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  1. not just one win we need a win and a panther loss
  2. you guys are all so lucky to get to be in the dome and shake the walls. i have to watch every game on NFL.com and watch the little lines move up and down the screen. i have been doing it for 3 years now tho so im getting used to it.
  3. i was at work during the falcons bear game and my managers were telling me to get back to work with 2 mins left in the game. my exact words were " if you guys dont let me watch the end of this game im going to have to quit!" luckily the people eating around me were just laughing so the managers just laughed and said ok hurry up. lol
  4. im sure almost everyone in this forum gets that sick to their stomach feeling when we are giving up to many yards. and im sure alot of us were about to break down in tears when we saw the last second tick off the clock in yesterdays game and headlines stating playoff bond falcons! J-Wall im right there with you!
  5. my GF just hung up on me because i kept bugging her about the game yesterday lol her family isnt going to hear the end of it on Christmas!
  6. oh i agree its a great time to be happy and we deserve it. my girlfriends whole family are vikings fans and they didnt hear the end of it last night! i just dont think the run to the 2nd seed is as easy as everyone thinks. or seems to think.
  7. there is alot of talk about how we just need the saints to win next week but dont forget we still have to play the rams. they arnt just going to walk in and take a loss. i know that our chances of winning are like 80% lol but dont look over them like they are the lions or somthing.
  8. This week is huge for me! i have been waiting all season for this! every freakin day i walk into my GF's house i have to hear about how AP is going to run "all day" on the dirty birds, and it makes me want to throw plates around their house lol i'm not an AP hatter as of the fact that he is on my fantasy team and has got me to the semi finals but i want to see the falcons shut him and that loser taylor to like 50 yards this sunday. i want a huge win this sunday so i can walk in to their house with my head held up high a giant smile on my face and my falcon jersey on my back!
  9. OMG i watched all 4 qrts on my laptop and i can honestly say it was to much to handle. my head hurts lol
  10. omg can we please just win im lossing alot of hair
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