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  1. Lots of dumb in this thread, and on the board in general these days. These folks will most likely get what they deserve when Matt Ryan is gone. I'm done defending Ryan, because his career needs no defense. He's had a great career. Not a good career, a great one, and he continues to perform well despite being surrounded by a clown show. Anyone who continues to denigrate this QB is either pushing an agenda, or simply does not understand what they are watching. Arguing with either is a waste of time.
  2. I said nothing of the sort - so, you've made a faulty leap of logic there. Given Russ is four years younger, and a helluva QB, I choose Russ today. Give me the choice of either to start a franchise, at the beginning of their careers, and I'm taking Matt Ryan due to his size, and scheme versatility. But, I wouldn't argue with anyone who would take Russell Wilson given that scenario. They are both THAT great. Historically great. Can't lose proposition. In fact, if you think Russell Wilson is great, you have to concede Matt Ryan is great (and vice versa)... Russell Wilson's Career
  3. It's good to see some Falcon fans can be objective. I like Ridley. Really I do. In fact, I swear I love Calvin Ridley. It's just that he sucks, and I hate him, and can't understand why other people see his great play, and don't come to the same conclusion I have...that he BLOWS. This team isn't winning, and he's part of the team. Ergo, Calvin Ridley is steamy trash. I just wish Ridley homers would accept it. I do like him, though.
  4. Your point is wrong, though. Matt Ryan should not get blame for the first 2 weeks of the 2020 season. And it's not just Ryan that shouldn't shoulder the blame. Grady Jarrett shouldn't get blame. Younghoe Koo shouldn't get blame. Calvin Ridley shouldn't get blame. You know why? Because they have, overall, played winning-quality football the first two weeks. Takk McKinley also comes to mind...he just needs to catch a break on the injuries. You seem to want to blame Matt Ryan "because he's part of the team," but if that's the case, we can make no value judgment on the quality of any play
  5. Don't waste your time on his lack of logic. There's no rational justification for ANY Falcon fan to dislike Matt Ryan. And if your take away from the first two weeks is that Matt Ryan, by God, isn't getting enough criticism, then you have an agenda driven by a dislike of Matt Ryan. Is he above criticism? No, of course not, but right now he is completing 68% of his passes, for 723 yards, 6 TDs to 1 end-of-game hail mary interception, and 110 QBR...aaaaaand the man has produced at a Hall of Fame-career-level for 12 seasons and 2 games, redefined expectations for a rookie QB, set countless re
  6. This is Mike LaFleur, not Matt. Matt is the Packers HC. They are brothers, and both were with Shanahan...and the Falcons in '15-'16.
  7. I love the possibilities with McDaniel. The one thing we know...McDaniel (and LaFleur, for that matter) have been here, know the talent, and have had success with the Atlanta Falcons. They know Matt, Julio, and to a lesser extent, Ridley know the system, and would probably provide an opportunity to experience as little learning curve as possible. Hopefully, he had a positive impression of Blank and the franchise.
  8. Never makes a game-winning play? He made a game-winning play in the Super Bowl - one of the greatest catches in the history of the league - on a gimpy toe. I understand we're all raging, but direct the hostility where it belongs...at Quinn.
  9. Forget the lack of discipline. He went for two up 19. He doesn't understand strategy, or numbers, or football.
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