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  1. Dmitroff's rise from a part-time groundskeeper and part-time scout in Cleveland to GM of a winning franchise is amazing. Hopefully he makes some big additions to our defense this year because I am not sure it will be as good talent-wise.
  2. You are right. We saw Tony G shrug off a defender during a slant route towards the inside, but you see Goldson right behind him after the ball is thrown. He probably would've disrupted the pass. Sucks that Bowman caused contact RIGHT at the 5 yard line. A couple of feet more, and it would have been PI.
  3. Can we have more facial expressions? I remember there was a shot of Matt Ryan after the last Seahawks TD where his eyes just said: I can't believe this. Maybe some close up of Tony G after the kick went in?! Maybe I am being picky.
  4. Hey - I was searching the youtubes for some pregame hype material similar to this incredibly well made 49er fan made video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ZZaftvMonw8) and though there is a good video about rising up, it is before the season (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgZsIV2L-x4), there is nothing to cap our impressive 13-3 season! Is anyone capable of working on this?? I am sure we can make it easier by picking the plays and when they happened, as long as someone has the footage (coughRaicough) I think we could have a sick video, especially if we use the quot
  5. The 2011 draft saw a dire need for explosive players at key skill positions on both sides of the ball, like WR and DE. Dmitroff understood this and gave up heaps of depth to obtain a player that would have an impact on every single down, whether is be by beating his 1v1 match up consistently or drawing attention for other players to make plays. When we drafted Julio Jones, we got exactly that. Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez are putting up numbers as if they were 25 and not in their 30s, and as a result, Matt Ryan is putting up MVP numbers. Outside of the inconsistency of our offense (anemic run
  6. Classic. I believe the first case of Carologic was diagnosed in a patient we call BlindSite, where he touted Kris Jenkins' quickness off the ball by posting a picture of his during TC. Kris Jenkins was found to be offsides by wild-type patients.
  7. "Smith is the first coach in franchise history to record two seasons of least 10 wins. " Unbelievable.
  8. what local atlanta radio station would be carrying this game? anyone know?
  9. I'm not having any success finding a video link, but does anyone have a reliable radio link?
  10. Man, that 3rd and 16 play is agonizing. What could have been an epic comeback, gone. Pretty ironic that it was a 3rd and long play, and then a year later we were dead last in stopping 3rd down conversions. How we didn't add another pass rusher is still beyond me.
  11. Sure Leftwich is immobile and Dixon can run, but Dixon has started 1 NFL game. If we are gonna bring the blitz like we did in the preseason, he is going to make some bad mistakes. He might gash us for a couple of big gains, but put Spoon to spy him and he presents no threat.
  12. The best part about preseason is the fact that if a player does poorly, its only preseason, but when a player exceeds expectations, they are listed as breakout candidates. Oh the duality.
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