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  1. Thank you! Trufant got beat plenty of times...He was a solid #1, but not All Pro and never warranted the 2nd contract the got...like many Falcons...we need to play the comp pick game or we need to trade these guys for picks prior to that last year. Get 3-4 years out of them and churn over with picks unless they are All Pro... At the end of the day, there are about 50-75 guys that are really, really good in this league...after that, the same guys are coming out every year at this point with the way college athletics is training these guys... Don't get attached to players..be attached
  2. I dont know about that, I peged him at SLB....he played 50/50 as edge rusher and in box...I prefer Foye as WILL unless he still hasnt made the transition well? I'd also consider Keanu at WILL in nickel situations with Kazee at SS and Allen at FS...that is actually probably our best lineup...
  3. His height has nothing to do with a punt being blocked
  4. Hennessy and Terrell are starters by 2021... Davidson is a rotation guy Mykal Walker probably is a SLB starter in 2020 too The other 4th will be lucky to make roster
  5. He’s perfect for what the Falcons need on 30% of snaps. This means Foye is full time in 43 sets and nickel...
  6. He’s perfect for what the Falcons need on 30% of snaps. This means Foye is full time in 43 sets and nickel...
  7. Not significant cap space. im fine keeping him, just means Hennessy rides the pine for a year. the LG talk isn’t real. He’s be awful at OG
  8. Troy Dye as SLB and a slot WR would make this draft complete
  9. That’s coach speak while they find a trade for Mack
  10. In today’s COVID19 world with most likely minimal coaching rolling into 2020 season...I think it was the route to go and I expect lots of experience from our two 4ths as well
  11. Coach speak until they find a trade partner for Mack
  12. Out of the areas you mentioned, only SLB is a potential starter spot. This draft was gonna be a depth draft except for CB
  13. I think they wait to see how good he is in comparison then maybe make that switch or trade
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