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  1. No. He is not enough younger than ryan to represent a viable succession plan.
  2. Really smart philosophy. I like it. Like someone said above ... let's see if he can actually execute on it. Here's hoping he knocks it out of the park.
  3. I love matty ice. But for 3 first round picks, I’ll carry him to carolina piggyback.
  4. I'm not the person you asked. But Justin Fields was at Georgia, but didn't get the starting job over Fromm. So he transferred to Ohio State.
  5. Bowles might choose to forever stay a DC. Same with spagnolo. I’d like to see arthur smith crush it on offense and get one of these forever DCs to crush it on defense.
  6. 1. Succession plan for Ryan 2. DE 3. Offensive lineman 4. Cornerback 5. Running back
  7. Because something is wrong with quinn’s coaching. He can somehow get em to play when they’re underdogs, but not when they have a chance of being top dog.
  8. I don't know ... somebody said to hire Dirk and bring in Todd Gurley. Maybe whoever that was has learned now, and is focused on winning.
  9. I wish this wasn't true, but I'm seriously impressed with the Bucs defense. Their success is by no means all Tom Brady.
  10. It's exactly the right question to ask, to clarify what BPA really means and how literal someone is when they say it.
  11. Oh, I know. It would only capture the "general consensus" of who were the BPAs. It would be wrong a lot, but still interesting. It would've still probably had Tom Brady way down the list.
  12. I really would like to see some knowledgeable sports writer/pundit come up with -- not yet another mock draft, but a true BPA ranking of all the players in the draft. Completely ignore needs, ignore whether the next team to pick is boneheaded or not, and just rank the players in terms of their likelihood of being hall of famers one day. If several pundits did this, it would give us a decent idea of what the BPA opinions were for each year. Anybody seen anything like that?
  13. Well written post, as always. I agree with your reasoning based on long-term thinking. It's obvious for TF, who wants to be here more than a decade, that finding the next QB is vital. I don't agree with some of your thinking about Matt Ryan ... but I don't even think you need that to make your argument. Your argument stands merely based on the fact that TF has a long time horizon. If you ranked all the things TF needs to care about, and scored them on how important they are, finding the next QB tops the list with a million points, and the second item on that list gets about 42 p
  14. Agree. I think if we win 7 games this year, but show that things are being run well and are going in the right direction, we should all be thrilled.
  15. But he gets credit for utterly destroying Clemson, right?
  16. I believe in BPA. I think it greatly increases your chances of getting hall of famers and decreases your chances of busts. Even if you draft a non-need, you increase competition and decrease entitlement in your lockerroom. with a roster brimming with talent, you can patch over holes in free agency and via trade. It takes time if your roster is depleted like ours (especially defense). But yes, I’m ready.
  17. Mckay sucked as GM. He brought us the jim mora era and the petrino era. he was so bad he got fired and kicked upstairs.
  18. We have seen what McKay does as GM, and it sucks. If he can override Smith and Fontenot on football decisions, and if he does it a lot, we're looking at 5 more years of suck.
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