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  1. Youre comparing apples and oranges in terms of management then and now, and did we know the full extent of his background when he drafted him? While Talib may have "just" had the 3 positive drug tests in college, it didnt take long for him to make a name for himself. He fought a teammate at the rookie symposium. At least the bad stuff about Vick didnt come until he was well established here. As far as the people saying I would love him in a Falcons uni, I love how you skirt the main issue of this post. Do you dispute he is a POS? Yea, hes a great talent and I would appreciate his contribution, but I wouldnt like him as a person
  2. Because its the offseason and because not every single topic in this forum is 100% football related
  3. How do you know said something? I saw that same clip too, and from the cameras angle (ie, from the field), Roddy's back was to you. The only thing that was obvious was Talib's shove. I have no reason as to why I was thinking about him when I made this thread, but it is striking to me that, aside from recognition of his obvious football talents, not a bigger deal is made about his character. If he was a decent person, I would respect his skills. Since hes a bottom feeding thug, I hate him.
  4. What do you mean by "beater"? A good player? He punched a teammate at the rookie symposium, swang a helmet at another one later on and gave him stitches, assaulted a cabbie for no reason and subsequently resisted police, and tested positive for weed 3x at KU. Thats what he got caught for. He also gave Matt Ryan a cheapshot to the head week 2 2008 and shoved Roddy on the sidelines this year.
  5. Nothing new, as far as I know, but for some reason I just happened to be thinking about how much I hate him on my run this morning. I should also point out how fortunate we are that, as good as he is, we would never stoop to the level of drafting this scum. Yea, DHall was arrogant, and Im glad hes gone, but I dont think he would go around punching cabbies or swinging helmets at his teammates
  6. Am I the only one who thinks this guy is just a complete piece of sh,t? I know this is subjective, but I cant imagine that anyone that looks as consistently angry and malicious as he does can possibly be a decent human being. Im sure the guy wouldnt hesitate to do irreparable harm to someone, for no reason, and feel no remorse for it. He reminds me of Zeus from No Holds Barred. Im actually surprised he hasnt done worse(or at least been caught for) than beating a cabbie and fighting teammates. I can make a segue way into how its probably not a coincidence that his last name is associated with a reprehensible organization, but I dont want to make any more generalizations.
  7. Hes giving up on us already? Wow, he sounds like some of the posters here
  8. Its not that I thought Tony should have been nice, its just that he usually is and he wasnt ... and it was surprising to see that. Anyway, I didnt realize they were friends Not knowing they were friends, it kind of reminded me of that Jim Mora Jr interview a while back where he was defending Vick as a player in ATL and Mora just snapped at the guy. Regardless of what we think of him as a coach, hes a super nice guy and it was shocking to hear that from him. It was a radio interview, I dont have the link.
  9. I'm going to start off by saying I think most TV sports personalities, especially FOX's, are terrible, but, in the sideline interview with Jay Glazer, Tony G made some pretty nasty comments about Jay Glazer's weight. Now, maybe theyre good friends and he was just joking around, I dont know, but for one of the nicest, most down to earth guys in the NFL, it was almost uncomfortable to watch the tension in that interview. I've never seen that side of him. Maybe Im just overanalyzing this, but I hope TG, while rightfully disappointed in his latest playoff loss, wouldnt let that make him bitter about having to play in the Pro Bowl (and not the SB) or having to reflect on his amazing career, which unfortunately does not include a ring .. yet.
  10. Last week Skip was saying that Cutlers performance against the Seahawks was more impressive than Rodgers (historic and admitted best of his career) performance against us. Why? Because it was his first playoff game and he was playing a "hot" Seahawks team that had just beat the Saints. I'd argue Seattle at home is the best possible intro to the playoffs, so to argue that its easier than Atlanta on the road is insane (and we're overrated because we win close games, not because we have real deficiencies). Any time Skips' idiocy can be outright proven, its a good thing. And I dont need him to apologize to the Falcons for me to feel better about them, but does anyone know his thoughts on the Cutler situation? Is he that ******** where he can still defend the guy, at least as being better than Rodgers? If you hate Cutler, yesterday was a great day. He sucked for an entire half, went out like a coward due to an injury that hes not sure when it happened, and then got upstaged by a third stringer.
