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  1. Anyone have those TV maps? I live in NY and Im wondering if it might be possible we get the Falcons game here since the Giants arent at 1 anymore. Thanks
  2. Ha .. me too By the way. The title of this thread is confusing. You could have just said "Mike Jenkins had a baby boy". To specify that it was his wife, it made me think it wasnt his. Anywho, congrats Mike
  3. I hate to say this, but I really dont like that commercial ... and the "alternate" version that the Saints fan created had me rolling. That said, I despise the Brees commercials of course. His thinning hair and volcano on his face disgust me.
  4. Why do people feel like they have to make everything right and "justify" the past? It wasnt a catch. Upon review, not even close to a catch. We got away with one. Period. I cant speak to why McCarthy didnt challenge, but I imagine we got some home cooking with the lack of replay on the big screen. Get over it, it takes nothing away from the potential of this team. If we dont get a TD on that drive, Im sure our strategy changes somewhere in the second half and we still get the W. I have no problem saying we got lucky here or there, I take comfort knowing this team can hang with anyone at any time. Some teams earn the right to get lucky, I cant explain it (Patriots). And some teams just never seem to get over that hump and catch a break (Bills). We have paid our dues with numerous bad seasons, followed by good drafting, hard work and preparation (not to mention good character people). We've had some good fortune this season and I believe it will continue. That said, it does not mean that we would still not be 9-2 without it.
  5. I dont know what made me think of this this morning, but I wanted to see it. It was the one that spoofs some movie scene with Hitler. I honestly think my favorite part was when they are looking at the map, gameplanning for the London game, but theyre looking at Berlin and Hitler calls the guy an idiot
  6. They were wearing customized HD jerseys, so i just had to ask if they were his parents. They said yes, and I said "congratulations" - probably a weird thing to say. The mom looked like she wanted nothing to do with me at first (I had a Ryan jersey on), but when I offered my opinion that the turning point was the 3rd and 14 Hines catch, she agreed and seemed to warm up. Anyway, they dislike how Turner was tippytoeing, they thought Ryan was focusing too much on Roddy, they thought we should have gone for it on the 4th down, and they also thought, and this may be an extreme case of parental optimism, that had Ryan hit HD on the play Polamalu picked him off, that he would have "walked into the endzone." I believe we were inside our 20 on that play. Anyway, a tough loss, and we missed way too many opportunities, but it was an out of conference, and no team looked THAT great this weekend. A win over the Saints and this is a distant memory.
  7. Isnt this Don Banks' power rankings? Hes from SI, not NFL.com. Like his colleauge, Peter King, hes a f**king moron. He says he doesnt "buy the hype" for the Jets, but this is the same guy that put the Packers #1 last year because of their pre-season efforts.
  8. That list is pathetic. That the Patriots arent No. 1, let alone in the top 10, puts it on par with Don Banks' crowning of the Packers as Superbowl champs last offseason. Being critical of a team (which is what this list seemed to be about) has zero to do with loyalty. Whatever dipsh,t that wrote this should try being a Browns or Lions fan. Lets see how thoroughly optimistic he is
  9. Please explain how "Jae Fu Do" translates into ... "Alexander"
  10. Theres nothing racist about having preferences. Me? I'm a cans man. I love a big ole set of tatas compressing my face from either side. And I dont care who theyre attached to (except Asians, Im not at all attracted to Asians and I dont understand what peoples fascination is with them). When I roll up to the strippies, the first thing Im looking for is cans. If I dont like what I see, I keep on trucking. Cans are amazing, I guarantee theres some sort of medicinal link between indulgence with cans and prolonged, happy lives. And I dont care about whether theyre fake or not. Heck, I dont care if David Stern's signature is on there. I want them big and you better let me do what I want with them. If Im suckling so hard on them they come off your body, thats youre problem, not mine. And I always tell girls I meet "you know, youre being very rude, you havent introduced me to your two friends yet" ... works everytime. And I hate when girls try to cover them up. If you got 'em, let me see 'em. And dont get upset when I stare at them, because you know what? You like the attention anyway. And if youre fat, you better have huge ones. But thats me ... THATS ME
  11. Where was he flying? My left engine (American Airlines) blew out on the flight from Dallas to West Palm on Tuesday and we had to turn back around and make an emergency landing. Definitely scary
  12. Im so sick of overly descriptive/sexually explicit music. Whatever happened to merely suggestive music (like Trampled Underfoot by Led Zep) .. thats actually fun to listen to? My list Blue October - Hate me Today Black Crowes - Hard to Handle Finger 11 - Paralyzer
  13. The only reason I am responding is because no one else has mentioned he lives in RHODE ISLAND. Patriots fans did not exist before 2001, and now everywhere I go I see people sporting their gear. Its as if they are trying to smother any doubts about their loyalty, or lack thereof, before they come up, because in the backs of their minds they KNOW theyre fickle and as soon as Brady is gone, they'll go back to being exclusively Red Sox fans. They have 6 states to call their fan base, and in the 90's, they still couldnt get sell out games. And to make matters worse, the Celtics and Bruins are good. Loyal fans know that after this rough patch, these morons will finally be put to rest. I have no problem with a city or region celebrating one historically loyal sport and then following others when they do good. And they are loyal baseball fans, but dont give me this crap about best football fans on earth or whatever.
