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  1. Tell that to Ray Rice. It doesn’t matter he put his hands on a women. The NFL refused to invite him to the combine just for that manner.
  2. I would be surprised if he even gets drafted. Many teams had already erased him from their draft boards cause of the video of him hitting a women repeatedly. And now the injury to his knee. Falcons were never going to draft him with just the first incident.
  3. I don’t think we “need” a TE so bad that we lose a talent like Cross or Elam. Fitzpatrick and C.W. Will can hold the fort down as our pass catching TE’s and if we need an extra blocker we could just add an extra lineman. Yeah our numbers are down for the position but we aren’t hurting for talent or options there.
  4. Forgive me but I don’t follow Miami much. But didn’t Diaz run the defense last year too? Never mind I had to re- read your post. I think he is this year.
  5. Hartley needs to come back to UGA and make Georgia TEU again. Imagine Pitman Coley and Hartley on the recruiting trail.....
  6. I don’t think that’s the case. I believe Coley was promised the opportunity to become an OC once things were established here.
  7. Is there any truth to Coley is to be the new OC and Todd Hartley as our TEs coach? I read this on the Miami message board. Just wondering if anyone has heard this too.
  8. The return of Richt????
  9. Cough. Cough. Bobo???
  10. Is this a pre-cursor to Bobo coming back to UGA since we let Chaney go???
  11. This is a recruiting thread. Please move all this Reed talk to a different one..... lol
  12. And sell them the fact that in 3 years they will be in the league with incredibly fresh legs.
  13. That game was not even that close. Alabama pulled up a lot and just wanted to get the game done with. But Lamb was a one man wreaking crew.
  14. Now we have to prove it on Tuesday. This feels just like the last Sugar Bowl we were in.
  15. Huh? I don’t get your logic. I’ve been frustrated with this team at times just as much as anyone but never to the point that I wanted to pull for another team.