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  1. Good 2nd-3rd round prospect...some stiffness, but dominated lower competition. WIll be interesting to see what is athletic skills are and how he does at Senior Bowl
  2. James Williams out of WSU is an intriguing late round RB with receiving ability.... Colts last year took Hines and let him do that roll for them... Curious if teams look for these 5’11 200lbs slot WRs and see if they can teach them to pick up blitzes, etc (ala Montgomery)...then they really become a weapon... Its why I’m fine rolling Neal down to LB in passing situations with Allen and Kazee at S
  3. Difference of opinion. Many armed forces units entire trading curriculums are built on mental health, mental toughness, which transitions to physical toughness. Its okay to have a different opinion.
  4. Slayton & Wise as 5th round DT prospects... Tyler Jones could be an intriguing OG prospect in late rounds too
  5. Ford will be a Top 10 pick due to this being a weak OL class
  6. I think JuWann James would leave that dumpster fire in MIA for the same $$...and James Carpenter maybe? I actually think the Koetter connection will help us land a guy like Donovan Smith. He’s young and plays well at RT...resign Sambraillo and let those guys compete... Spend all our dollars on defense, with Grady, maybe a Gerald McCoy, get a playmaker LB in Kwon or KJ, and add depth at DE Then go OL heavy in draft!!!
  7. I’d say that Alex Mack bandaid ain’t too shabby!
  8. Somewhere around 01-02, then had the account switch in 08?
  9. All of them will either NOT be back with Falcons are on a reduced contract.... Love Bryant, but in a win now league, the value prop is to use his $$ towards half the rookie pool. Extend Beasley on a 3 year deal. Give him guaranteed money and let him be rotational piece at Brooks Reed $$$ As for Reed, he didn’t see much time this year and his veteran leadership may be missing now. The cap savings will help us along with Bryant’s in paying all our rookies. Schraeder and Alford are no brainers. Both are overpaid and saw significant drops in quality of play. Their cap savings can go towards a significant upgrade piece on the OL (ie RT) and bring back Bruce Irvin on a solid vet deal. Once we extend Julio and Jarrett we will still have about $15 million to look for a good OG and depth pieces in FA
  10. Must be did billions of people before him make it? And without a million dollar+ contract?
  11. Thought he scored off the charts on some Toughness and Competitive scale... Always thought Takk was a one trick poney with no bend and a loose cannon after seeing him at draft. Hope things work out for him, but as a team, Better start contingency planning...and that doesn’t mean Beasley, Reed, Shelby, or Irvan as starters Thats TWO first round mediocre pass rushers selected by DQ... Lets not make him the great talent evaluator some may believe....
  12. No thanks. Go watch the Northwestern and Michigan games...I don’t see an upgrade over Schraeder...most OL look good agst undrafteble talent. Check the games agst actual guys that might sniff NFL snaps
  13. I don’t like Deiter...terrible agst bull rush...I see same issues with him at the college level that Schraeder experienced this the NFL level... I like a Cody Ford draft Shaq Mason FA Ty Sambrailo resign 4th-5th round OT Then let guys compete in camp to see if Ford is better at RG or RT with Fusco, Harlow, Wes figuring it out...we would have Shaq on the other side...or if Ford is best at RG, great! I like what I saw from Ty Sambrailo at the end of the year
  14. Hope so...seeing he hasn’t been the coach for 4 years...took you awhile...
  15. RBs are dime a dozen...Hill sowed some good RB depth...but Free and Ito returning from injury make the decision tougher... I still like a rookie 5th rounder, Free, Ito, Hill going into camp and spending $7 mil/yr somewhere else....