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  1. As far as starting goes ... I'm glad Kazee is team-oriented, but it's not exactly like our corners were lighting it up last year. If Trufant is going to play like he did last year, I'd rather see Kazee at corner. (Though I assume Kazee would fit better at nickle than outside).
  2. why 30-9? I'm slow, what am i missing?
  3. i dont think takk is bad. i just think the d gave up for part of the year. time will tell I guess.
  4. let's get kubiak!
  5. The regime before Shanny was high on Asamoah, but Shanny wasn't. It was very puzzling at the time. It looked like he wasn't going to start, which was shocking. I don't remember how it unfolded from there, whether we cut him or he retired, but I don't think he was on our roster when the season started.
  6. Shanny changed our O line a lot. He cut Hawley, got Mack, traded for Levitre, dropped Asamoah. I'm probably forgetting some other O line changes he made. Just clarifying ... the narrow-azzes are mostly due to Shanny, though yes, it's true that Dimi was the GM at the time. Sark ... not ready for the NFL. Another year or 2 of experience and maybe. But we can't be his guinea pigs. We've got to get some Lombardies.
  7. Shanny really picked most of our O line.
  8. I have to say, it makes me wonder if there's some dysfunction. Some of the weird developments -- DQ said we're not changing schemes, but Koetter runs a different one. Some reports say an offer was made, others denied it, then it was true. DQ fires Armstrong, but why not do it 3 years ago, since special teams have sucked for that long? Maybe the front office is not unified. Maybe DQ didn't want Koetter, but someone else did. Maybe DQ didn't have enough control to fire Armstrong sooner? Or maybe DQ was overwhelmed and couldn't process the decision to fire Armstrong until this year? Maybe Armstrong still is a good coach and he wasn't the reason our special teams sucked? Sigh. I really don't know what the heck is going on. I hope DQ is the awesome coach I've always believed he is, but a lot of this stuff is making me wonder.
  9. John Elway knows how to block. Lets get him on the O line
  10. Hate to say it, but Trufant isn't nasty.
  11. We didn't keep fighting. We rolled over and whined and pizzed ourselves like a timid dog (especially on defense). Our corners quit, our special teams quit years ago, and we got no help after injuries gutted us. With the powerhouse offense we have, a decent performance would've had us in the playoffs easily. I think there is a serious lack of mental toughness on the defensive side of the ball. They rolled over and quit after the injuries.
  12. Why did Quinn put up with mediocrity there for so long? That's the question that bothers me.
  13. All I can say is dam, what happened? How'd we go from riches to rags at corner? WTH happened to Alford and Trufant? They used to be one of the best pairs in the league. Having them both drop off a cliff like this really sucks.
  14. Koetter is not a bad OC ... it's just that his approach is very different from our current approach, which would mean something almost like "rebuilding."
  15. I bet Kubiak is just using the Falcons to improve his negotiations with Denver. Hope I'm wrong though. I also bet D Led will be shown to be a clown again, and that we have no real interest in Koetter. I could be wrong ... we should find out soon enough.