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    DriveHomeSafelyAtlantaWins reacted to FalconFanSince1970 in Vic Beasley - An Odd Dude   
    Gurlie was the pick in 2015. Not Measley. Dimi waited five years for Gurley. Troffed folks. Trust me.
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    DriveHomeSafelyAtlantaWins got a reaction from treboyplay in Are there any coordinators in the NFL that you think would make a great head coach for the Falcons that have been overlooked by our fan base?   
    I'll take O'Brien as GM and HC, just like he is in Houston. I think they have a great team that is always relevant.
    I know he's on the hot seat for how he handled KC in the playoffs last year. But gimme a break, that was KC, the eventual dominant superbowl winner.
    He meets the main criteria -- he has done it before, and yet somehow the place he did it is dumb enough to let him go (if they do).
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    DriveHomeSafelyAtlantaWins reacted to NaGaBoy in We need an overhaul   
    I agree with this.  Dan Quinn has convinced me he is as intelligent as a bag of hammers.  He wants to succeed and has no clue how to do it beyond "Rah, rah, let's take this brotherhood to the field".  Really, that is all there is.  I have become convinced he is in the way of potentially good coaching.  AB should sedate him and see what happens.
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    DriveHomeSafelyAtlantaWins reacted to itsryanwonder in We need an overhaul   
    After all of this time, this is the best Thomas Dimitroff can put together.  Our D-line is still a joke, meanwhile a team like the Bucs have size and strength all across the line. 
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    DriveHomeSafelyAtlantaWins reacted to etherdome in We need an overhaul   
    First and foremost, we have a Head Coach who has limited intellectual ability.  He is a poor organizer, a poor strategist, a poor decision maker and a poor teacher.  He is quite literally a crappy HC.
    While Blank has his faults, he has been a phenomenal owner, so what ever he does to brand this team and create future "icons" may be ill advised, not the cause of such a stinky product on the field.  
    Quinn has been given quite a few passes......too many for my taste.  My guess is that his grace period is over and that any thing short of a deep play off run will illicit a firing at season's end.  
    Look at the rosters and tell me who should win this Sunday.  If the Falcons mess this one up again, I would plan on firing Dan right after game #16.
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    DriveHomeSafelyAtlantaWins reacted to Bridgeburner in I think i figured out why we've had trouble holding on to leads since 2012.   
    Quinn is the same coach as Smith, and in this instance it’s the same problem.
    Neither coach knows how to coach defense when you have the lead.
    they both preached this **** about being multi look, multi faceted and being fast. Both defenses are built to go into a prevent shell and then try to pin their ears back and go for the quarterback.
    it never worked for Smith and it isn’t working for Quinn, because suck at evaluating pass rush talent and Abraham was the last legit lineman we have fielded. (Not counting Grady) we also haven’t had a true talented defensive back (Trufant was over rated) since Brent Grimes was on this team. 
    We trot out the Ray Edwards, the Beasleys, the Jamal Anderson’s, the Thomas Decouds, the Kazee’s and the Oliver’s.

    Our defensive scheme is bad, and our talent evaluation is bad. 
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    DriveHomeSafelyAtlantaWins reacted to JDaveG in Do you know what the really sad thing is?   
    Basically, we’d have to win the Super Bowl this season for me to change my mind about the direction of the team. If that happens, it’s all good. 
    Short of that and I’m ripping off the Band-Aid and moving on. And I wouldn’t be mad about Quinn being fired today. 
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    DriveHomeSafelyAtlantaWins reacted to Sun Tzu 7 in Do you know what the really sad thing is?   
    In a couple of days/weeks/months people will look back at this and fool themselves.  They will think, the game wasn't that bad. The team looked great for the first 10 minutes of the game.
    It happened last season. After a 1-7 start people fooled themselves. The team wasn't that  bad.
    I don't know what it is. Fool's gold.... eternal optimism.... not being able to deal with reality...
    Whatever it is, it's going to happen. When it does go remember what you're feeling now.
    YES. It was THAT BAD. 
    The ENTIRE time Quinn has been here the defense has been bad except maybe 1 year.  He's had 6 years to fix it and at the start of every season it looks like it's the first time the players have ever played in this system. 
    Since Quinn has been here the Falcons have lost games in ways that NO ONE HAS EVER LOST THEM BEFORE. Not just one game but multiple games.
    Don't get fooled again. It's time to close the chapter on 28-3 and it starts with getting rid of the coach responsible for it.
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    DriveHomeSafelyAtlantaWins reacted to NWFALCON in Something Is Just Not Right ....   
    It’s like when you keep getting new girlfriends that have the same issues as the last. Arthur has a type. It may be time to get on the coaching version of eharmony and let analytics match him up with what he wants from a coach. 
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    DriveHomeSafelyAtlantaWins got a reaction from Stevo in Freeman to Giants   
    I will be watching how he does to help determine how much of last year's mediocre performance was due to our O line and scheme.
    I suspect a lot was.
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    DriveHomeSafelyAtlantaWins got a reaction from Vandy in Falcons' Hayden Hurst shares support for Cowboys' Dak Prescott speaking on mental health: 'I've got nothing but respect for him'   
    I like the humility Hurst shows: "I'm sure Dak Prescot doesn't really know who I am."
    Hurst, former 1st round pick who knows his career hasn't been at that level, showing self-awareness. And also kicking some *** on the field for us.
