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  1. DQ kicks azz at these one year "prove it" deals. I hope McClain is yet another success story.
  2. They said it well. I think it's an unusual case where he deserves a raise now even though he has 3 years left. I hope he gets something reasonable, takes it happily, and we all move on (to the Lombardi).
  3. Dam that man is ready to play!
  4. Ha ha, touche. Good point.
  5. Doesn't look good. I highly doubt it is the best offseason of his life. I bet Quinn thought "Ahh, ****t" when he saw it. Still, lets hope he can get back on track and have a great season.
  6. Holy smokes! I knew the guy was a ***** d o u c h e, but I didn't know he wanted to destroy his career. You don't come back from pushing a 65 year old female paraplegic on the ground. Especially not if there's a video.
  7. You'd be shocked how much Quinn has copied directly from Caroll. See this for example: But, quinn seems to have these differences: * amazing eye for talent * emphasis on brotherhood (while Seahawks call each other out openly)
  8. Gotta admit, that's funny right there!
  9. I'm here too! I had no idea there were so many of us! I'm in Harris County and love it. There aren't many die hard Falcons fans because most people live and die by college ball (UGA, Auburn and Alabama -- Roll Tide!). Still, anytime I wear team apparel one or 2 people say, "Go Falcons." It's amazing moving here after being in Atlanta. You can drive across town any time of the day.
  10. He doesn'tmake sense for us. We're good at cb. But of we did have a need there I'd love to have him. The same is not true of michael bennett. He is cancer.
  11. Jarrett
  12. I'll say this ... I sure did not see that coming. Philly's D was amazing, especially in the red zone. No surprise there. But Nick Foles and the Philly O were on freakin fire. I don't think Philly was that good when they played us. Something transpired in the interim to get them to take it to another level. EDIT -- If Philly had been playing at this level against us, we would have been completely curb stomped.
  13. Fair enough. How about, "In other news, Napolean was short."
  14. What a pathetic thread. Oh, Sark had an alcohol problem? In other news, Noah built an ark. Stop wasting peoples' time with this drivel.