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  1. The thread is not ridiculous and one was not enough. I see that you are unable to string together an argument and simply whining AGAIN.
  2. So you are gonna cry about others crying; is that it? Did you expect to come to a forum and see "Matty Ice is da best" or "Falcons going to da Super Bowl"? The people that whine about trolls (critics) are yet trolling the board itself, and are unable to handle any criticism towards the team. Does being a "fan" mean that you stop thinking for yourself and blindly cheer for whatever is out on the field?; If it is, I rather be a fair weathered fan, least I can keep my critical thinking skills, even if it means insults from homers. Fair weathered fan who thinks or a die hard loyal fan who emotes all the time? - I like thinking more.
  3. . . . except Matt Ryan. If anyone does, then they are labeled a troll, Saints, Panthers or Bucs fan, weathered fan and so on. But if the same criticism is heaped onto any other player, than it is justified. Why such partiality towards one player? I've seen posts of people whining about MM, BVG, Robinson, Jerry, and even TD and others; There is banter for and against, but even so, no one is accused of being a hater, troll or fan of the opposition. But the second you say ANY criticism towards Matt Ryan, it is like you just committed blaspheme. Why does the fan base have one player elevated higher than the rest of the team? It seems that the fans are more concerned with Ryan doing well than the team. You see posts of people saying or questioning if Ryan is elite but you don't see anything like that in regards to the rest of the team. Is it Ryan > the rest of the Franchise? The Vick nut-huggers have been accused of making Ron Mexico their god, and rightly so, but it seems the Falcon Fans are turning into Ryan fans (Matt Ryan nut-huggers) and have created a new idol. PS: Title Fix - Falcon Franchise* I accidently hit enter and that is why the thread title is a bit off.
  4. I admit I am not the best at grammar, but I think you should admit you are not that great at logic. You don't want to waste space on a thread that you feel is *****, whatever that is, but yet you do.
  5. Actually you are not nor ever was an Atlanta Falcon - you are a fan of the team, and not part of the team itself. Why swear such undying loyalty towards entertainment anyway?; I never understood that. If you went to see a comedian and liked his comedy act, would you swear such loyalty also? I never understood the mentality of extreme sports fans.
  6. Nothing wrong with being decent but the title of the thread still stands; Not sure of your reasoning if you think you can fix a thread title from a replay. Fixed
  7. If your comment is meant to be in response to the board in general than make your own thread. Calling people idiots only exposes your own inability to debate - such as your rebuttal is evidence of your failure in logic. Any opinion of Ryan is just that - opinion. Some people like Ryan and some don't. I never said Ryan is bad but somehow you inferred that out of thin air - that is called a strawman; specifically since you decided to argue against that misrepresentation. All I said is that Ryan does not live up to the hype and he is just OK. It means he is not good or bad - that he is nothing special or horrible; and as you conceded it is my opinion, so why argue about it? Appealling to commentators as "experts" is an ad populum fallacy as well as an appeal to authority. I have not heard too many compliments about Ryan this year; The most I did hear compliments of Ryan was year 1 and they have been slowly dwindling since then. It seems that Ryan's reputation is based on what he did his first and third years. He has done nothing special this year and as any commentator admits the NFL is about "What have you done for me lately".
  8. Did I say Ryan is bad? Mediocre simply means not good OR bad. It means you are nothing special in one manner or another; Why is this so hard for fans to comprehend?
  9. What does Andre Johnson have to do with Ryan being mediocre or not?; that is a non sequitur.
  10. I didn't say Yates did anything special - That is a strawman. Learn to read what I wrote down so you do not read into what I have typed. I thought Yates is better than Ryan, least in the game. If I think Ryan is mediocre, then the QB whom I am contrasting Ryan with does not need to be special, just less mediocre. Example Ryan throws 1 TD and 2 picks; so all Yates has to do is throw lets say 1 TD and no ints, which IS nothing special but IS better than what Ryan did. Yates had an OK game. Ryan's game was less than OK. See the contrast.
  11. That is "you're" not "your". Please learn basic english grammar before you call people idiots.
  12. the number 7 in my nick has nothing to do with Mike vick if that is what you are inferring I had a 7 in all my nicks in my various accounts on the web - has nothing to do with football, let alone Ron Mexico. Also, trying to infer the meaning of "7" to undermind what I said is called an ad hominem; Undermining the arguer instead of attacking what is actually said is a logic fallacy.
  13. Prisoner of the moment? LOL - So I guess IF Ryan lead the Falcons to a win, the rest of you would have come here to show me how wrong I was. As it turns out, I was right.
  14. At least you are honest. I look at it this way - the NFL is just entertainment. While I do root for the Falcons, I do not get too caught up in it. I think you are suffering from cognative dissonance of some sort; You are realizing your unrewarded but unquestioning loyalty but at the same time you still will root for the team because probably; you rooted for them for so long, why stop now? Be a fan and not a homer; Root for the team, but remember this is just entertainment.
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