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  1. G-Dawg - This is great and I'd argue you dont have to do it again....forget 1.0....Maybe the players change in the draft, but position wise I think you are spot on... Some thoughts: What if Falcons restructure Levitre and add OG in the 1st that money is freed up for another contract instead of replacing a cut Levitre (creating a 2nd hole at OG) and replacing him? Here I'm thinking about Michael Bennett for a 2018 6th and a 2019 5th??? Im not saying I like him, but who knows, right? Another thought...I still think DQ is gonna lean more towards a guy that can play End and DT in our base packages? ALA - the man mentioned previously, Bennett? This is where I see us maybe taking a guy like Dashawn Hand? or whomever...Someone with good size, great agst the run, and can kick inside on passing downs? Remember in your mock, we lose CLayborn and Shelby, both guys that do that, and the jury is still out on Crawford? I like the WR option...I think we definitely get either WR with return ability or a CB with return ability...people arent talking much about adding depth to the secondary, but we were one injury away from starting a "no one at CB or FS....and I like Allen in our current scheme...My guy is Dante Pettis....I think he is smooth, adds a vertical element and is the NCAA all time leader in return TDs...hard to ignore if there in the 3rd? I love Wynn and think he is the real deal...but I dont think he make sit to us at 26, so I think if we have our eyes on someone (Wynn, Billy Price?), I think we trade up to get him? We've done it almost every year and with this class having a droppoff at OG, we have to be willing to to move up or take whats left....which to this point...maybe we keep Levitre and we add Pugh? That gives us ultimate flexibility in the draft? We could still draft Wynn if available and make Levitre a June 1 cut...if the guy we like isnt there, than we go BPA elsewhere? Great JOb! and it looks very similar to hmm.hmm..something I posted weeks ago!!!
  2. There are no TEs in this draft better than Hooper. An upgrade at that position must come through FA...We are NOT getting Norwell....We cant have 3 OL getting paid over $10mil/yr and another at $6mil/yr...its just not going to happen... If youve seen anything ove rthe years, the Falcons didnt go after OG last year and this year when there is only 1 major player there, its not happening. Sorry to nust your bubble... Im welcome to make a MB bet on it
  3. Cutting Levitre only creates an adidtional hole at OG...which means you have to get TWO (2) OGs this off-season. There is only ONE OG in FA that is better than Levitire, adn he is going to cost $12mil/yr or more considering there are 8-10 teams with $30+ million in cap space. The plan should be to resign Poe and restrcutre Levitre to bring his number down some. From there, we would only have 1 hole at OG and we can add depth at DT and DE...this gives us much more flexiblity in the draft to get guys as they "drop" to us considering we are drafting at the ENDof every round.... No reason that a I. Wynn (OG), H. Phillips (DT), DJ Chark (WR), D. Leonard (LB), D. Hand (DE), N. Bawden (FB) cant happen in this draft.... Thats a plug and play RG, a good rotational DT, a solid #3 WR, depth at SLB, a strong Base DE, starting FB... And we use our money in FA to get either Jimmy Graham or Tyler Eifert to stretch the seam opening up the outside for Julio and Sanu and the keeping the LBs on their toes to help the run game....
  4. I think you are right on this one.... My post Senior Bowl thoughts: Decisions on Levitre and Poe will determine the draft. PERIOD. Something tells me they are both back for us. Better only 1 hole than 2 holes going into FA and draft? Levitre at $8 mil/yr is only for 1 more year. Outside of Norwell, who is going to cost us $12mil/yr, Im not sure there is an OG in FA that is better than Levitre. I also think we can leverage Levitre and his injury into a contract extension and reduce his cap number? Poe's presence isnt in the stat sheet. He is important for us. And its hard to find solid DTs with pass rush ability that can stop the run at 6'3" 330lbs. He is still young and he played a ton of snaps last year. His contract can ahve builtin incentives too. I hate, and thats an understatement, hate this TE class. No one is superior than Hooper, so its a waste for a pick, plus consierding we have TIOlolo and Saubert coming into his second year. This is where I think we spend our money on 1 guy in FA to come in and give our offense help in the middle of the field to open up Sanu, Julio on the outside and keep LBs honest agst the run. Free Agency: Jimmy Graham or Tyler Eifert. PERIOD. You can bank one of those here even if its overpaid. You have to maximize Matt Ryan's next 3-4 years. The rest will be resigning Poe, extending Ryan, Matthews, Levitre to help with cap space, etc. We will also bring back Matt Bryant and necassary role players. Matt Schaub is going to DEN, SF, or somewhere in a straight up trade of QBs (Semian) or 6th/7th rounder. That will also give cap flexibility. If for Semian, we are good at backup QB, if not, that becomes a need in draft. Senior Bowl thoughts: I like the mid round talent at DL, skill positions, DB, and LB...there are a lot of good depth guys out there in this draft class. Of course, I know this doesnt include underclassmen, but you know minimu 2 of our draftees will be from this game: NFL Draft: 1st: BPA at OG - Isaiah Wynn, Billy Price, Will Hernandez 2nd: BPA at DL - Harrison Phillips, Mo Hurst, Justin Jones, RJ McIntosh, Rasheem Greene, Duke Ejiofor 3rd: BPA at SLB - Uchenna Nwosu, Shakeem Griffen, Darius Leonard, Marquies Haynes 4th: BPA WR - DJ Chark, Dante Pettis, TraQuon kid from UCF 6th: BPA at QB (if trade) - Luke Falk, Mike White, Tanner Lee 7th: BPA at RB/FB - Nick Bawden, Darrel Williams We have a solid starting OL, depth at LB and DL, add another playmaker to WR, get a young backup QB to develop, and starting FB?
