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  1. Shaq Wilson
  2. Paul Maharry ‏@pmaharry 1m1 minute ago Just got done speaking to a coach at Macon Co. Roquan Smith did not commit to UCLA over the weekend, silent or otherwise. 11:21 AM - 2 Feb 2015 · Details Better news I guess.
  3. lots of smoke with Smith and ucla..#meltdown
  4. #blamebobo
  5. Yesterday: "I'm 100% commited" Today: flipped to OSU. makes sense.
  6. ...and we just lost carson.
  7. WALKER to the good guys!!!!
  8. I'm sorry but some of these kids have major ego issues... Leaving to find a school that fits your personality? That is the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard. Sounds like he didn't get his way and he would rather quit then compete. I liked Shaq a lot and what he could bring to the team, but maybe we are better off.
  9. Well put!
  10. Heh, I was wondering the same...
  11. yeah.. I saw that. Man, I didn't think Tray was this type a guy. I know folks make mistakes, just didn't think he would be one.
  12. I'm not even that upset over possible suspensions or players being let go because of this. I am more upset because I had thought we had turned a corner with this BS. Pruitt coming in I THOUGHT would help.
  13. Allow someone to remain on the team after 10+ failed drug tests. * COUGH* MILES *COUGH*