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  1. Who cares. It’s their right to nitpick if they want. Just like it’s Ried’s right to protest. You cant get mad at them and praise someone else for voicing their opinion
  2. What?
  3. What kind of skillet are we talking about??? Lol. Made me hungry.
  4. I don’t care if he kneels or sits. The guy is sorry and can’t cover. To me it looks like the only thing he can do is lay down.
  5. Then don’t respond to the thread then
  6. Heard he rescheduled for the Tech game. I think it’s one of his last officials too. If so maybe some good news. I’m sure there will be a lot of celebrating after the Tech game to get hyped up for the SEC championship.
  7. How many of those times were his throws rushed cause he had a defender in his grille. My guess is more times than not. Kirby even mentions this in multiple interviews. We need to pass protect more.
  8. So... the point is that Fromm has the capability to make those throws.
  9. Carter.... the question was about Fromms arm strength and the example I gave was the 60 yard pass flea flicker that hit the receiver in stride. It doesn’t matter that the receiver was wide open. It’s the fact the pass was made to perfection. So yes the example I gave meet the stipulation. Who cares about your opinion on the elite ness of his arm. Fromm can make every throw needed for us to win games when the run game is not clicking. Before the LSU game he was the 5th best at his position.
  10. Struggles on 3rd and long hmmm.... seemed to remedy that in the Florida game.
  11. What are you talking about??? Fromm hits 60+ yards all the time. (Case in point the flea flicker last year at Miss state) There’s nothing wrong with Fromm's arm. Besides we are built to run the ball first. Our O-line has struggled at times for the long pass plays to develop.
  12. It’s pretty hilarious that you think the only way for us to recruit and win a championship is with Fields. You two are acting like Fromm is not capable of running this offense to get us where we want to be. Besides Tua Bama has won multiple championships without a high profile QB. So no I haven’t failed to recognize the uniqueness of the QB position. It’s a team sport. Name one team that won a title on just the QB position..... You’re boy Watson was good but that Defense was impressive. Quit worrying about Fields being upset about the lack of playing time. He’s never said it his self and he knew when he chose to come play at UGA that it would be pretty hard to replace a good QB that has experience and has taken this team to the Natty game.
  13. It was a different coaching staff five years ago. I never said Fields couldn’t be a great QB. He has the potential to make UGA great. All I said is that if we do lose him (I highly doubt we will) it won’t be the end of what we can still accomplish here. Agreed Watson was great for their recruiting class. But he’s not the reason Clemson recruits the way they do. If you read what their players say why they chose Clemson it’s because of the love they have with Dabo and his staff.
  14. Nah. One 19 year old kid is going to wreak all that Kirby has done for Georgia??? I highly doubt that will ever happen. Cause guess what 3 years he’s gone and Kirby will still be coaching this team to multiple championships. Fields is talented but he’s not the end all be all.
  15. Mmmm nah. I really doubt it. You may be done with Georgia but Kirby won’t be.