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  1. Just think about all those other yards he would have had if he caught the ball. “Literally almost had all” that’s a lot of verbiage.
  2. Call me whatever name you want but the evidence is there. Julio drops passes you’re
  3. But he bobbled it and left it up to the refs to screw us. Catch the ball clean and erase all doubt.
  4. Picking up from last year and dropping balls.
  5. Congratulations brother!!!
  6. Gono was horrible tonight!!!
  7. I give all the the credit to that S&C coach they brought in this year. #fillthesleeves
  8. Sounds like a LSU hacker that got butt hurt.
  9. “Where you two (Sony) ever in the back field together?” “ Nah nah. We had a package and all but never used it.... too deadly” -Chubb ha ha ha
  10. I have high hopes and low expectations with this guy.
  11. Makes me wish we still had our 5th rounder
  12. You beat me to the post. Sorry for the double post but yes I’m so stoked we got the guy!!!!
  13. This is a great get for the Falcons.