  14. Understanding that its hit or miss, is there still a potential for good snowfall in mid December? I guess I am just trying to gauge what they consider to be their ski season (in terms of dates). I guess I could plan for Whistler, but do Baker or some other activity up there if it doesnt work out. It still looks like a beautiful place
  15. Im trying to package a ski trip to Whistler with our game in Seattle, either fly into Seattle the weekend of the game, and go Whistler the week after, or fly into Vancouver the week prior and go to the game at the end of my Pacific NW trip. Either way, Im wondering if anyone knows if the ski conditions will be good in Mid December, like from the 13th or so on. Since its two hours north of Vancouver, Im going to guess yes, but any confirmation would help. Thanks
  16. I know most people will say "Ben sucks, its their D that scares me", but with him out, this becomes a must win game. I say that because we get a game that isnt as tough as it will be for our conference rivals (warm weather game, no Roethlisberger). That said, it will not be easy. I worry about a must win game to start the season, one which we CAN lose. I really believe our success in 2008 was helped by the fact that we played Detroit in Week 1. Had we opened against a tougher team, who knows. I dont post much here, I usually come on to read what people who I agree with have to say. So, I would like someone to tell me Im just overanalyzing it or something. And I do think that we will win, Im just uneasy about this stuff by nature.
  17. My friend works at the NFL and he doesnt work with Merton per se, but he sees him all the time and they talk. I told my friend to ask him about the time Jamal crushed him on the way to a TD in the 98 Divisional game. I have the VHS of it, but its terrible quality and I have no idea how to upload it to a computer and make a clip you can see. Im not computer savvy at all. And I dont like asking generally for favors, but can anyone that has the tape someone upload it to a video i can send or put it in on youtube? Thanks
  18. Did we even interview him? http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=4993938 Ryan also partially blamed his weight for him not getting the head coaching job with the Atlanta Falcons after the 2007 season. He thought he was a shoo-in for the job that eventually went to friend and former Baltimore Ravens colleague Mike Smith. "I think I was too fat," Ryan said with a laugh in December.
  19. This is the same guy that says Drew Brees is on the same level as Peyton Manning now that they both have a ring.
  20. Has anyone seen the movie "The Room" with Tommy Wiseau? Apparently, its a cult classic because its one of those "so bad, its good" movies. I saw it recently and it didnt disappoint. My question, to those who have seen it, do you think Wiseau is actually a genius who intentionally tried to make, what he called, a "dark comedy", or is he a complete moron who, in his pathetic attempt to make a splash in American dramatic cinema, fell flat on his face?
  21. But what difference does that even make when Peyton Manning is going to tear you a new a-hole?
  22. What are we really talking about then? I apologize for bringing up the game itself, but this thread was about fans/allegiances, not about the team, the players, the game. You went after us for rooting for another team to beat you, so why cant we go after your fanbase for being fickle? You saying "The Saints are a good team" and us retorting with "well, your fans suck" is comparing apples and oranges; thats not what happened here. You'll be gone in two weeks anyway, but until that time, enjoy your pathetic victory last night and leave us the F alone
  23. And since when is there anything wrong with getting behind the team thats facing your enemy? Everyone does it. Considering the Saints went after Favres knees and intentionally tried to knock him out of the game with cheap shots, how can any Saints backer talk?
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