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  1. WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR. Awesome season Falcons. I already can't wait till next year. We'll be gunning for the Super Bowl! Now we'll see who's on the bandwagon.
  2. I was backing Brooking all season long as well..............TIME TO HANG IT UP OLD MAN!
  3. It doesn't make any since for the Cards part. They were up 14-3 and had a soild rushing game going on for them then they just started to pass the ball all over the place............oh well
  4. A tough first half but other wise I'm EXTREMELY happy with the lead AND we get the ball back after the half. Great job coming back Ryan.....that INT didn't hurt you one bit. We NEED to establish a more consistent rushing game on the ground Ryan's doing it nearly all out there. I say if Turner becomes the burner in the second half we win.
  5. ugh 10 More mins. Now I know I'm REALLY nervious for this game....but it's mixed with exicitment.
  6. it's only 4:08 and you bet I'm nervious. But I'm sure we'll win!
  7. i listen to Punk and Metal and I'm a happy boy! Brooking "haters" need to look at this in perspective. I know he's old and not as good as he used to be but he's not the worst thing that's going on right now. I say give him a couple of years more but that's not my choice.
  8. those two fakes were awesome......also the one fake he did on the 2 Pt Conv against NO.........who said just Mike whats his name was exiciting?
  9. WHY SMITH YOU **** HEAD. Oh well. Try again next week we aint done yet........it's possible we could finish LAST in the division.
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