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  1. If so, then ... phew! Ok then.
  2. If we could draft that well every year, we'd be a dynasty. No one can predict injuries. Boy do we need a draft that good this year.
  3. Wow. Well said. That is pretty damming right there. Unbelievable.
  4. It's either smoke, or he's smokin' something.
  5. Freeman is really only JAG or slightly better. We can replace him cheaply enough. I didn't think we could get much savings on the cap this year from cutting last year's free agents though.
  6. If they were not Quinn's moves, then my whole stance changes. That would mean that DQ probably still knows how to coach (like I thought he did at the beginning of the year). It would mean the terrible first 8 games were because of dysfunction in our head office. I'd be glad to hear it, because then I could believe in DQ again. I'd also want anyone in the head office who was even remotely related to the problem fired, and I'd want to increase DQ's power. It is an intriguing theory, but we don't have any hard evidence to back it up.
  7. Yeah, I didn't pick the best wording. I'm not saying the Falcons roster lacks talent -- in fact, I'm saying the opposite. I'm saying, Quinn does better as the underdog. When he _has_ talent (as he _does_ now with the Falcons), he and the team find a way to psych themselves out and underperform.
  8. It’s HINDSIGHT. That’s what you’re not getting. You also should have sold everything you owned and filled up all your credit cards in 2011 to invest everything in bitcoin. That’s extremely reckless, foolish behavior, but with hindsight we know you’d be ungodly rich now (as long as you sold out on December 4,2013). Every $100 would be worth over $300k. That’s what all the crystal ball stuff was about.
  9. Thanks! I can’t take credit for it. Someone posted it on Twitter and then someone else shared it on this board.
  10. He should've fired DQ and promoted Shanny to head coach. But only a crystal ball would've told him that. Apparently, if crystal balls exist, even AB can't afford one.
  11. First let me say -- I'm NOT a DQ fan. He should've been fired at the end of the season (or sooner). But, in all fairness, here are some things he's good at: * Eye for talent (including Shanny) * Eye for when a player can switch positions/focus (Clayborn, Ricardo, more) * Drafting corners * Getting low talent teams to overachieve by building a "brotherhood" * Crafting unique defensive gameplans tailored to overcome a specific opponent's strengths --------- All that said, I think he's not Head Coach material. He tops out at DC, and even then, he needs a strong, stable staff under him. I wish him the best when AB finally fires him some time in 2020.
  12. lol, yep! We earned that designation!
  13. Yes, but only with Kyle Shannahan at the helm.
  14. No. I think it was a legit win. We and they had injuries, but we beat them and many other good teams couldn't. We should have been playing to that level all year, and if we had (or even 40% of that level), we'd be in the playoffs. DQ is good at being an underdog, but when he has a team with everything it takes to be successful, he somehow causes the team to play below its potential.
  15. Yep. Also, those teams showed up for 16 games this year. We only showed up for 10 max.