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  1. Paul Maharry ‏@pmaharry 1m1 minute ago Just got done speaking to a coach at Macon Co. Roquan Smith did not commit to UCLA over the weekend, silent or otherwise. 11:21 AM - 2 Feb 2015 · Details Better news I guess.
  2. lots of smoke with Smith and ucla..#meltdown
  3. Yesterday: "I'm 100% commited" Today: flipped to OSU. makes sense.
  4. ...and we just lost carson.
  5. WALKER to the good guys!!!!
  6. turns out I wont be able to make it this weekend, sorry!

  7. yeah we always tailgate on walton and spring on top of the parking deck, josh has parking passes there. Its only $10 for anyone to park there, you should come up

  8. Saw where you said sup in a thread the other day but guess I had logged off. How's it been going man? I had thought about trying to get up with ya'll for tailgating last sunday but saw where you said you did it at some parking deck. Was at the game with a friend. We've got 6 of us going to the TB game so if where you park is not too far away we should all meet up.

  9. They money is going to a charity regardless. We are donating the money to show support for Coach Smith, not actually pay his fine :]
  10. I know yesterday (i think) rev said it was 106.. I can only imagine its over 200 now.
  11. woohooo everybody! I'm proud to be a member of the message board family and a huge fan of the Falcons!