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  1. Or it can be viewed from the other angle...if we stay at #4 and select Pitts, he is valued at two (2) 1st roudners and two (2) second rounders, becuae that is what we cna get for that pick...Thats too rich for a TE...even just moving back to #7 with DET for an extra 2nd rounder is better... Pitts is not worth #4 in a regular draft when there isn't trade up interest for two QBs....hes a TE...No WRs, TEs, or RBs in the first round...ever... Whoa re the best TEs in the league right now? Kelce, Kittle, Waller, Tonyan, Gesiki, Ertz, Andrews, Hooper none in the 1st round...TEs of rece
  2. We currently have 40 realistic players to make a 53 man roster...so while maybe not drafting 17 players is as realistic, I think we will easily end up with 10 players drafted, plus we will have UDFAs...Its the cheapest way for us to acquire players on our roster due to our cap situation and to have them under control for 4 years.
  3. I won't detail the trades, but here are the results of the Mock Draft: Future Picks Acquired via Trade Downs: 2022 Draft 1st Rounders: PHI, IND, WAS – gives us four (4) 1st rounders in 2022 2nd Rounders: PHI – gives us two (2) 2nd rounders in 2022 2023 1st Rounders: PHI, PIT, BUF – gives us four (4) 1st rounders in 2023 2nd Rounders: CHI – gives us two (2) 2nd rounders in 2023 Draft Picks: 1 (28): Jayson Oweh EDGE (can’t pass up athleticism on edge at this point) 2 (35): Teven Jenkins OT (too much value here, may play LG in 2021
  4. This would be best case scenario...you are set at CB for 3 years cheaply... With two (2) second rounders you can attack RB and S...which means you are getting one of: 35: (S) Moehrig or Grant 40: (RB) Williams, Etienne, Harris I'd prefer to drop back some in the 2nd and take my chances on still getting one of the S in a pretty solid S class, so look to trade with a team that has an extra 3rd or 4th...value chart shows I can move the 40th pick to LAR who wouldn't have picked yet still and we get back 57 and 88...you also decide to move up in the 3rd round for potential futur
  5. The only thing you need to know...statisitcally speaking, MR2's play last season wa expected to give us 10 wins...he had the worst QBR to expected wins rate in teh league last year based on his play...The problem is not MR2...and it wont be for the next 2-3 seasons... https://www.trboynton.com/post/using-qbr-to-untangle-qb-wins-from-performance
  6. Falcons best chances for success NOW and FUTURE is to keep Matt Ryan, so I dont see a QB at #4...bc its a waste of a talented player to help now or its rebuild, which AB doesnt want...he wants success now.... They only way MR2 is not in ATL and/or #4 is a QB, is through a ridiculous Deshaun Watson trade or AB has signed off that this year can be a skunker...but he has repeatedly said he wants a winner now... I just dont see a way for that to happen with MR2 on the team a picking QB at #4... We wont get enough value, but I like the idea of IND trading up to #4 for the pick...I th
  7. Javonte from UNC....hes the #2 RB in this class behind Najee...just a stud...will be next Nick Chubb
  8. Dean Pees along with his son at DL would be better...and more sustainable...
  9. Yes. In a heart beat....and for less...Ridley is at best a #2...and in a year we are going to ahve to pay him $$$$$ to stay...he just had his best year...his value isnt any higher...get a solid 2nd roudner and a 2022 3rd rounder or a 2021 4th rounder in addition to the 2021 2nd rounder...if you can get a 1st rounder...you do it without heistation... And unpolular as can be...you also trade Julio for anything similar... My hope was RIck Smith would come in and do the following trade: MR2, Ridley, #4, 2021 4th, and 2022 2nd for Deshaun Watson, JJ Watt, 2021 5th
  10. Great start to the week. I haven’t been happier as a Falcons fan dunce halftime of the SB
  11. 3 Achilles soft tissue injuries in the same position group over last 2 years isn’t coincidence if you work in sport performance field. Some improper training, etc happening...Training staff need to be held accountable too
  12. Thank you! Trufant got beat plenty of times...He was a solid #1, but not All Pro and never warranted the 2nd contract the got...like many Falcons...we need to play the comp pick game or we need to trade these guys for picks prior to that last year. Get 3-4 years out of them and churn over with picks unless they are All Pro... At the end of the day, there are about 50-75 guys that are really, really good in this league...after that, the same guys are coming out every year at this point with the way college athletics is training these guys... Don't get attached to players..be attached
  13. I dont know about that, I peged him at SLB....he played 50/50 as edge rusher and in box...I prefer Foye as WILL unless he still hasnt made the transition well? I'd also consider Keanu at WILL in nickel situations with Kazee at SS and Allen at FS...that is actually probably our best lineup...
  14. His height has nothing to do with a punt being blocked
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