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  1. I like it alot. I have had a chance to watch montgomery last year because my friend i watch football with is a packers fan so we watch them and the falcons. A couple of good things about him i see immediately. He's got size, he's got experience, he's young, and he'll come cheap. Perfect fit for us at DE, i like the kid. He is probably more of a run stopper than a pash rusher but has room to grow.
  2. I know some of you are against this signing, i personally am not because i think it is a great idea to have 3 solid Tight end's in LJ Smith, Ben Hartsock, and Justin Peele. I think what we plan to do is continue to start Hartsock since blocking is very important for out Tight End's and have 2 Tight End sets on passing downs with LJ Smith and Justin Peele. You cant tell me it wouldnt be nice on passing downs to go with Smith, Peele, Roddy, Jenks, and Norwood or Douglas as weapons for Matt. But anyway is there any latest news on if we officially will sign him or what? I also like the idea of sig
  3. roddy is a huge pice of our franchise going forward, he's only going to get better
  4. Clayton said that Haynesworth, who may end up making somewhere around $12 per year, will likely end up on the market and a team like Atlanta would likely try and sign him... I am not making this up, im sure someone else on here heard it as well it was a part of the coors light cold hard facts...
  5. Ive been waiting for this award to be announced, congrats to him and his staff, they earned it
  6. I live near Philly, and im telling you, eagles fans are the most obnoxious ******* fans
  7. I was just wondering about it because pretty much every other award has been given out already... Dimitroff should get it Anyone Know? thanks
  8. Mora will be fired within 2 years probably
  9. http://www.rotoworld.com/content/playernew...ilter_teams=ATL First box
  10. I agree, i dont understand how they expect any player in the super bowl to play in the pro bowl, which will make the game even worse
  11. The Falcons have reportedly opened preliminary contract discussions with free agent CB Domonique Foxworth. Foxworth finished 2008 as Atlanta's starting left corner after coming over in a midseason trade with Denver. He was an obvious upgrade over previous starter Brent Grimes and the Falcons will likely work hard to lock Foxworth up. Source: Denver Post I love it! sry if already posted
  12. Falcons beat writer Mark Bradley expects the Falcons to make cornerback a priority in the draft this offseason. They like nickelback Chevis Jackson, but starting corner Chris Houston will need to show marked improvement. After picking up Matt Ryan and Michael Turner last offseason, the Falcons will concentrate almost solely on defensive acquisitions this year. Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution Related: Chevis Jackson Sry if already posted
  13. This is the funniest post ive seen in a long time
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