  5. I think draft is deeper at DT talent than OG talent, so I'd prefer Price or Wynn at #26 and DT in 2nd round or 3rd round...Ive seen Wynn in all three SB practices and he has looked real good. His tape is solid. He sets well, quick feet, I think he is plug and play with "back-up versatility" which adds to his value. But then I think, how much better is Wynn than Gossett over say Da'Rone Payne or Harrison Phillips over BJ Price or Justin Jones? And which is needed more? Our draft is highly dependant on what we decide to do with Dontari Poe
  6. I dont see a reason why wouldnt bring back Poe on a 3 year $27 million deal similar to Hankins last year? He was a solid run stopper and did have some pocket pressure at times. If we dont bring him back, we definately ahve to get TWO DTs at some point. ANd to be honest, there are only 2 guys better than him in this years draft, and they might not be available. I think we need to resign him to at least keep our interior DL intact and to give us draft flexiblity. I think Ryan Jensen is the OG we end up with and I think we can extend Levitre 2 more years to spread out money....If we draft a mid round OG/OC type, then I think that gives us 4 guys competing for 2 interior spots (Garland, Harlow, Rookie, Schwietzer). Thats easily upgraded the OL depth and future after Mack? I actually think we need to worry about the secondary depth to an extent. We saw Kazee play some, but at some point Allen will either get a payday or be gone adn we will need a deep S plus we need depth at CB. I hate the TEs in this draft. None of them give us an upgrade over Hooper, so IMO we need to go after athleticsm in FA class - Eifert or Graham or Burton. It will be interesting to see what FO does with CLayborn. I honestly wouldnt bring himback. All his sacks in one game, hes gonna be pricey, and what will we do with Reed and Shelby? Talk about signings that jsut ended up be "just another dude"? What about a mid teir signing of Lamarr Houston? I know we get Jack Crawford back, but again, just another dude? This is why I think we trade #26 and #58 to go after Payne...get a man that is relentless and plays the interior like a monster. With a rotation of Jarrett, Payne, Poe...that will help Takk, Beasley, Reed to their thing... LB? Im not a fan of Campbell, but he is our 2nd best LB...Duke Riley disappointing badly...we need to add depth at LB, so that is another mid round pick? Maybe we dont go after Payne adn we get Edmunds? Lastly, the Schaub conundrum...god forbid something happen to Matt Ryan, but I think the $5 million Schaub costs is worth it for our backup to have experience and know the system. Unless we want to roll the dice on a polished rookie in the mid rounds? The only guys I could see are Mason Rudolph, Nick Faulk, Riley Ferguson, Kurt Benckart... What about RB? I am fine rolling with our 3 guys, but it wouldnt surpise me to see someone added to the mix since we tried to this past year in the draft, but failed. Many other thoughts, just getting these out there for now!!!!
  7. Those are the only two guys in that exact scenario. I think Payne is more realistic...We've seen 2 drafts now with DQ wanting players on that "toughness/grit/motivation" scale.... Id put Payne ahead of Nelson in that regard. Trying to find others that match that mentality... Maybe this is the year we trade back? Lost of QBs and teams that may move into 1st round from early 2nd round to get them? Would you rather end up with Hernandez (OG), Tim Settle (NT), and Harrison Phillips (DE/DT)? That's be a haul along the lines to go with most likely a FA signing of Poe and FA OG. Then just go skill position players after that and athleticism at LB? Im eyeing the Jets with 37 and 49, Buffalo with 53 and 55 (already with 2 1st, so doubful, Cleveland with 33, 35, 63, 65 (1st pick in 3rd) already 2 high first, so doubtful as well... Maybe just Jets unless an early 3rd rounder for a small drop back? Look at CLE picks this year: #1, #4, #33, #35, #63, #65...thats ridiculous...
