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  1. Too close of a game, but they are always the funnest, besides I couldn't sit down for most the game, haha.
  2. Thanks to all of you, but our defense was very surprising. Thankfully for us they actually found a defense this week.
  3. I told you I would be back regardless. Thankfully it was a Broncos win. I didn't see any serious injuries I don't think. Clady actually took on "The Predator". Well, good game, good luck the rest of the season, and thanks for being a classy group of fans! I will check back occasionally. Matt Ryan is a franchise QB, nice draft by you guys! Thanks again, has been fun.
  4. Well, its been a week of waiting, and it is finally here. I am once again going to wish both teams good luck, and PLEASE no injuries. I will be back tomorrow after the game, whether we win or loose. Go Broncos!
  5. I like that part where it says Marshall is the 2nd best receiver. :P
  6. Yeah these writers must not be too bright. I would still stand by us having the WR advantage, but with the QB I stick by us because they are probably giving it because Cutler has more experience. But thanks for not killing me. :P I'm also not sure about the coach, you guys are having a stellar year, but Shanahan is a great coach.
  7. Not to attack the falcons in any way, but these espn people sound like idiots. Manly because DJ Williams has been out, and won't return for at least another week. The other thing I disagree with is that you guys have the WR advantage, but that is just my 2 cents. Don't kill me. :P
  8. Thanks Most of you falcon's fans are very classy...but every team has their trolls
  9. I'll be here if we win or loose regardless....I don't troll...I am here for talk about the game....just may have to defend myself sometimes.... If we loose, I'll be here saying congrats to you guys.... All I care about is a good game, no injuries, and for me a Broncos victory.
  10. Nice, guess I'll go work out with the Broncos tomorrow! Wish me luck
  11. I'm just here to talk, not trash talk the falcons, unless I need to defend something
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