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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this thread, and honestly hadn't really thought about how different it is than last year....I remember loving the first half of games and then stressing out in the 2nd half of most games, being flabbergasted by the inferior play of our "superstars" at the most inopportune times.... this year, its like I don't know what to expect, so many young players are stepping up, and making mistakes at times, as expected, and now the expectations from the beginning of the season are gone, beat up, and gone like our superstars....but what isn't gone is the spirit of hope in a league full of parity and the knowledge that 2-4 does not eliminate us, that the adversity of the first half of this season could provide the last little nugget of resolve and fortitude to push us into NY in february.......as I read in another post earlier, that could give us the "greatest season ever" I say bring on the Cards, lets play some football!!!!!!!!
  2. this problem really became an issue last season and carried into this one......my theory is that it started with the decline of Turners effectiveness, leading to our inability to clock manage and grind defenses into submission....I believe we tried to fix this by getting SJax, but since we did not have a lead in the NO game, and he got injured very early in the Rams game, I do not know if the issue got its fix, I am hoping his return will show us an answer
  3. fantastic read.....thank you for sharing it
  4. we will be wearing red at NO and Miami tho.....
  5. http://www.atlantafalcons.com/schedules/2013-uniform-schedule.html I'm not real happy about this, but it seems we won't have an alternate uniform this season.....
  6. I won't be able to make it to Atlanta for the home opener against the Rams.... anyone interested in buying my season ticket seats at face value before I list them on stubhub?? section 344, row 12.....$125 for the pair
  7. hope so.....the more snaps the O line get together as a unit, the better they will get
  8. I have been a member there for a few years, and kinda paid attention to what you were talking about.... honestly I don't think its all bandwagon fans there....I think that the ratio of homers, bandwagoners, trolls, lurkers, and informed posters is about the same as here, but they have WAY fewer members than this forum, so if most of the trolls or bandwagoners post in a short period of time, it can look like the whole group is that way... just my observation anyway
  9. truly appreciated the write up and details of Holmes work, personally it seems to me he has the raw talent and appears to have the desire to improve on his shortcomings
  10. I don't think it was the ravens plan at all....I think they wanted to get something more than 1 play out of their first team
  11. I am in northern VA and 642 has not blacked out for me....
  12. whatever you do, don't google image "open dislocation".....some grisly stuff
  13. awesome write up..... after reading all the camp threads, I have decided that next year I am going to plan a ride down there to catch a couple days of camp. it will be 2 of my greatest passions combined, the Falcons and carving up windy roads on my bike.... anyway, thanks for the insight into what its like, come on sept 8th!!!!
  14. think he is talking about Lacy, but there isn't a body of work for him yet
  15. where can I find out what day they will be featuring our Falcons, their coverage is extensive today on the teams that they are covering.....would really like to see more of our camp
  16. I will be selling probably 4-5 games worth of my season tickets, 12 hours one way is just too far to go to every game, I plan to make a thread here before posting them on stubhub or ebay......
  17. http://newstadium.atlantafalcons.com/ I'm buying into this design, and cannot wait some cool pictures on this site
  18. who doesn't get burnt by julio all day.....I've not seen single coverage ever slow him down
  19. is there a link to all the pictures from this photo shoot?? I have seen a couple of the pictures, but would like to see the rest
  20. wonder if I can find a 4t or 5t Willy Mo jersey in pink for my daughter since they share birthdays.....
  21. didn't see this on the front page, but thought it was a good perspective on what TD and Nolan have as far as a plan..... http://www.thefalcoh...-we-can-surmise
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