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  1. I saw on ad on the subway, roundtrip for $500. Pretty sure it was Iceland Air, but Id have to see it again. If youre really interest, PM me and Ill try to remember to look
  2. Well, Im saying once you get there. Its $500 from NY, where Im from, so you can Jetblue it here first.
  3. Im considering going to Iceland. Theyre bankrupt, so it would be cheap, but I hear its beautiful. Glaciers and enough volcanic activity to keep the climate pleasant.
  4. Is he gonna come kick my as.s now? You know the scene in Indiana Jones where the Islamic guy is twirling his knives around all fancy, then Indy pulls out his burner and wastes that A-hole? Thats how it would be like with Chucky; he would show up, do his karate gimmicks, and I'd blow his head clean off
  5. I dont follow mainstream stuff, so where does the obsession with Chuck Norris' strength or ability to kill massive amounts of people come from again? I see him as nothing more than an aging, impotent wash up, so I really dont understand why anyone holds this bum in such high regard.
  6. Uhh, herro prease, can you terr me about the Chinese invasion pran again, I fohgot
  7. ... and how much does a child molesting, horse co.ck sucking nimwit like yourself have to offer humanity?
  8. I dont think so, but what an amazing movie. I've never seen a movie thats both so funny and depressing at the same time. Best movie I have seen in a long time by far
  9. Best: 47-17 over Rams in 2004 Playoffs Worst: 2003 MNF at Rams or 2004 56-10 loss at KC
  10. RIP Shane Not to make light of this, but did he dye his hair blonde in 98? I seem to remember a lineman who kind of looked like Iceman from Top Gun during the victory celebration
  11. What does one have to do with the other? Theyre in different conferences, they play each other once every four years. Putting Flacco down doesnt make Ryan any better. Im elated to have the next great QB on our team, but Flacco is also going to be very good for a very long time. They led the NFL in scoring for a few weeks, and Id take our backs and receivers over theirs. Yes, the defense is indirectly invovled, but its not as simple to say, put Ryan in there and theyll win it all.
  12. http://abclocal.go.com/wabc/story?section=...&id=6606410 A US Airways plane crashed into the Hudson River, just after takeoff, on an absolutely frigid day here in NYC. They're pulling passengers out now. Hope to G-d as many as possible survive this ...
  13. Bought it ... I dont like shirts with a lot going on either, but I figure I just am going to wear it on Sundays
  14. Didnt the Ravens lead the NFL in scoring for a few weeks? Saying its all defense just doesnt work. And I, for one, think Flacco has good, but lesser, weapons at his disposal. All that said, I truly believe Ryan will be the necxt great QB, with Flacco not far behind. I think they are perfect for both of their teams, which is why I dont understand why there HAS to be this comparison. They arent even in the same conference, let alone division
  15. Second TB game - Harry Douglas intentionally slowed up after picking up a first down so that he could go after that Bucs guy .. and he completely trucked him on the sideline
  16. I know there is some ridiculous record between the Falcons and Giants about the road team winning the last 12 or 13 times. Anyone know the exact record?
  17. Im not sure who is who (I live in NY and watch the games on TV), but I just dont think our current guy gets emotional enough for me. Whoever did "GO MIKE VICK GO" is much more animated and fun to listen to
  18. Where he basically crawled to get to Griese with the game on the line? I honestly shed a little tear thinking about that today at work
  19. What am I missing here? Doesnt the link say it might be moved to the evening (ie, 8pm)? Why would it get moved to 4pm?
  20. Not to rain on the parade (and I think Ryan deserves more MVP considerationg), but Sparano might get the ned because he implemented something (Wildcat) that you see throughout the NFL. I dont know why people thought we would be worse than the Dolphins since they have less talent, but he has done a pretty god job himself. I still think it should be Smith given all our circumstances, but I wont call that one definite
  21. We have a tie breaker on them and the Packers, though, and no way a wild card comes out of the North. Unreal that we are discussing playoff chances, though. That wasnt her toe, Dude... Whose toe WAS it, Walter? The f*ck if I know, I do know that nothing about it... THE NAIL POLISH! Fine, Dude, as if its impossible to get some nail polish, apply to someone else's toe Someone ... elses ... toe? Where the f*ck are you gonna get a toe? You want a toe Dude? I can get you a toe, believe me, there are ways, you dont wanna know .. ****, I can get you a toe by 3 o'clock .. with nail polish
  22. Theyre still overrated. I dont like rooting for NFC teams vs. AFC, but I hope the Bears kill them
  23. I love how his career started here, yet he feels so free to put us down, but a guy like Steve Young, who made a living killing us, is singing our praises. F Deion
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