  11. I know theres been a ton of threads on this topic before, but do any NYC fans know of a Falcon-friendly place where there will definitively be Falcons fans? I know Sidebar is the default bar, and even then, not many show, so I was wondering if there might be something organized for tomorrow night. Thanks
  12. Wow .. this wasnt photo shopped or anything? Its look like his tongue is frozen to his facemask
  13. I'll go there to celebrate if they win, but I cannot pass up watching the game on my couch.
  14. I was watching at a bar without sound, but during the game they showed a guy that looked exactly like Tony G. I cant remember if they did a split frame with him and Tony. He was sitting front row, so it probably wasnt just a coincidence. Was that his brother?
  15. Well, I went again (mostly to stare at the bartender's cans). It wasnt as unbearable this time, mostly because the Holidays and travels probably prevented a larger turn out. The Saints fans were in a separate room, but some pr,ck kept coming over to talk to me. He told me these Falcons remind him of 03 Chiefs (ridiculous offense, no defense, hot start, terrible finish) and that there were more Saints fans than Falcs fans in the GA Dome last week. Since Im not from Atlanta, Im a Falcons fan, not an Atlanta fan, so I took no offense (Im guessing he was trying to argue the Falcons fans suck). But when I suggested, in a nice manner, it might have something to do with the people displaced by Katrina, he was like "way to go there bro, I was talking about football, and you had to bring that up." I felt bad for a second, but you know what? F that POS. I seriously cannot comprehend why anyone would go out of their way to start a confrontation, whether threatening or not. He must have been trying to make up for something
  16. Dumb question, but did that really ruin the suit? Granted its not water,its not tomato sauce either. I dont know. I aint no stay at home broad Some dumb Saints fan watched that in the bar I was in yesterday and asked, facetiously, if thats what Superbowl teams do (dump their owner in Gatorade). It didnt immediately realize how stupid that question was, because Blank is one of the few owners that come down to the field. Did he expect that the Falcons players to get on the elevators to the owners suites, back Blank into a corner and douse him? I should have said something like "No Superbowl team owners apparently try to sell the team and run out of town when the city is on its knees"
  17. He should have run on that last drive instead of trying to dump it off to (Snelling, I believe?) Anyway, Im a little relieved as well with the L as well(even though I was cheering for the W), for alot of the same reasons the OP made Our offense has a chance to rebound, instead of being off, essentially, for 3 weeks Its tough to beat the Saints three times, and we may have to play them three times Matt Ryan cant ALWAYS do it automatically in the 4th, no one can. He'll come back better Even when it was obvious what we were doing, we know blitzing works on Brees. He wont escape as easily next time After numerous close calls, a loss can help get the pressure off. Its a low point, its all up from here Despite giving it away in the first half, we still had a chance to win
  18. Everything I read says we own the tiebreaker over the Saints because of the Cleveland game (we beat them, they didnt). But isnt it the fact that we beat Arizona and they didnt, the tiebreaker? ... since they are an NFC team and therefore our conference record would be better. I feel like the fact that we lost to the Steelers and the Saints beat them makes Cleveland a moot point. Im not trying to toot my own horn, but I feel like Im missing something
  19. I try to be as unbiased as possible, but that was NOT a push off. Im sick of hearing about it. Roddy never extended his arms, never had more than a split second to make solid contact with Wilson (since he was coming out of a break) and never initiated the contact. For as far as that CB went flying and for as minimal as Roddy's contact was, he either (a) was flopping like Kobe Bryant (see his double roll) or ( was so committed on going low to make the tackle on Roddy that he was going to fall either way.
