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  1. If we lose it is due to smitty being a p***y when we had the ball. I’d almost rather washington took the lead and matty ice could come back and win it.
  2. Roughing the passer was a terrible call. Like, you have to wonder about a fix it was so bad. At least it’s in our favor for . TOUCHDOWN!!!
  3. Tj green looked good on that play. Cant stop an absolutely perfect throw
  4. My friend, that is an outstanding question. That’s the kind of thing i like to see us discuss here. I know you take some ribbing for having so many question threads, but this one here is good work.
  5. Where is the “block idiot” button again?
  6. I thought we were going to win it. But the other team gets paid too. And they're no too shabby. This wasn't some Falcon choke job. We have major weaknesses, we know it, and we almost overcame them to beat the champs.
  7. Wow, lotta dumb comments in here. I shouldn’t be surprised i guess
  8. The score will look way worse than the reality. bummer. But saw tons of improvement from our boys.
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