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  1. @ya_boi_ji got a little... er... grumpy with you yesterday. I’m not a huge fan of the merge-all-Julio-topics, but i understand why you and a lot of others prefer it. More importantly, you volunteer to put in a lot of work around here, and i appreciate all you do.
  2. Now THAT is fighting words! The only thing worse you could call me is DLed. And yep, @ya_boi_j shouldn't have moved my thread, though I can see how he made the mistake. I also think the thread merge approach killed a lot of conversation. I understand why it was done, but I'm not a fan.
  3. @ya_boi_jwhy did this get merged here? The headline mentions Julio, but the article is about all kinds of falcon-related topics. basically la canfora hates everything we’ve done for years. Thankfully he’s an idiot. But I’m afraid maybe one or 2 of his points might have some truth to them.
  4. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/falcons-big-mistake-isnt-trading-julio-jones-its-not-also-dealing-matt-ryan-and-others-for-a-full-rebuild/amp/
  5. He has shown himself to be selfish. He’s all about himself and his money. So I am not holding my breath. He’ll be holding out on Tennessee and dogging Tannehil this time next year.
  6. I'm surprised more people aren't saying it, but ... EEFFF JULIO. I don't hate him, but I don't like him. He held out to renegotiate with 2 years left, we caved and gave him a record deal, and here he is again. He also publicly criticized Matt's deep ball. And the whole "I'm outta there" crap is classless. Just no loyalty whatsoever to a team that has been really good to him. My team. I hope he fizzles out and is done in the league.
  7. Totally surprised. I had faith DQ would be able to pick pass rushers, and Takk started out promising. I thought he'd at least become an average pass rusher. Busting like he has completely surprised me. That said, I only watch one college team (Roll Tide), so I really didn't know him from college.
  8. Nothing is more pathetic than fielding a crappy, unprepared team that loses a bunch of games it should win, and then, on top of it, winning a bunch of meaningless late season games because of "heroics." Screw "heroics." Field a team that is worth a ****e in the first place. And if they ain't, don't worry about heroics. Just lose like the loser team you are, get higher draft picks, and fix that crap next year. Superbowls. That is what matters.
  9. Great post, great points. But here's the other side -- imagine we lost that coin toss in 2008, meaning some other team got Ryan. Remember, we were starting Joey-freaking-Herrington that year. We'd have gone through an awful dry spell, and then we'd be one of these desperate teams offering a king's ransom to move up. So ... quarterback succession is something you don't want to mess around with. And the fact that the success/fail rate on drafting QBs is so low makes that all the more true. You gotta have a franchise QB to be worth anything, and it is hard to get one, so it might t
  10. Ito was like Rudy... we pulled for him, but ultimately he wasn’t that good. i bet AS released him as a way of making sure he doesn’t get stuck with a “good enough” option. Forces the team to get somebody better. kind of like when shanny released our center, opening the door for alex mack.
  11. This is a great signing. Not a cheap unknown either. Nicely done!
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