  20. As I mentioned, I gave Sidebar another shot after my first visit. I went to see the Tampa game a few weeks ago. I was hopeful because it was a 4 o clock game that it would be less crowded. It was packed .. and the Saints fans (including that girl) STUCK AROUND to cheer on the Bucs (their game was at 1 against the Bengals, and they were doing their stupid chant as I was walking in). As far as getting there, the Union Square stop on the 4,5,6 is right there. I feel like a PATH train goes to 14th and 6th. You can walk. Irving is between Park and 3rd
  21. I edited my earlier post so as to not deter those who still want to go, but I have to give fair warning, Sidebar is packed with Saints fans now. Its not the way it was in 2008. Its a great place to watch a game, but I went in there once (story below), had a miserable time, gave it another chance a few weeks later and had another bad experience. I ended up leaving at halftime and going to the Brother Jimmys on 16th and Irving, which was actually really good. I met a Falcon fan there who said of Sidebar "yea, I hear its a Saints bar now." Great place to watch the game (Sidebar), but awful companionship. So, I went to Sidebar for the first time all year. There were no other Falcons fans there and no available seats, so I just sat on a window ledge, kept to myself, and never ordered anything. Of course the Falcons were on the main TV, so when these Saints fan girls came by, they immediately start complaining that they have to look over the crowd to see the Saints TV. The main instigator was this hideous blonde girl, the rest were OK. She had a horse mouth, scary teeth, ugly fake tan, unibrow, droopy ugly tits, black tights on fat legs, a Drew Brees jersey and a huge mole on her temple that looked like it was expanding throughout the course of the game. She wasn’t even watching the game, she was trying to hit on this guy (who clearly didn’t like her). I guess she and this guy frequent the bar; that seemed to be how they knew each other. But she would always cross over my path to talk to him, get in his face as if she was trying to make out with him (Im guessing she was wasted) and say sh,t like “how come youre not rooting for my Saints?” Her own friends were having to tap her on the shoulder to get her to pay attention to the plays (when she wasn’t unsuccessfully hitting on him, she was chewing their ears off). Aside from everything she was doing, she is exactly the type of “fan” that I hate – the “look at me, Im such a huge fan, but I don’t know what the **** is going on” type of fan. I wasn’t cheering loud AT ALL, but when I got happy, she said to her friends “uch, the dirty birds” then had the nerve to ask her friends if the Falcons were good (to which they replied with the so so hand motion). Um, hello, they beat you in your own house not too long ago. I think she was also getting upset with me because the guy she liked, and who was avoiding her, was actually talking to me. And just to show how out of touch she is, when the Browns fans were happy, she was like, “who the **** is from Ohio anyway”? Last I checked, Ohio is a much bigger place than New Orleans. When the Falcons finally put the Bengals away, I turned to the Saints game and cheered when Brees threw a pick 6. She immediately said to me “you have to be the most annoying figure here.” I told her she wasn’t even paying attention to the game and that her friends didn’t even like her. You could tell she was wasted and not worth arguing with. I really weighed telling her “youre f,cking ugly”, but then she would have likely made a scene, either hitting me or throwing a glass at me, and then of course, Im the *******. So I left it at that, and have been debating internally if I should have pushed the envelope. Anyway, her friends stayed out of it, but she basically argued she was watching the game (“I can do two things at once, like talk and watch, can you?”) and she said my suggestion that her friends didn’t like her was stupid. I also she think she MIGHT have tried to spit her water subtly at my foot, but got more on her friend than me. And at the end, when people were leaving, and the guy she was hitting on left, she asked ME if he was gone. I said I didn’t know him. I should have said “of course he left without saying goodbye, he probably f,cking hates you”. The whole experience (except the W and Saints L) was miserable. I really question whether I can go back now. The bartender is hot, and always seems happy to see me (not looking much into that), but she might be a lezzy. That, and Id probably have to see that POS again. I really wonder whether shed be apologetic, or adamant that she was in the right despite her drunkenness. Either way, Id hope Id tell her whats on my mind. I don’t know why I am so bad at getting the words out when it matters. When youre at a sports bar, theres gonna be fans of other teams, but unless theyre outright obnoxious, its not them that I get upset at it, it’s the underlying play itself. And it was the opposite with this lowlife sl,t. Also, there was a Pats fan there, being loud and the center of attention. He had an “old” Pats hat on – the “hey look at me, I was a fan in the 90s” type of hat. Between her, him and the 22 points we gave up in 8 minutes 18 seconds, I was ready to k,ll someone at about 3:25 yesterday
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