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  1. Gilbert Renfroe: Certified Preseason Legend
  2. Ryan should be allowed to slap the taste out of your mouth for starting this topic.
  3. Regardless of your opinion of Atlanta United, if the Falcons had a few more folks with the fire of Josef Martinez and Julian Gressel on their roster, this type of season would never happen. You'll never see me disrespect guys that so vehemently hate to lose...they truly have "that dawg" in them. Vamos ATL.
  4. Nope...despite your greatest wishes.
  5. Deleted
  6. It isn't Foye. He doesn't fit the bill here. Coaches have gone out of their way to mention how intelligent, and analytical, he is. Foye was just talking about deducing run and pass plays by the sound of the OL in an interview the other day. He's an all-around thinker. It's not Oluokun. Dre, on the other hand, has always been praised in scouting reports as being athletic and smart, but lacking natural football instincts. That's why he slid a bit in the draft to begin with. Further, we've heard coaches say he excels when given a single-player assignment, such as covering up a TE, essentially simplifying the ask. Look, I love Dre, but his deficiencies thus far match-up with the discussion in this article. The fact that he's still a starter, despite his instinctual limitations, speaks to just how talented he is, and how much the coaches believe he can turn the corner.
  7. Some good soul food suggestions thus far. I'll add Busy Bee Cafe on MLK. It's one of the ATL institutions. For Mexican, Nuevo Laredo on Chattahoochee Ave, on the Westside is always a good bet.
  8. Oh, I'm not arguing that there isn't plenty of room for different interpretations and heated disagreements about the intentions of the founders. I'm also not arguing that an AK-47 is any match for a smart bomb. But don't pretend that a HEAVILY conventionally-armed populace does not change the calculus when it comes to potential government tyranny. Bombing your own people with true weapons of modern warfare will generally draw more domestic and international attention than the relative quiet of neighborhood to neighborhood suppression. I don't think we're necessarily disagreeing here - and I'm admittedly playing Devil's advocate a bit. I even said in my last post there is a balance to be struck between 2nd Amendment protections and common sense precaution. I just get real antsy over the championing of knee-jerk legislation, and the suggestion that we act more like countries who in no way resemble our historical, political, or social composition.
  9. First, New Zealand is a unicameral parliament, and the Kiwis do not have a constitutional right of gun ownership that exists in the United States. Not to be argumentative, but regardless of your position on gun control, the process is apples and oranges. Second, before you so pithily question the logic of citizens of the United States, remember the context under which our country was founded. We are literally a melting pot of people whose ancestors fled true government tyranny, and thus created a constitution protecting the right to fight back in the event our government ever decided to attempt the same ******** persecution that our previous generations endured and finally escaped. Please just keep this one thing in mind. Freedom is not safe. Sometimes freedom is downright horrific. But the more safety you gain, the more freedom you sacrifice. There is a balance, of course. But beware. You rarely gain back freedom you give up...without bloody revolution.
  10. Violent Crime is Falling and the World is Getting Better
  11. Nope...
  12. Pretty certain no one clicked this for any reason other than to ridicule the OP.
  13. Yeah, a severely undersized edge-rusher, with a high work ethic, and a large lineman with questions about his desire. Combine them, and Carolina has drafted 1 complete player. Lesson indeed.
  14. Don't know yet, offseason isn't over. Realistically, you can't have depth across the board in the NFL; there will always be thin spots. You give priority to positions you feel are most important. Looks like the front office has decided that protecting Matt Ryan is the priority - which I believe is prudent, because you should always insure your strongest assets. Does that mean we suffer some if a front line defender like Grady goes down? Sure. But by keeping Matt upright, and opening holes for the run game, we have a puncher's chance, and the ability to control the clock, which in turn keeps our depleted D off the field, lessening exposure of the weakest part of the team.
  15. You didn't need to start a new thread. Everyone can hear you screaming from the other thread. I get it, I just don't agree with you. Is that OK?