  8. 1. Agree 2. Not sure it would matter 3. That would be a heck of a renegotiation...I think he gets cut. If he wasnt injured, itd be different, but I think he gets cut... 4. Agree. His value donest show up in the stat sheet, but he improved our run defense and its a going rate for a solid starting DT. Maybe it can be incentive laced every year for weight, etc. to keep initial cap hit lower? 5. Agree. I think Josh Kline would be great and an upgrade over our boyz 6. BPA is great or go after the talent you want, which we have shown to do in the past. If Da'Ron Payne makes it #20 and it takes a 3rd rounder? Do it. If you like a WR, take him. I do think we need an athletic TE. We did not attack the middle of the field at all. Hooper just doesnt do that well. His athletic limitations coming out of college have really made him a below average NFL TE unfortuantely. He's a solid #2, but we just paid Tiololo to be that guy through at least next year. I like Eifert, Graham, Burton...I think getting Eifert would be nice and ona "prove it" deal. Also, we need a WR. Sanu is a short route guy, and nothing more, but we need a guy that tests the defense with speed or we need to think about another big athletic guy that mirrors what Julio Jones does. I like the two guys out of OKST for either of those thoughts and they can be had in the mid rounds. Lastly, we need to get rid of Armstrong and replace ROberts. We were 31st in the league in starting field position last season. Yes, turnovers paly a role in that, but how many times did you go WTF are you doing Roberts? How many times did you hold your breath on Punts about to get blocked? WE have 2 FGs blocks this year and our coverage unit was in the bottom 5 this year. Improvements need to be in that arena as well.
  9. Zeitler, WITHOUT an All-Pro or Pro Bowl selection, went for 5 years $60 million last year.... Now ask yourself if you see the Falcons doing at least that for Andrew Norwell? That puts a ton of $$$ on the OL for next year, even if we cut Levitre to make the move...and even if we do that, we still have a HUGE hole at the other OG spot. I think we bring Poe back on a reduced contract, with flexibility. His value doesnt show up in stat sheets, but he was very important in helping our defense in the run game and was still a good pocket collapser at times. Do I think there are guys Id rather have in the draft? Yes, but they wont make it out of the Top 20 in an overall weak draft class. Maybe Star L could be a potential signing instead of Poe, but it would have to be a dramatic difference in price, and I still think Poe is better. Star got the assistance from Short and others to shine more and didnt, IMO Bring back Poe and look for Josh Kline to be an upgrade at OG seems more likley than what many want which is Norwell and Da'Rone Payne?
  10. Give me Tyler Eifert and Andrew Norwall instead....1 All-Pro and a former All-Pro when healthy, both under 27
  11. MM would bring more organization and game planning ideas to the offensive room, but he wouldnt call plays. Essentially bring someone that has HC experience and OC experience to assist someone with 1 year of OC experience at the NFL level? I think it would help more than hurt?
  12. I like the idea of bringing Mularkey or Robiskie as Assoc HC, focusing ont eh offensive side of the ball.
  13. Thanks man...I think the slot WR, PR/KR is a huge need on this team in order to open up the vertical game and outside passing game. I dont have the stats on our "middle of the field" passing, but it cant be good. I dont see a good slot guy in this draft in the middle rounds? Maybe Pettis? I like the guys from OKST both bring something different: Ateman could be Julio's replacement and a huge outside WR. Not sure his speed though until testing, but that could move Sanu into the slot where I think he could excel? Washignton blows the top off of the palce. I dont think he is quick and its more pick up speed, but man that could open up more crossing routes, etc. I just look at what Will Fuller has brought to Hopkins in opening him up bc defenses must respect it. Just thinking out loud....this offe-season will be interesting. Plus, we were 31st in the league in starting field position. That is squarely on the KR/PR and return game. Plus the turnovers gained being lower this year, but Roberts was terrible and its time for Armstrong to go. Needs: OG TE PR/KR/WR DL (if keep Poe, this needs to be getting younger with a Base DE, or this needs to be DT if no Poe) The last three not sure of the order, but I think TE and/or WR/KR/PR could be upgraded by the other some?
  14. Im not saying Sark is better than Shanahan...Im simply trying to p[ut some perspective to the fact that while there were moments that Sark was awful, our offense was still Top 10 which means better than 20 other teams, of which over 2/3 of them are KEEPIGN their OC?!?!?! You can complain all you want, but a new OC isnt walking through that door at FLowery Branch. Maybe an Assoc HC or an additional Off Asst, but not an OC Just trying to help you break your fall....
  15. There isnt a $3.5 mil hit...not sure what you are referencing. If a June 1 cut, his signing bonus allotment is spread across two years, its literally an $8 million savings for the year...Norwall will pull an average $10+ per year, but you can structure his 1st year so that it equates to a net ZERO with an upgrade. NOrwall was All-Pro this year...when was the last time Levitre was All-Pro???? Its a massive upgrade with no cost in 2018, and an expected cost for the OG market if you want a top OG. Furthermore, 2019 is a year you have money tied up in OL, but after that Mack becomse completely expendable which is why you draft a guy like Billy Price who has 30 starts at OG and 25 starts at OC and was Rimington Award winner....he plays OG in 2018 and 2019 then trasnistions nicelyin in OC role after Mack... OUr entire OL would be under 30 and under contract in 2019 in Schraeder, Matthews, Norwall, Price, and whoever we draft to replace the move of Price to OC in 2019