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  1. is proud to be an Atlanta Falcons Fan!

  2. I love it, Supes! Thank you for adding to our season with your incredible artistry! You are, as always, amazing!
  3. I am sitting at work and going through old threads as I haven't had time to post lately and am already having Falcons withdrawals! I stumbled across this post and lo and behold saw my name. How awesome is that! I love football and the Falcons more than anything! Live and breathe them! Thank you so much for the wonderful compliment. It's truly great to be on this board with other die hard Falcons fans, both men and women! And, thanks Supes! You have made mine and so many other fans years with your amazing artistry! Love to you all! :wub:
  4. Good for Randy Cross! I love NFL Radio. Listen to it all the time!
  5. Good to know that the Jets fans didn't get away with it. That's what happens when you try to cheat...you get ejected, arrested and you lose the game! Sucks to be them.
  6. Can't do it! Falcons all the way! I just have instincts about upsets and bet on them. You were my upset this week.
  7. Them and the Aints fans. BTW....thanks to the Bucs I won some more money today. Love those upsets.
  8. See that's what I'm talking about! It's all fun and games until someone hits your Quarterback. Wait till it's Sanchez with a snowball to the face and see how they like it! Just like the Saints fans throwing **** on the field against us at the SuperDome! Classless!
  9. Gotcha Guys! Sorry, my misunderstanding. I thought that GB had another divisional game and that if they lost out and we won out that we had a chance. Thanks for explaining and clarifying that. Oh well, next season we win the division and kick some a**!!
  10. They are still showing us in the bubble after the game. So, how are we out? My bad. YI didn't realize that. :blink:
  11. The Steelers and although I hate them, The Eagles so that we can keep the 49er's from advancing. What's the deal with tomorrow night? We want the Skins since the Giants are ahead of us, right?
  12. I agree that New York fans are obnoxious. IMO, the snowballs should have been an automatic 15 yard penalty on the Jets. It did make it even sweeter to throw that TD pass aftyer their BS.
  13. Shouldn't the jets have had a penalty when their fans are throwing snowballs at the opposing team while they are making a play? It would only seem right since I know that fans are warned about doing things like that. There were about 8 visible snowballs thrown at the Falcons during their 4th down touchdown play. One of those in the face mask could ruin a play. Just curious what y'all have to say.
  14. Saints!!!! Raiders Panthers Bucs Patriots Eagles
  15. I disagree with ripping up an opposing teams fan's sign! I, as a Falcons fan, have been at many games at opposing teams venues and they have never done that to me. I still have the one from SD last year and it hangs on my wall. And, I would be pissed if they did. I understand your frustration at Saints fans because I deal with them all the time, also. (Even in California!) On that note......I know there is a lot of hostility between Falcon and Aints fans, I feel your pain. I deal with it all of the time, even in Cali. I hate the Saints and I believe their fans are the lowest class of fans that
  16. You should remember. It's what we heard from all of the Saints fans last season!
  17. I thought the guys actually played a good game today. Despite the horrible play-calling (WTF??? Wildcat and the pass on 4-2. ) But, once again, they played against the refs as well as the opposing team. Do I blame the refs? I blame them for the lack of calls on the Saints and the BS calls on us. But, we still lost plain and simple. There is no changing that. Ultimately, it was up to our boys! Still HATE the Saints and can't wait to see them One And Done in the playoffs!
  18. Good minds think alike! I lust posted this very same thing on someone elses thread! Now, they are 2 downs away from not going to the playoffs. Gotta love the fans in Cleveland and Pitt.....die hard!!!!! Way to be a fan!
  19. It definitely isn't over. Support, support, support your team. For the doubters....support does go a long way. Case in point...the Dawg Pound! Look at these fans with a team 1-11 out there in the frigid butt-clenching freezing cold screaming like banshees. Support. Look what's happening. They're beating the Steelers. Ya know...the team that won the SB?? Yeah, them. On that note...for all of the doubters...look at the Steelers. You think we've got it bad. They're play-off dreams ARE over if they lose this game. Period. And, to top it all off, they've been beat by the Raiders, Chiefs and now pos
  20. Yeah Baby! One reason why I NEVER leave a game early!!!! A heart stopping definite breath holding last few seconds of a game that I will remember forever!
  21. You are right about that. I stand corrected. But, on football Sunday it is definitely Falcons before anything else....except maybe beer (if you drink it). They kind of go hand in hand. But, even breathing on game day can be inconsistent! You know what I mean!
  22. May I make one adjustment...respectfully my dear friend? Airway is always first...as they teach us in the ER. Falcons second. Everything after that!!!!
  23. And, I believe everyone needs a good a** whoopin' every once in a while! Bring on the Saints!
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