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    DriveHomeSafelyAtlantaWins reacted to Goober Pyle in Falcons' Hayden Hurst shares support for Cowboys' Dak Prescott speaking on mental health: 'I've got nothing but respect for him'   
    by Vaughn McClure for ESPN 
    Atlanta Falcons tight end Hayden Hurst said he approached Dallas Cowboysquarterback Dak Prescott after Sunday's game to express his support in the wake of what Hurst called "disgusting" comments made by Fox Sports 1's Skip Bayless about Prescott's opening up about his mental health.
    Prescott recently shared in an episode of "In Depth with Graham Bensinger" that he sought help in the offseason for anxiety and depression brought on by the death of his older brother, Jace, and the coronavirus pandemic. Jace Prescott died by suicide in April. The quarterback's mother died of colon cancer in 2013.
    In response to Prescott's comments, Bayless said on his "Undisputed" show, "I don't have sympathy for [Prescott] going public with, 'I got depressed' and 'I suffered depression early in COVID to the point that I couldn't even go work out.' Look, he's the quarterback of America's team." Fox later issued a statement condemning Bayless' remarks.
    Hurst, who has been open about attempting suicide and dealing with anxiety and depression, said he was appalled by Bayless' words.
    "To be totally honest with you, when I saw what Skip Bayless said, it just really upset me -- that Dak had the courage to come out and talk about that and how it affected his family, how it affected him -- and those [Bayless] comments, I thought, were just disgusting," Hurst told ESPN on Tuesday night. "For a guy to come out and talk about that topic and use his platform to try and help and save lives, I've got nothing but respect for him because I know how hard it is going through stuff like that.
    "It hit my family hard. My uncle killed himself. My cousin killed himself. And I had my own stuff with addiction and my attempted suicide. I know how much courage it takes to come out and talk about that. And for a guy like [Bayless] to blast Dak on his show, on national television, I think that's just wrong. So I wanted to go up to Dak and talk to him and tell him how much I appreciated it."
    Following the Cowboys' 40-39 win over the Falcons on Sunday, video captured Hurst stopping Prescott to say, "Hey, I've got a lot of respect for what you did, came out and talked about. Me and my mom have a foundation about suicide prevention. Respect the **** out of you for talking about it, man."
    Prescott responded with a suggestion that they collaborate one day, to which Hurst replied, "Absolutely."
    "I thought it was awesome," Hurst told ESPN. "I'm sure Dak Prescott doesn't really know who I am. But I know the courage that takes, because a lot of people don't like talking about mental health. They're afraid to talk about it. They're embarrassed. If guys like Dak Prescott can come out and talk about it, I think he's going to save a lot of lives. I think that's cool. I admire him. And I'll be a Dak Prescott fan forever. I think he's an awesome guy."
    Hurst previously shared his story about attempting suicide in January 2016 when he was in college at South Carolina. He had an unsuccessful stint in minor league baseball as a pitcher due to a throwing condition known as "the yips" and started using drugs and drinking heavily, then tried to slit his wrist. He survived what he called his "come to Jesus moment," and now he tries to educate others about dealing with depression.
    Hurst established the Hayden Hurst Foundation with his mother, Cathy, to raise awareness of mental health issues in children and adolescents by funding mental health services and programs through donations and fundraising events. The foundation will host a charity golf event Oct. 19 in Atlanta.
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    DriveHomeSafelyAtlantaWins reacted to cwell1 in Freeman to Giants   
    I hope he eats, and shows how trash Koetter really is
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    DriveHomeSafelyAtlantaWins reacted to Jesus in Falcons Conservative Offense: 2nd Down   
    He is conservative when he needs to be attacking and attacking when he needs to be conservative. The other team sees it coming every time.
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    DriveHomeSafelyAtlantaWins reacted to ATLFalcon36 in Falcons Conservative Offense: 2nd Down   
    Koetter is terrible, worst OC in the league.
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    DriveHomeSafelyAtlantaWins reacted to stizz in Notes 9/23   
    I cannot believe we had cap space and thought we were ok on the dline. One injury and we were in shambles. Same at linebacker. 
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    DriveHomeSafelyAtlantaWins reacted to Dr Long Shot in Notes 9/23   
    So frustrating. We ALL knew we needed one more edge rusher on this team. Why in the world didn't we just keep Clayborn if we weren't gonna replace him?
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    DriveHomeSafelyAtlantaWins reacted to FalconsIn2012 in Notes 9/23   
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    DriveHomeSafelyAtlantaWins reacted to Osiruz in What Falcons' 0-2 start means for coach Dan Quinn's job - Vaughn McClure   
    How much hotter does the seat need to be? that mother sucker is about to evaporate. I would say detox the entire branch and get rid of Quinvid19 the sooner the better. 
    I'll even take a parking cone in his place. 
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    DriveHomeSafelyAtlantaWins reacted to FentayeJones in Quinn doesn't have what it takes to be a head coach   
    yep. lol they gave up almost 600 yards today.
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    DriveHomeSafelyAtlantaWins reacted to g-dawg in Quinn doesn't have what it takes to be a head coach   
    Quinn just doesn't have "IT".
    He's probably a great coordinator and was at Seattle and UF, etc. - but he was meant to be a 2nd banana - he cannot be "the guy".    It's a fine line a head coach must walk in his relationship w/ players but Quinn doesn't walk it - he's just way too nice.   I'm sorry, he's gotta go.   Quinn's not the only problem but he's a big part of it.   This franchise has no edge to them at all - they don't hate to lose enough.
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    DriveHomeSafelyAtlantaWins reacted to Jesus in Notes: Quinn Said No Coaching Changes Coming   
    Foye and his forced fumbles too. He had a great game.
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