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  1. Watching these clips, it dawned on me ... Soul Train was the pinnacle of human civilization. It's all been downhill from there.
  2. Interesting idea.
  3. What is there to say, really? "They're not nearly as good on offense as they were then." I think the league knows that.
  4. Makes you wonder ... did Sark read the comments here and go, "Oh s**t, I need to add pre-snap motion?" Surely not ... anyway, keep getting better Sark.
  5. Makes it all that much sadder that we lost to some poor quality teams.
  6. 29 was trippin' ... literally. EDIT: Ah, I was beaten to the punch.
  7. He used to be good. What is going on? Does Armstrong suddenly suck? Or is Quinn not letting ST get the focus it needs? Or??
  8. Amen. That dude is amazing. I have to give him props. Normally, pressure means the throw will be off. But Russel would still have solid accuracy while tumbling off a mountain cliff.
  9. Lol, it's true. Garland is a baller. I trust him to at least be reliable ... which means he is an upgrade.
  10. Agreed. At the end, I was ready for someone better than Weems. But all things considered, Andre is far worse.
  11. I agree with all but 5. I don't have enough visibility into the locker room to know if I can hang that on Morris.
  12. First of all, good win. Solid, well-earned, and important. Secondly, good God it is time for Andre Roberts to go. Yes, every so often he get a 40+ yard return. But much more often, he makes terrible mistakes that really screw us. If you can't be counted on to do the fundamentals (not muff the ball, not continually get us pinned inside the 10 through poor judgement, reliably make fair catches when needed, etc.), then you are doing more harm than good. I guess patience is a virtue, but how much more does Quinn need to see before he makes a change?
  13. If 1 spy is good, 11 spies would be really really good.
  14. How could anyone be worse than D Led? Terrance Moore is awful, but he hardly ever talks about the Falcons, so it's easy to put him out of your mind.
  15. Wow, that's impressive.