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  1. Well, I was mainly talking about defense, and a good point you brought up. My bad for the confusion. I also confused myself.
  2. Next years opponents had a combined 150+ wins this year. It will be tough. The losing mentality needs to end.
  3. In each draft, a team probably drafts 2-3 starters, depending on their draft and how good the players are. It also takes about 2-3 years to develop a player, unless he's a running back. Rookie contracts are normally around 4 years depending on draft position. We need another starting OT, DT, DE or 2, SS, 2 OLBs, and maybe a CB. We also need another decent running back (2nd or 3rd rounder) to complement Turner because Turner is one-dimensional and he is getting too many carries. So it'll be a while before we fill up the positions. However, the thing is, AS we fill our roster up with talent through the draft, we refuse to sign good players that we've developed. So basically, yes we gain talent, we also lose talent as their contract expires. So, that means that the only way to not have a huge need at any position is to sign someone from the FA.
  4. They also make more money than we do though contracts, jersey sales, etc...
  5. Of course you can improve arm strength, but the difference between the strongest arms and just strong arms is god given. Just like speed, you can get faster, but there is only one Ussain Bolt.
  6. Arm strength (when it comes to throwing a ball) is a god given talent, not an acquired talent. It's just like those with top end speed.
  7. The 'process' has been going on for 42 years. Wonder when it ends...
  8. As of right now I see the organization starting Ryan just because we are paying him $72 million dollars. But we don't know how the QBs will do in training camp or exactly when Vick will be back. We also don't know if we will be picking up another QB or trading for one. We also don't know what injuries players may suffer from now until the start of next season. So your answer: as of now, Matt Ryan. And they have 5 rings, back to back winning seasons for the past couple years, etc... Something's working. -You have to look at how good a player is at the time he is being signed in order to figure out how much you should pay. Turner turned out to be good, but when we signed him, he was only a decent back. -We made him the highest paid fullback before Greg Jones was resigned. Is he a Lorenzo Neal, Mike Alstott, Mack Strong? -Cutting dead weight happens every season to every team. Gutting just means getting rid of your good players, so the third stringers are still here. Our third stringers are still useless. Just look at teams like the Chargers, Colts, Steelers - their third stringers all can make an impact in games. -Current GM or not, 'King' Arthur was here during Kerney's time, and he didn't advocate resigning him. This is a critique of the Falcons offseason moves and 'King' Arthur's inability to give the right contract to the right players.
  9. Already did, read my posts. This is me saying why we should be wary about the Cardinals game: http://life.atlantafalcons.com/index.php?s...p;#entry4341725 This is me rehashing as to what happened: http://life.atlantafalcons.com/index.php?showtopic=3827743
  10. Except in the business world and sports world, you can't really dwell on what he used to be able to do - you have to focus on what he is doing for us now. And right now he is slumping.
  11. Losses hurt when you become emotionally attached to a team - and the more you invest in high hopes for the team, the more it hurts when it doesn't turn out as expected. But that's a good thing though. All that means is that you are a true fan, and not a fairweather fan. You feel for the team when they do bad, and deservingly, you get to be more excited than others when the team does good. In any competition, there is always a winner and a loser, and unfortunately, we were losers today. But time will pass and with enough work, the losers will become winners.
  12. When you sign a FA, you have to look at his current worth. When we signed Turner, everybody thought he was a decent back, but it was questionable as to how he'd fair at starting RB. Signing him does not constitute signing a superstar, because he was not a superstar at that time. At that time, he was an OK back, that we overpayed for. Yes he turned out well (though one-dimensional), for every decent guy we sign that turns out to be good, we sign 2 or 3 guys that turn out to be poor. What has Von Hutchins done for us except be a Hartwell part 2? Brady is a superstar and was resigned - that's true. However, he was resigned for less money then Ben Roethlisberger, Peyton Manning, and even has a smaller contract than rookie QB Matt Ryan. Why? Well he knows that the Patriots win - and that's because of their HOF coach. Signing with the Patriots gives you the best chance to win the ring - almost every player knows that.
  13. In my threads I have shown how Matt Ryan has begun to struggle ever since December came around.
  14. Having high confidence is extremely important in any sport and throughout the month of December, we may have started seeing Ryan's gradual loss of confidence. After all he was riding high off of the spectacular games against the Bears, first Saints game, and Raiders. However, as December neared, Ryan has realized the NFL is much tougher than it seems, especially with the constant pressure he faces. This may be the beginning of the dreaded slippery slope that plagues so many promising rookie QB prospects.
  15. A lot of rookie QBs show promise, like David Carr, Alex Smith, Joey Harrington, etc... However, when pressure gets the best of them, they lose their confidence and start underperforming. We can only hope Matt Ryan will not follow the same path...
  16. I warned you guys about Ryan's impending poor performance. Anybody could have foreseen that Ryan had hit the rookie wall and was going to continue to buckle under pressure. http://life.atlantafalcons.com/index.php?s...p;#entry4341725
  17. We aren't because we are paying him $72 million dollars.
  18. Peterson is one of the worst ideas. A) He's old, so not a longterm solution. He's injury prone. C) He'll ask for a lot of money. D) He was replaced by a younger LB on the Jaguars, because like Brooking, he's losing his edge.
  19. All I did was respond to his question. He was asking which team is brighter. Cardinals have 3 stud receivers, and a very young but talented defense. They look pretty bright. Give them a working RB and a future QB, and they'll be a force, especially with how bad the NFC West is. Perennial playoff team for them? Maybe - and that's pretty bright if you ask me.
  20. I don't normally smile when I lose, but that's just me.
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