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  1. We might need to get use to this cause Georgia is a national brand now a Days. You see a lot more out of state prospects name Georgia in their top what ever number schools. It’s defi a good thing.
  2. Color me intrigued!!! Have a feeling there’s a certain DB ready to drop his commitment to the Good Guys. Go Dawgs!!!
  3. I hope you’re right because right now we have 2 rookies that have never played a down in the NFL guarding our Franchise QB on the right side. And there’s no way you don’t start these two day one. If you don’t then why did we give up so much for them?
  4. I would have giving any team the 14 pick for 10 year old used Gatorade cooler to move back just to save face on drafting a Guard at 14.
  5. 14....we draft a guard.....Whiskey, Tango...
  6. Why do I feel the urge to punch Dimitroff in the face. A guard at 14????
  7. Kim is Dimitroff in a wig. Just saying.... You never see Kim and Dimitroff together at the same time weird...
  8. I wouldn't complain but I would perfer DeMarco Murray. And bring home Justin Houston.
  9. Man I just got done watching the highlights on Jackson Harris. Man that kid just bullies the other team wether blocking at the line or snatching the ball away on a bad throw. Kind of reminds me of a Gronkauski type of player.
  10. He's the number one recruit.