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  1. We might need to get use to this cause Georgia is a national brand now a Days. You see a lot more out of state prospects name Georgia in their top what ever number schools. It’s defi a good thing.
  2. Color me intrigued!!! Have a feeling there’s a certain DB ready to drop his commitment to the Good Guys. Go Dawgs!!!
  3. I hope you’re right because right now we have 2 rookies that have never played a down in the NFL guarding our Franchise QB on the right side. And there’s no way you don’t start these two day one. If you don’t then why did we give up so much for them?
  4. I would have giving any team the 14 pick for 10 year old used Gatorade cooler to move back just to save face on drafting a Guard at 14.
  5. .......at 14....we draft a guard.....Whiskey, Tango...
  6. Why do I feel the urge to punch Dimitroff in the face. A guard at 14????
  7. If there is a silver lining to Murphy going to Clemson maybe it’s Bresee coming to Georgia.
  8. I was wondering why baseball was getting bigger....... then it hit me. a-a-a-a thank you
  9. What do you call a cow with two legs? lean beef.
  10. Alabama fans were fed up with all the dumb jokes about them. So they challenged Georgia to a battle of wits during half time in Tuscaloosa. They will put both QBs on the 50 yard line and will be giving three questions. Alabama had brought in a transfer QB from Yale and was going to pull a fast one on UGA. So at half time they sat both QBs in the middle of the field and asked the first question. Georgia went first. “When did the United States get their independence?” Georgia qb answered “ July 4th 1776.” All of UGA fans cheered. Then Alabama went next. “What is 2 + 2?” The Alabama Q
  11. I heard he may not pursue football but focus on baseball instead.
  12. I don’t think we “need” a TE so bad that we lose a talent like Cross or Elam. Fitzpatrick and C.W. Will can hold the fort down as our pass catching TE’s and if we need an extra blocker we could just add an extra lineman. Yeah our numbers are down for the position but we aren’t hurting for talent or options there.
  13. Forgive me but I don’t follow Miami much. But didn’t Diaz run the defense last year too? Never mind I had to re- read your post. I think he is this year.
  14. Hartley needs to come back to UGA and make Georgia TEU again. Imagine Pitman Coley and Hartley on the recruiting trail.....
  15. I don’t think that’s the case. I believe Coley was promised the opportunity to become an OC once things were established here.
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