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  1. It's gonna take some serious work to topple Peyton Manning as the commercial king of the NFL but this is a really good one.
  2. That's exactly the problem. A players IMPACT can not be quantified. Football is not rocket science. The fact is either you are a playmaker or you aren't. The fact that JA98 ALMOST made a play more consistently than JA55 means jack **** to me. I saw the game & I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt JA55 & TG played MUCH better than JA98 & Fasano respectively. No amount of BS #'s will convince me otherwise.
  3. Mike Peterson clearly only knows one way to hit and that's hard. His dreadlocks were in the air most of the game.
  4. I'm usually withcha Jay but your losing this one. Was not a bad analogy. That screen pass closely resembled a home run. A term which is a common reference when people talk about explosive players as "home run hitters." I happen to agree with your original post though. Give it a little time & the pass D will get better.(hopefully) Also keep in mind that most teams don't have the type of personell the Chargers have to throw at us. These recievers are very big as well as extremely talented. One of them was even a one handed circus catch that they needed to convert. Is it a problem? Yes. Is e
  5. ^^^Has no idea who Tony Gonzales is and thinks he knows football. LOL.
  6. Yes it is only pre-season and no it is not the end of the world but let's be realistic here. The defensive performance tonight is cause for concern. The extremists on either side of the fence(as in most cases) are freakin idiots. If you think we're going 1-15 you are dumb. However, if you think this is a non issue and the problem will magicly fix itself when the games count. You are also not very bright. The Chargers are a good team but make no mistake about it, we played like **** against the pass tonight.
  7. I agree. I wasn't a big fan of the trade when it happened but I didn't freak out or anything. He had a descent week last week and could have a good year but stopping the Rams running game will absolutely be our focus this week. It will be a much better test than Detroit and I hope we do better.
  8. Thats true. I remember that joke they used to tell in 98 saying " did you hear that **** finally froze over" "Yeah the Falcons are going to the super bowl." We have a terrible history but I'm very hopefull for the future.
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