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  1. They steal their stupid phrase/chant from the Bengals, they steal their awful colors from the Steelers. What is really authentic about a Saints fan anyway? Their bandwagon is almost as bad as New Englands. Its not there yet, but it gets closer every day
  2. also, Percy Harvin (I believe) faked him out of his shoes, hilarious
  3. I dont remember what point in the game it was, but after giving up yet another play, Brooking laid down on the ground for a good 10 seconds, almost as if he was assuming the position for his bedroom escapades. That, and his cheap, late (yet utterly ineffective) hit on (a 40 year old) Favre stood out to me. His pregame rants are pathetic and Im honestly embarrassed for him when I watch them. Theyre worse than Drew Brees acting like a mongoloid on speed. As if you could disrespect the Cowboys less, the fact that they actually look up and get inspired by this guy is only a testament to their hopelessness.
  4. Each year we play one whole NFC division and one team from each of the remaining two division (and of course, our entire division twice). We only played them this year because they, like us, finished second in their division the year before (2008). We played all of the NFC East this year, next year we play all of the NFC West. The last time we played all of the NFC West, ie 2007, we hosted San Fran. Since it alternates, we should now be at San Fran
  5. Yea, I know, I want to go to this game too!! They better correct it
  6. I saw this on J Mikes blog and now ESPN. In 2007, we hosted San Fran. We cycle through the NFC divisions every three years, with alternating home/away games. That means, we should be at San Fran and hosting St Louis, not vice versa (since we were at StL and hosted the Niners). Or am I missing something?
  7. Where did this list come from? I would have sworn that wed be AT San Fran and home to St. Louis, since we hosted San Fran and were AT St. Louis in 2007 (we cycle NFC divisions every three years). What am I missing? I was really looking forward to a game on the West Coast to travel to
  8. I love the other guy coming in from left to right and telling Benson he missed
  9. Im sure the Patriots bars were really going strong pre-Tom Brady -_-
  10. Well, after going to the last two games, Im ready to watch with some fans here in the City. While I like the idea of meetup.com, things come up all the time. I went to Sidebar as much as I could last year, and between Holidays, Weddings, Vacation, going to the games, Ive only been able to go twice this year. Plus, Im not a Braves fan (from NY, started following the Falcons with Deion). Anyway, I will be monitoring this thread. I went to Blue Seats in the Lower East Side recently. The food is good, but expensive, and I imagine it would be difficult/expensive to get a table. That said, two of the waitresses had unbelievable cans, so its a wash. Id be willing to check out Mulhollands, but my default choice is Sidebar (since I heard about it from this MB).
  11. Im actually going to the game this time and I will most likely be going to the Jets game, so I wont be around until the Bills game, but keep me posted where you guys watch the last two games and I'll meet up
  12. Maybe .. I mean, look, it does seem ridiculous and a pain for people with good intentions, but there are people who might actually go to that level
  13. Its not the caps, they are afraid you will seal the bottle with liquid and throw the entire bottle
  14. Screamers, not whistle blowers. You have to remember that this is a drinking environment, and inevitably someone will take it too far. I think a visiting fan has every right to complain, if not moreso because they are usually the object of people's contempt. Maybe I am biased because I live in New York and have to always be the fan of the road team, but fan safety is paramount to me.
  15. So you got kicked out or what? It would suck if you didnt get at least a warning, but I dont think you should be bringing whistles into the stadium. First off, it can interfere with the game, if you are close to the field. And to those watching, it sounds like the ref is blowing a whistle when thats not the case. I have no problem with people being loud naturally, but a whistle is annoying and can honestly do damage to someone's ear. Maybe not you per se, but Im sure you can imagine some drunk blowing it right into someone else's ear .. not fun
  16. The game is on national TV in NY if you didnt already know, so Im going to be watching at home. Im going to next weeks and the Jets game, so if people meet up for Buffalo, let me know
  17. I live in New York and absolutely hate that team and their awful fans. Most are scum from Jersey or Staten Island and feel that they have to live up to some "tough" stereotype. They are fickle, but when they praise Eli, they usually harp on the fact that "he has a ring," as if thats the be all and end all. I will forever be grateful for them beating the Pats, but they are so overrated and I'm sick of hearing how great people think they are.
  18. I was looking at that play from behind then. Was it a difficult catch to make or did he plain drop it?
  19. Im embarassed to ask this, since I was at the game, but which TD pass did Jenkins drop? Was this on a drive that ended with a TD, FG or no points?
  20. I know this is a bit strange, and I know there are other threads similar to this, but I was wondering if any Falcons fans were going to be grilling at the Meadowlands. I have an extra parking pass, but unfortunately no car this weekend. Obviously, if anyone obliges, my friends and I would bring our share of food, but we dont have the essentials, ie, the grill.
  21. I agree. Gotta keep things in perspective. I mean, the Dolphins and Rams could have and should have taken Ryan,we could be sitting here with LJ Smith right now and not Gonzo, and so on and so forth, so Im not gonna lament a few missed field goals. Tough loss yesterday, but if we win the games were are supposed to, I still say we have a winning record. And Im sure we are gonna catch a break in the toss up games. When we win one we are not supposed to (and Im hoping thats this weekend), people will be feeling alot better.
  22. Wow .. not very good reviews of Sidebar. Well, I still need to go there at least once this year and say hello to people, so Im going this Sunday. Im still going to try to go to the Jets and Giants games, so I will in touch with the people on this thread
  23. Im not definitely going this route, but is anyone interested in going to the Giants game a week from this Sunday and trying to buy scalped tickets? Theres an outside chance I can get tickets from work, but my guess is Im going to do stubhub. Just want to know my options
  24. Hadnt been checking this, but I was actually in DC this weekend, so I wasnt around. I will be at Sidebar Sunday
  25. Michael Jenkins single handedly cost us the Saints game? Because of something he did in the first half? Wow, you must be ********. I laugh at people who get this upset over little things. I really wonder how long you've been following this team, or even alive for that matter. Theres no way a person can get that worked up over THAT and not have had numerous heart attacks. As far as Jenkins, hes made numerous plays for us and his mere presence is something to account for. Im not making excuses for him, but I'm sure once the offense gets more in rhythm and he sees more balls thrown his way, the drops will stop. He only gets so many balls throw his way, of course you harp on the drops.
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