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  1. Kim is Dimitroff in a wig. Just saying.... You never see Kim and Dimitroff together at the same time weird...
  2. I wouldn't complain but I would perfer DeMarco Murray. And bring home Justin Houston.
  3. Man I just got done watching the highlights on Jackson Harris. Man that kid just bullies the other team wether blocking at the line or snatching the ball away on a bad throw. Kind of reminds me of a Gronkauski type of player.
  4. This happens to every team. The Giants front four did the same thing to Rodgers. If you can get to QB before the play has a chance to develop, your defense wins the down.
  5. I was talking about his boot leg. He can throw on the move. Better than most.
  6. Mobile as in not running for a hundred yards a game but mobile in that he can throw the ball on the move mobile.
  7. You have no argument. So what if he's a Finn type role. It's a team effort everyone has their own reasons why this team succeeds.
  8. If he cant catch a football his "explosiveness" is worthless.
  9. That's why I think Finns number is on speed dial.For when we need it. I believe we are fine without him.
  10. They do that to the best of them. Both are big name receivers.
  11. Yeah if he doesn't straighting up he maybe on his way out.
  12. We didn't pass on Johnson. We couldn't afford his contract and Carolina had three days to sign him before anyone else could.
  13. That's where you are wrong. Good GMs always look ahead in the draft and FAs. Let's you get a better scheme of things. It's just smart to do so.
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