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  1. Tank for somebody for chrisakes. The games don’t mean anything.
  2. Basically, the season is shot anyway, so why over-complicate things by firing DK? That would create a ton of work adjusting to a new OC. And if the new OC was actually changing things up, then a team that already needs to fix a lot of problems has to also learn those changes. I think Raheem sees it as not worth drastically changing the offense at this point. I agree pretty much. We are what we are, and they should just try to win some games. Most likely the coaches are all gone at the end of the year anyway.
  3. Super classy guy. Don't know what made him lose his way as head coach here. But he's a winner as a person and a football winner in the right role. I respect him and wish him the best.
  4. Cow-turd said the same thing about Ryan 10 years ago. He's an idiot.
  5. One thing DQ is good at is getting the team to perform well after the season is already lost. Sarcasm aside, I'm glad he is good at it, and I'm glad we beat those chumps. I just want more.
  6. I don't buy it. Why would keeping TD here make the job appealing (or unappealing for that matter)? I also don't think we're as desirable as we've been in a long time. Ryan is not done, not at all, but he's not a spring chicken, and neither is Julio. Something else makes the job unappealing too -- who made DQ hire DK? Surely a football mind did not make that decision? So there's meddling interfering with a coach's ability to get good things done. A coach would be wise to insist on strong power before coming here. I'd like to see us have one person be head coach and GM (but we need to
  7. I think bringing DK back shows we quit trying. The falcons just want to be ok enough to sell tickets.
  8. If he wins all the remaining games, I’d still fire him at the end of the year. We should’ve done exactly that last year.
  9. But who cares? I am not interested in seeing my team squander the first half of every season. How on earth could anyone be willing to accept that?
  10. Dude. I'm a Bama fan. Lemme tell you, Clemson wins national championship games.
  11. Quinn is over his head. All he ever really was was a shallow copy of pete carrol who struck gold with shanny.
  12. I actually said that in the post. Almost in those exact words. Still, if he’s ever thought about giving the nfl a shot, I’d love to see is open the door for him.
  13. I can hear naysayers gearing up already. I agree the biggest drawback is he's a college coach who might not translate to the NFL. Also we don't know if his x's and o's can hang with the pro's. And finally, why would he come here when he is a god at Clemson? But ... I'd LOVE to see us give him a shot. Here's why: Ultimately, the thing we've always lacked through the Smitty and DQ years is this -- how well can you perform in the BIG GAME? Smitty would build sound, well-prepared football teams who rarely beat themselves, and we'd usually get to the playoffs. But we did not raise ou
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