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  1. Pretty sure that idea has been written off by the cops, or something. Not a murder/suicide.
  2. Completely ignoring the subject matter, in this case, was heartless.
  3. I just don't want a forum run by a load of heartless c*nts.
  4. They didn't move it to the right forum. The mods obviously don't know the forum rules.
  5. Whoever moved it could have at least left a f*cking message, and moved it to the correct section, not just thought "OH MY! ITS NOT FALCONS! TO ABF!"
  6. Why the f*ck was this moved? It was even moved to the correct section. F*cking mods, heartless c*nts, don't care about the passing of one the most greatly loved QBs of recent times, only keeping TATF clean.
  7. He was an excellent QB, RIP Air McNair.
  8. Until NK make actual serious moves to bomb th sh*t out of somewhere, I'm not worried about them. Tests don't bother me.
  9. The now fat Carlton fro The Fresh Prince is dating Ashlynn Brooke
  10. ^ Butchy Lesbian. Would you rather take it up the bum from Michael Moore or eat someone else's sh*t?
  11. Architechture facinates me. Not sure why.
  12. Those other lists linked to in the link, are absolute gobsh*te.
  13. Your family members' death havn't effected hundreds of millions of people. MJs death has effected hundreds of millions.
  14. Good idea, poor execution though. Should have done more research on tattoo artists.
  15. Probably Jacko, then the Beatles, then Elvis. Just look at the sales for Thriller, outsells everything by millions. Beatles we're bigger than god though.
  16. I mostly listen to heavy metal, like heavy sh*t like Lamb of God or Gojira.
  17. At least your arguing against golf, where physical activity actually occurs. We have darts. That's not a sport. Yet we have a load of loonies who are of the completely idiotic impression that it is.
  18. The board where I originally got my standards is a football forum too.
  19. Because I can't normally make sigs look like I want them to. Most of the stuff I like is better than I can make. Most of it is better than anyone on this board can make.
  20. I did evaluate it, I'm not a huge fan either. It was just a quick sig that I didn't put much time into, it's a bit of a filler sig until I find something I'd rather have there. I'm not every good at making sigs, but I have a good eye for improvements.
  21. Says the poster who doesn't seem to know what 'evaluate' means. EDIT: Slick, you're probably just noticing more of the things I say to you, than to other sig makers.
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