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  1. I don’t care if he drops a deuce on the field while making them.
  2. At one point, I was really down about the Agholor drop that would've been a touchdown because "We only won due to luck." But then I remembered -- we left plenty of points on the table too. Calvin Ridley in double coverage was _this_ close to being a TD. And that's only one example. Heck of a win, especially when we threw 3 interceptions. We just need to get some things cleaned up, and we can be dominant.
  3. Russel Wilson did some of that sunday
  4. Oh yeah, that block was devastating. Major respect to Matthews for that.
  5. Even though I don't agree with your overall assessment of Kazee last year, I have to give you credit for some facts here. Kazee looks pretty bad on that particular drive. The way I sum it up is this -- for Kazee to have so many picks and a number of good plays that I remember, even on such a terrible overall year for our defense, means he has potential. It doesn't mean he's a world-beater already. After all, he was only a 7th round pick I believe. I don't think he's the best nickle in the league (yet anyway). But I think he has a high ceiling.
  6. OP here. Just to clarify ... I see Kazee's play last year as outstanding. Not perfect, but outstanding. One of the few, maybe the only, bright spots on a D that pretty much sucked. I expected to also see him really look great last night, but it was more ... average, which I find surprising and interesting. Probably it's due to him playing a new role for us (regardless of what he played in college ... this is a different role than the one he played all last year in the NFL). I hope to see him figure it out after a game or 2, and then really start to flash.
  7. That was a masterpiece game from Rico. I think it was his best game as a falcon. If he keeps playing 75% as good, he belongs in the pro bowl. He’s a coach on the field and also a heckuva player.
  8. Kazee was by no means horrible last night. But he wasn’t exactly balling out as much as I expected/hoped. I saw him give a lot of cushion, give up a lot of completions, and just not look as awesome as expected. wonder if he needs time to adjust to the nickle corner role.
  9. Seems like we reduce the pressure on 3rd down.
  10. You know every play is a blitz. How can we not burn them?
  11. Ryan on pace for 40 interceptions this year
  12. Preach it, Brother!
  13. And then you drive off a cliff, drop 100 feet and explode.
  14. Good point. In this case, you can describe it as a freakin travesty, a turd, a clusterf**k, a disaster, but not a skid. I wonder why they chose such an incorrect word when there are so many vivid words that would've applied.
  15. We don't have all these years. We just wasted 2 with Sark. We have incredible talent and time is running out. The only deliverable that matters for an NFL coach -- especially one given all this talent -- is to win now. There are coaches who can do it (not many, but they do exist). If Quinn can't do it, we need to find someone who can.