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  1. I'm afraid they'll play record setting football the second half, causing Blank to keep DQ around again for "continuity." I just want DQ and DK gone. If they get fired now, that guarantees no stupid decision to keep them later.
  2. Sark had big flaws, but there was never any universe where he wasn't better than Koetter. As far as the rest of your questions ... idk man, I think DQ is just not a head coach. What we've seen since 28-3 is the real DQ. We'll keep seeing it as long as he is at the head. He doesn't know what is missing. He's not going to be able to find and fix it. This is where he tops out ... it's just that simple.
  3. I'll take O'Brien as GM and HC, just like he is in Houston. I think they have a great team that is always relevant. I know he's on the hot seat for how he handled KC in the playoffs last year. But gimme a break, that was KC, the eventual dominant superbowl winner. He meets the main criteria -- he has done it before, and yet somehow the place he did it is dumb enough to let him go (if they do).
  4. For one thing, he is not Dan Quinn. For another, he has had success in the past. (Not sure I'm sold yet, but those are some things in his corner).
  5. I like the humility Hurst shows: "I'm sure Dak Prescot doesn't really know who I am." Hurst, former 1st round pick who knows his career hasn't been at that level, showing self-awareness. And also kicking some *** on the field for us.
  6. I will be watching how he does to help determine how much of last year's mediocre performance was due to our O line and scheme. I suspect a lot was.
  7. We have some kind of psychological problem that makes us choke. It makes us let up when we have a lead, both in terms of play calling and player execution, on both offense and defense. It also makes us make dumb mistakes at critical times. It's some kind of fear of losing that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  8. Absolutely right. He's a pretty good coach. Maybe (and I mean maybe) a good DC. Not a good head coach.
  9. We better not start 1-7 like we did last year (but that would be continuity I suppose).
  10. For 2 years, we had a truly great coach on our staff... Kyle shanahan. So we had a taste of what that is like. But now we’re back to stumbling around in the dark. DQ ain’t great. Dirk koetter sure as he11 ain’t. Blank needs to do 2 things: 1. Find a great coach 2. give him full control #1 is hard. #2 should be easy but blank and the FO don’t seem capable of it.
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