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  1. Im still doing Sidebar tonight. That said, to the poster who was debating one half there and one at a Blue Seats, do Blue Seats for the 2nd half because theres a ton of bars near there where you can go after. The owner at Sidebar is cool though and he plays Ludacris whenever the Falcons score. I still remember when he played "Welcome to Atlanta" when we beat the Bucs last year, great times
  2. Is that the long, narrow black bar with TVs hanging from the ceiling? Ive walked by it a ton (I live down there), but would have never thought thered be a sports bar in the LES. I might check it out one weekend, but I want to say hello to the people at Sidebar
  3. Where is Red Star? The food at Sidebar is atrocious, so I would recommend eating elsewhere first.
  4. Id say around 10 guys, give or take .. it wasnt a huge crowd, but usually the same youngish (mid 20s) crowd. Everyone was cool. I saw it talked about a bunch last year on this message board, so my guess is, if there is a Falcons bar, thats it.
  5. I havent gotten the chance to go this year, but I am going to shoot to be at Sidebar on 15th and Irving for this MNF game. I think a few teams claim its "their" bar, but the 5 or 6 times I went there was a good Falcons crowd. The owner puts the Falcons game on the main screen though. Food blows, but a great place to watch football.
  6. The Arizona game is probably still in the back of his mind. Remember when the whole world, with the exception of the refs, saw that offsides, and Ryan chucked one up thinking he had a free play?
  7. Does anyone know what happened between Singletary and Dahl on the sideline? Since it was the first thing the ESPN game summary addressed, I was surprised to not see any threads on it. Unlike many on these boards, I am not a huge fan of his attitude, I look at him as a good player, but a 15 yard penalty waiting to happen. Its one thing to mouth off to a player, but to a coach, its something else.
  8. So annoying. I live in NY, and the one weekend its on here, I have to go to a wedding in Chicago. Is it too much to ask to just have ONE Sunday to myself, and not have to sit at the bar with all the a-holes?
  9. I know Ive seen a bunch of these threads, but never paid attention to them, so apologies for another one. Im flying into Atlanta for the Dec. 13 game against the Saints, renting a car and getting a hotel. I went to a baseball game in Philly last year where there was a hotel right by the stadium, and you could tailgate/cook in the hotel parking lot with everyone else, and then the stadium was walking distance away. Are there any reasonably priced hotels near the dome where something like that is possible? Im "concerned" that this game will get flexed to Sunday night, and if it does, I would prefer to not have to drive my car somewhere at the end of the night, while still being able to tailgate/cookout beforehand.
  10. I hate how SI and all these other media outlets say these guys are the most passionate fans in the league. Ask most Pats "fans" what it was like in the 90's ... ha! Im sure they dont even know who Bledsoe is. I have no problem with a city favoring one sport (and for them, its the Red Sox) and being fairweather towards the others. But dont give me this crap about them being the most loyal. Its very easy to be a fan when you win three Superbowls. Im not saying we should be rewarded for following a historically bad team, but theres no way their fans are on the same level as Chiefs, Bills, Eagles fans. And its quite easy to sell out a stadium when you have 6 states for a fanbase. Dont let a Pats "fan" talk down to you. Its like a streetfight against someone who is unafraid to die. They'll talk all the crap they want, but in the end, if theyre wrong, they were never that emotionally invested anyway.
  11. Ha, well im not looking to be a lawyer, I just want to know what Im talking about when others discuss it
  12. With all the talk about a potential uncapped year and its implications, I was hoping to read about salary caps, the NFL union, etc. I really dont know anything about them. I checked the NFL website but couldnt find it there. Thanks
  13. wait, wait ... RODDY said that about the Packers? On a side note, I have no explanation as to why people think the Packers, Giants, Saints or Vikings will be good, or at least better than they were last year
  14. I still have no idea why people here want to see him fail. He's very good, and even if people were inaccurately comparing him to Ryan, its not like he invited it.
  15. No one said this had to be about positive moments? I think that play is fresh on alot of peoples mind, mine included. As far as positives and negatives, mine are both from that game. Positive - when we took the lead going into halftime on the pass to Peele. I dont recall ever quite going so apesh,t over a fairly routine play, but the momentum swing was huge. Before Ryan even threw it, I could see his intentions and Peele breaking free and I remember screaming "They got it!" The fumble return for a TD was sickening, and is in my mind, what cost us the game. Its asking alot to fight back twice, and we had already fought back in the first half. Not only was Rolle, or whoever it was, probably offsides, since they were the whole game, but to do the dirty bird. I mean, celebrate when you make a play, not when you benefit from yet another blown call. Im glad he prevented Fitz from tackling James Harrison in the SB (when he didnt get out of the way on the sideline), i hope he lives with that guilt every second of his miserable life
  16. are you kidding? I'd be lining up for the chance to take his fish off the hook. who cares? youre chilling with Roddy
  17. and lets not forget ... LETS NOT FORGET ... that keeping an amphibious rodent ... within city limits ... that aint legal either
  18. Are they kidding? The Cardinals are way too high on this. Thats pathetic. Warner is a year older, which for any other QB nearing 40 is like 3 years older. Are these people just hedging themselves because they thought the Cardinals run to the SB made them look foolish?
  19. So wanting the best for Mike Vick makes me a fake fan? Gotcha ...
  20. I dont ever remember seeing a topic like this, so apologies if there is one, its just something I thought about last night. Regardless of how you feel about him, Vick has paid a significant price. And, despite all the people who think he deserves a second chance, and all the people who feel otherwise, one thing is indisputable: He owes people money. Lots of money. And the only way to address that, and acheive the greater good, is to be employed by the NFL again. Anyway, as much as I would hate to see him in that awful green uniform, he could dominate the NFC West. Plus, Mora always defended him and stuck by him, and, if nothing else, it would freak out those Pacific NW hippies to have him up there. Finally, to anyone who says this is the Falcons forum, eat it. For the most part, in the offseason, there usually arent enough unique Falcons-related topics to have a whole forum for it. Plus, Falcon alumni are still Falcon-related, so that should be enough.
  21. and he just happens to be really bad at his job. i do agree, though, it is a crap shoot, and no one ever really knows
  22. weird question, and maybe im not familiar with the process, but shouldnt Dimitroff still be involved in the drafting process, as opposed to giving interviews before its over?
  23. I honestly dont even know what it is ... but thats because, with the exception of football, I reject everything mainstream
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