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  1. Tony was watching The Wrestler when he got the phone call .. that honestly makes me like him that much more
  2. Honestly, I think they may have a point, because I've thought about this before. It might not be illegal, but we are definitely benefiting from a relationship no other team has. Cant say I mind it though
  3. The Libertine Krackerjack'd - White Bread Gone Bad
  4. Hes only been in the league one year. As far as Im concerned, this would be a draft pick, not a free agent. I would love for this to happen.
  5. Eh, Week 11 in NY wont be that bad. Im gonna say like 35-40 degrees if its a day game
  6. Uch, if this is true, they have a bye to prepare for us .. then again, road team always wins this one
  7. Not doubting you, but where exactly are you looking?
  8. I guess I dont know how to copy/paste pics, but the one of him in Green Bay is great ... you can see the GB coach saying "oh sh,t" on the sides
  9. At the bottom of the link it says that this was put out by mistake and not verifiable ... oh well
  10. The link says that we are Week 5, not Week 6 ... and would the season really start as late as September 14th?
  11. The release of the NFL schedule is honestly the only sports-related event I have gotten excited for since January. I wonder if they have it made already and are waiting to release it to build up excitement, or if the draft has some input into it. I really believe we would not have been 11-5 if we had not started the season with home openers against Detroit and KC.
  12. ****, and I thought I was the first to report it. I even checked back few pages on the posts. Oh well. The broad in your pic has nice cans, but she has the face of a 16 year old.
  13. I stepped out of the room for a second watching college basketball last night, and I returned to catch the closing seconds of a commercial for the NFL draft that focused solely on Ryan. It seemed pretty sweet, but I didnt see any others after that. Anyone see it?
  14. And Im sure the mom was screaming about how "her baby" was a straight A student, helped out in the community and was active in the church.
  15. Is this effective immediately? That would be amazing. I cant get DirectTv because the buildings around me would block the satellite.
  16. No, God .. I cannot stand fat people who think they are funny simply because they are fat. The same people that ascribe to this notion, and unfortunately there are many, also think a movie is funny simply because some moron like Will Ferrell or Seth Rogen is in it. I ran track at school and was always amazed and how many people flocked around the fat discus throwers during parties and whatnot because it was the "cool" thing to do. Theyre not funny, theyre fat, which makes their attempts at being funny even more obnoxious. Way to go Coach!
  17. Do they have a position for Certified Muff Diver?
  18. His signature looked it weird, it looked like a "Sal" and then an "Abe" with a "5" for "b." Still a cool story, and I believe it. Congrats.
  19. Dammit .. I just bought the grey hooded fleece for $75, and the blacks now on sale for $37
  20. I dont like this at all. I hate the Patriots, moreso than the Panthers. Im a diehard Falcons fan, but easily one of my best sports memories is when the Pats lost the SuperBowl (and I loathe the Giants). We can beat the Panthers with Peppers, Im not sure if the Pats get Brady back and Peppers how many people can beat them.
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