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  1. Really smart philosophy. I like it. Like someone said above ... let's see if he can actually execute on it. Here's hoping he knocks it out of the park.
  2. I love matty ice. But for 3 first round picks, I’ll carry him to carolina piggyback.
  3. I'm not the person you asked. But Justin Fields was at Georgia, but didn't get the starting job over Fromm. So he transferred to Ohio State.
  4. Bowles might choose to forever stay a DC. Same with spagnolo. I’d like to see arthur smith crush it on offense and get one of these forever DCs to crush it on defense.
  5. 1. Succession plan for Ryan 2. DE 3. Offensive lineman 4. Cornerback 5. Running back
  6. Because something is wrong with quinn’s coaching. He can somehow get em to play when they’re underdogs, but not when they have a chance of being top dog.
  7. I don't know ... somebody said to hire Dirk and bring in Todd Gurley. Maybe whoever that was has learned now, and is focused on winning.
  8. I wish this wasn't true, but I'm seriously impressed with the Bucs defense. Their success is by no means all Tom Brady.
  9. It's exactly the right question to ask, to clarify what BPA really means and how literal someone is when they say it.
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