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  1. Jarrett
  2. I'll say this ... I sure did not see that coming. Philly's D was amazing, especially in the red zone. No surprise there. But Nick Foles and the Philly O were on freakin fire. I don't think Philly was that good when they played us. Something transpired in the interim to get them to take it to another level. EDIT -- If Philly had been playing at this level against us, we would have been completely curb stomped.
  3. Fair enough. How about, "In other news, Napolean was short."
  4. What a pathetic thread. Oh, Sark had an alcohol problem? In other news, Noah built an ark. Stop wasting peoples' time with this drivel.
  5. But ... what really matters is the playoffs. Yes, the O was good enough to win 10 games (even 14 with a little more luck and fewer mistakes). But who cares? We weren't good enough to get to the Bowl. And that's what we need to be shooting for. Last year, in the playoffs, we were world class (without the happy ending, of course). This year, in the playoffs, we were hoping to eek by as long as possible, but we were not world beaters.
  6. You can't blame the players without some explanation. Did all of them simply have bad offseasons? One player can vary greatly from year to year. But if a bunch of players drop off, that almost has to be related to coaching, lockerroom chemistry, or something. There's no logical explanation for a whole bunch of players coincidentally having a bad year.
  7. Good points. His nature is to be aggressive, so maybe I don't need to worry. I certainly want to be wrong in this case.
  8. I'm afraid Quinn might have decided to micromanage the offense rather than pursue an elite offense. First of all, as a defensive coach, he might be requiring the offense to do things that help the D, like optimize for TOP instead of points. Second, rather than hand the keys to an offensive guru like Shanny, he might prefer to have a so-so OC, something like a "game manager" instead of a guru. For many teams, that would make sense, given that Quinn is a great defensive coach. But for us, it does not make sense ... we have elite offensive talent.
  9. AJC

    It's a very good article. So full of truth it hurts. Quinn knows how to build a defense, and he's doing that. But meanwhile, our league-best offense is going to waste. We need an offensive guru to make the most of the talent we have on that side of the ball. And Sark ain't it. The clock is ticking.
  10. LaCanfora is pretty clueless overall. Remember his reaction when we traded for Levitre? He thought everyone in the NFL agreed it was the dumbest move ever. If they did, then Shanny really is a genius.
  11. He's a good player, but he definitely didn't meet last years' bar.
  12. I will agree that we have Ferrari talent. Last year, we lived up to it. This year, we didn't. This year we were really just about average, maybe slightly better. I'm not sure why, and I'm not sure it's directly the coaches' fault. Clearly the buck stops with them, but I don't know if they're the primary cause. I think Shanny is on a whole other level as a game planner and play caller (not just than Sark, but than almost everyone). And I think there was a real superbowl hangover.
  13. There was a clue tonight for how to succeed in the red zone. When Matt flipped that TD pass to Devonta, it was basically because the play had broken down, Matt looked like a runner, and the defensive back crept up a bit. In the red zone, we need to intentionally make that happen. It's going to have to get a bit "playground", with a very long play where people improvise to get open. Ideally, the one with the ball is a running and throwing threat ... but we can make it work with Ryan.
  14. right now our d looks as competent as yahoo
  15. what if it was 3rd and long one day, and we actually tried throwing a pass _past_ the line of gain?