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  1. Sorry you feel that way
  2. Funny. Funny. Leave it to TATF to avoid discussion and difference of opinion. Classy jokes.
  3. I do know the Ito Smith pick. We will regret going BPA in the 2nd with CB instead of taking a better DT. Once that happened, we needed to do better in 4th. Ito Smith would be at this pick. No need to take him in 4th round
  4. It’s a terrible pick IMO. That doesn’t make the statement pessimistic. You can “love” the pick. I dont
  5. A lot more guys available with more upside than just ST. Just not a fan. You can be.
  6. I watch a ton of CFB. There are a lot of players still available that I know about. Not a fan of trading up for a guy that could’ve been taken in the 7th... The last 2 picks have removed any positives from the first 3 picks which were luke warm at best
  7. Trade up in 6th for a no name WR
  8. Just took a guy rated on most boards around 250 at 126...WTF? Another waste just like Hill last year. RBs are some a dozen. This needed to be LB or DL
  9. We will draft a RB. We only have 2 legitanite NFL RBs and 1 won’t be on the team after this season and the other has had a concussion every year in the league.
  10. 4. Nyheim Hines 6. BPA on defense 7. Nick Bawden 7. Irrelevant
  11. I would be okay with him int he 4th round... I think we will regret going BPA in the 2nd with Oliver and allowing better DT players get taken after our pick...TIme will tell though... I guess if Senat can hold the point as a 1T agst the run, thats all I care about...I think he is only a 2 down player and we will be running a lot of NASCAR with Jarrett and Crawford/Shelby inside
  12. Rappaport just mentioned us (ATL) as a team pursuing a trade up
  13. We got a WR that is in the Isaac Bruce, Marvin Harrison, Antonio Brown mold....I'll take that at 26 for now and the future
  14. Exactly. I tossed this out 2 weeks ago with you. Once Vea went to TB, I knew Payne was no longer an option bc he wouldn’t make it past WAS Im really glad we took Ridley. I was just never a fan of Bryan. I didn’t think he actually gave us the versetlyty we need in a DT and need it now, not in 3 years. We are gonna get two more studs tonight, at least. I still think we could move out of #58 and get more picks. What gets me excited is baring a huge run on DL, we are going to get one of: Hill, Shepard, Hurst, Phillips, Hall I also think Oliver is in play. He didn’t run well and has limited experience.
  15. I think this removes any late round WR possibility. Now still look for Falcons get a DB or RB with return ability. My mock from here: 2. Shepard/Hill 3. DJ Reed 4. Nyheim Hines 6. Jack Cichey 7. Nick Bawden 7. BPA UDFA priorities: DT, LB, DE, QB Sign Rubin and/or Upshaw for DT depth