Simmons...get the ultimate game wrecker...LB or S, doesn’t matter... I still think we could trade this years 2nd and swap thirds with ARI at 8 and I’d be perfectly fine with move... ARI doesn’t have a 2nd, so it’s very logical... Now maybe we don’t think Simmons falls that far, so then we would be looking at 2021 1st to go higher
  7. #16 is kinda no mans land if we miss out on Kinlaw and Brown... Falcons will overdraft someone like Zach Baun just like Lindstrom and Neal... TD has never moved back from his original 1st slot...I wouldn’t bet on it happening...
  8. Yep...could’ve at least had Josh Allen last year and Isaiah Simmons this year...
  9. Cominsky falls in the unproven category...not forgotton
  10. Nice one....April Fools...
  11. We have our 2 starters on the DL for 2020...the contract given to TD indicates we extended Bailey as a 30-40% 3T rotational guy along with Senat as a backup... Our FO and coaches clearly view things differently. We won’t take DT in the 1st, but probably a rotational guy in 4th round... Khalil Davis is this drafts GJ...would love to get him in the 4th as our upside rotational DT at 3T... As for DE, we have Takk on a year deal, a slightly unproven Fowler on a 3 year deal with an easy out after 2020, and a lot of unproven late round or UDFA guys... We are going to get a pass rusher early and I still think we sign another FA pass rusher Look at guys in that 2nd round range and 3rd round range... I still think we want a game wrecker in the first and will target a trade up...if we don’t get it, we will overdraft a guy at 16 not desiring a trade back and losing him... Weve done this several times in Neal and Lindstrom... Baun is the guy...
  12. Very little guaranteed $$$... This is a great contract with easy out after this year if needed. Also allows for more flexibility in this year to sign another FA
  13. Our starting CBS from the last 4 games of season are coming back plus a solid backup in BWW and whatever Kazee is as a nickel? I don’t view a hole at CB as much as we literally don’t have a starter at LB after losing Campbell Id take K9 over Henderson
  14. I liked Beasley coming out. He left too much on the table somehow. Did I feel like writing a massive description like you, no. B/c most folks on here wouldn’t appreciate it like I appreciate your response. We can have a difference of opinion, and that’s not to say I don’t think Chaisson can become something, but I’m not using my biggest draft chip on that when I’ve got 2 years of peak MR2/Julio left...I’d rather get Brown/Kinlaw using my 1st and 3rd and then get Baun in the 2nd...if he doesn’t fall then I take the best off ball LB or DB available, extend Mack and sign a vet FA, and draft a developmental guy in the 4th... Brown/Kinlaw, Baun, BPA at CB/S is the most bang for our buck at this point to really help our defense...
  15. Different circumstances and positions... You really think one year of starter play in college is gonna lens itself well agst good OTs? He doesn’t use his athleticism and length well, and it shows...He’s worse than Takk at pass rush moves, and Takk has production...