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  1. trollllling till the end. Bet he has a UGA banner behind him.
  2. The fact he's just a sophomore makes it even more impressive. I'm giving him props for leading his team to a state championship. I don't really understand why you felt the need to make that comment?
  3. I'm not really that surprised. Despite Buford's record, they really didn't have the squad they normally do. With saying that I take nothing away from Catersville, they shut buford DOWN. Catersville D did a really good job. Lawerence is a beast of a QB I hope he comes to UGA!
  4. I still dont know why he went there. I don't buy the whole reason he left. Perhaps, he wanted more exposure. He was well liked at the school, probably why he still comes around.
  5. One other thing.. And this is just the talk amongst coaches at Buford.. They think if Eason goes to UGA, then Nauta will follow. Take that with a grain of salt though.
  6. I work at Buford, am involved indirectly in the athletic dept. I work with the production team for Friday nights. I am at every home game and I can tell you Nauta is an absolute beast, he was key in the 2014 state champ. He was at the Buford during the quarterfinal play off game this year. I would LOVE UGA to get him.
  7. the AAA had a **** of a finish.. Westminster came back from 2 td deficit to tie the game in the 4th qtr to send it to OT. Westminster scored first in OT. On BTs first poss. the RB fumbled while stretching the ball to the goal line. It was recovered by Westminster. Crazy finish!!!!
  8. Sometimes I wonder if Radi is just trying to get subs
  9. supposedly, Radi is shooting down the Sanford rumors... man who knows whats going on!!!
  10. Supposedly, that guy is what makes everything tick at bama from what i've read. Got to be excited!
  11. Saw that earlier on Twitter.. Speaking of which, whats your twitter handle Sac? I changed accounts a few months ago and forgot your name.
  12. Has anyone seen with Radi posted about the " OC could be a surprise" behind the paywall?
  13. lol, no offense to the aub posters on here.. I just dont put it past them to take Pruitt if all the rumors of pruitt are true. ( cursing richt out and allegedly fighting Thomas Brown, allegedly getting thrown out of Richt's house with recruits there) This is all stuff I read on boards so its probably inherently untrue.
  14. I honestly don't see that happening ( he being out of the SEC). Watch him pop up at AUB....( just my opinion, no knowledge)
  15. I would love to have Scott Cochran, but man does he remind me of Farmer Fran.. LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3wuSO59OdM
  16. I would think he would follow Richt before committing to UF, but what do I know.
  17. Zach Klein ‏@ZachKleinWSB 4m4 minutes ago Sources very close to #UGA program tell me they would be surprised if Richt coaches bowl game, but he hasn't said anything to assistants
  18. I am just ready for it to all be official. Tired of all the speculation.
  19. **** Sac! Hot off the presses, you beat me to the punch!
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