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  1. If this luck keeps up, we'll have Ben Garland playing on both lines.
  2. He looks very promising. Now, if he's just an average rookie and it is all due to the line, that means our line is so completely dominant that we're probably going to be hoisting the Lombardi in Atlanta.
  3. Yeah, that definitely does say something. It might mean Foye was more suited to the particular scheme of eating clock and stopping the big play ... but it definitely says something. They wouldn't sit Deion in that scenario, that's for sure.
  4. The Riley bashing seems over the top. I watched the entire game. He looked "ok" to me. We need better than just "ok", but I didn't see "awful." I'm eager to see if, over the next week, anyone can produce some clips showing this absolutely awful play. It's always possible I missed some things in the heat of the game.
  5. I'd say Hardy's stock as a punt returned dropped a little bit. He chose NOT to catch a punt at the 14, then he chose to field one at the 8 that he should've let go. Not to mention, he's not much of a threat to break a big return.
  6. I agree. A first down would've been huuuge. But the bigger problem was the defense was simply NOT ON THE FIELD the last 2 Panther drives.
  7. i saw him today! he was in that ken nugent commercial.
  8. we're seeing smittyball (aka ****tyball) today
  9. the defense took the 4th quarter off
  10. i know beasley is around because i saw him on a ken nugent commercial
  11. we have an amazing punter
  12. it's disturbing how the defense disappeared the last 2 drives. i know they got the pick, but it was the receiver's fault
  13. due to ejection?
  14. that penalty was the only beasley sighting in a while.
  15. did we put schweitzer in on purpose as a run upgrade?