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  1. I have high hopes and low expectations with this guy.
  2. Makes me wish we still had our 5th rounder
  3. You beat me to the post. Sorry for the double post but yes I’m so stoked we got the guy!!!!
  4. This is a great get for the Falcons.
  5. Can you imagine us having Sanu and Ridley on the outside and jones in the slot possibly haveing a LB covering him or at the most their third best CB in the nickel !!!!!!
  6. Sorry brother. FitzPatrick is a **** of a pick up though.
  7. Dam!! I guess we are adding Wynn to that list now
  8. Also mentioned Tim Settle would be a perfect fit for what we do. Tim can take double blocks and keep Debo clean to make plays.
  9. Andrews as well.
  10. Notice on his Twitter he has “committed to the ATD”!!! Good sign
  11. There’s always room for Bush
  12. He’s grasping straws. He thinks that Haselwood had a great time visiting AU the other week. I told him he was crazy
  13. I got an Auburn buddy that’s convinced that they are going to flip Haselwood. What are the chances of that happening
  14. DQ worked with Knapp while on the 49ers and Seahawks.
  15. I’m pretty hyped about what Chris Smith will bring. That dude.....