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  1. Yo - my friend and I are thinking of going to the week 2 MNF game against the Broncos. We were thinking of flying into Nashville and driving to ATL from there. We figured to go camping or something like that to break up the driving and by looking at a map, Chattanooga National Forest is kind of on the way to ATL, whereas the Smokies seem a little out of the way, but maybe worth it? We would be leaving Nashville Sunday morning to go camping and would be looking to leave camping on Monday to get to ATL in time for dinner before the game. Keep in mind, we are Northeasterners, so either would be a new experience. Or, if you have another suggestion, let me know. Thanks
  2. .. or any such website? are they legit? i am trying to get a subscription to the economist
  3. 2008: Matt goes head over heels in MIN -- with a playoff seed pretty much already guaranteed (we won btw) 2011: Matt slides before the third down (GB) and runs OB with plenty of green in front of him (NYG) -- both at critical junctures of our season, and we lost
  4. I think I remember him saying he was trying to signal "safe", as in baseball, but just mixed up his sports
  5. It was decent until he told Arthur Blank to go kill himself. Cursing aside, his frustration was real. I'm up in NY and a few people have seen this now. Is it unreasonable to think this makes the news in ATL? And if it does, that just maybe someone in the organization is asked to respond to it? And if that were to happen, I actually think AB would sympathize with the guy - until aforementioned suicide reference
  6. Im not sure how this season will end, but one thing that has been eating at me is how consistently we play down to the Bucs level. It really is a hurdle we need to get over so we can finally we get 2 easy wins a year. It just seems like every time we play them, something absolutely miserable happens to keep them in the game. I can go down the list: 2004 - at home, we stop them on 3rd down, force a fumble that is returned for a TD, but they say forward progress was stopped. Reminded me of the 1998 Divisional against the Niners. 2005 - Vick fumbles the handoff to Dunn in the first game, Roddy's drop and the blocked 28 yard FG the second game. 2006 - barely scrape out 2 wins against a terrible team when we are supposed playoff contenders. 2008 - Dunn scores on a 3rd and goal from the 17 -- pathetic. At home, we dominate them, but Ryan throws a pick before the half and they score after 30 minutes of doing nothing. They block our punt and get other aggravating turnovers. 2009 - first game: that ridiculous kickoff return (for a TD i think) when the guy should have fumbled at his 10, second game: the fumbled kickoff right off the bat when we are trying to get a winning season. 2010 - first game, i think they have another TD before the half after doing absolutely nothing. we finally catch a break by stuffing Blount at the end, but that was a good play by the D. second game - they got a diving INT, we lose our diving INT. thankfully, they correctly give us our 2nd diving INT. 2011 - disgusting game capped off by the offsides on 4th and 1. I would love nothing more than to blow this team out
  7. I know he has done a lot to help that city recover, but I really hate Drew Brees. The guy has a Napolean complex to the utmost degree, and when things dont go his way, hes got that annoying pouty b,tch face on the sidelines. He'll throw for 400 yards and 5 TD's and then spew out some BS rah rah statement like "we need to get better." He can't win with grace. He also looks a complete baffoon with that pre-game cheer. And lets not discuss the erupting volcano on his face and his thinning hair
  8. ha, no, not my wedding .. a friends, but thanks for the advice
  9. I have a wedding there in March and really debating going. If I do, I would fly in and out in broad daylight and never leave the resort
  10. ****. I really do feel like an a-hole now if this guy is telling me to back off. Admittedly, the timing of this thread was terrible, and for that I apologize. I also apologize for the overall sentiment of the thread. It came off as bashing Ryan, but really it was me trying to say he needs to be more consistent in the clutch. Certain guys in this league you KNOW will close out the game if they get the chance, and Im not sure hes there yet. But the fact that hes only in his fourth year isnt lost on me. And for what its worth, I thought of a great game that fit this description, 09 at Giants, which I am embarrased to say now I was at. Again, I apologize
  11. this actually made me crack up. I dont post enough to establish an identity here, so I go with the flavor of the week name when i do post. Perhaps I will have to switch again after this topic though
  12. I understand the importance of todays win. A road win against a good team, momentum headed into the bye, an NFC tiebreaker. So I have plently to be happy about, but we are deluding ourselves if we think this team, as it is playing right now, can hang with the Saints and Packers. I cant prove my loyalty to or passion for Ryan, so I wont try, but he hasnt established himself as a closer just yet. I believe in time he will. And I can think of quite a few games we have won because of Ryan, but my question, and perhaps I should have clarified, is, has Ryan ever led a game winning drive when that drive was ultimately our last chance to score? The 2010 SF game, fine, but before that improbable Roddy strip, everyone in the building knew that would be our last chance to score. 2010 BAL, ehh, again, we got put in spots we shouldnt have been in and the PI call was iffy.
  13. Ok fine, i forgot about this one .. but ignoring the INT in the clutch is like forgiving Elam for missing the chip shot against the Bears in 2008 because he hit the game winner - it shouldnt have happened
  14. I really do like Ryan. I have quite a few of his jerseys for what that is worth. I am just saying this is one aspect of his game he needs to work on. I have no doubt he will get there, but I am frustrated by some of the blind loyalty i see on this board
  15. It was actually 6 seconds left .. amazing throw .. I am talking about a drive of sustained yardage or time
  16. I'm honestly not hating on him, Im confident he will eventually get back to 2010 form, but I cant recall any game winning drive that wasnt controversial (2010 Ravens game) or not of meaningful length (2010 Packers, 2008 Bears). I mean, even Redman has one during that time (2009 Bucs home). Theres been some game ending drives, but I remember them being RB-heavy (2008 Packers, 2009 at Bucs). I guess you could say the Jets in 2009, but we had a big facemask call and a huge Snelling run. And with 2010 at Saints, I am referring to end of regulation. Also, I believe we would have gotten one in Philly in 2008 had the refs not hosed us. Theres been a few times where we could have put games away with some more conversions (2010 Saints home). Theres also 2010 at Pittsburgh where he throws a pick right off the bat in crunch time. Perhaps I am just overly negative regarding this offense, but I cant think of any of the types of drives I am referring to. Im sure I'll get some negative comment about having too much time on my hands, but I happen to have a good memory (which makes this topic even more troublesome). PS - as far as the 2010 Ravens game, I dont think Roddy pushed off, I am referring to the 4th down pass interference call on Tony G
  17. what happened with Antonio Bryant again?
  18. I'll be going. I really wanted to tailgate by the stadium, but not sure if thats gonna be possible. Probably just gonna do something at my friends place and take the train over
  19. I was under the impression JA98 was being used to distinguish from JA32 .. who happened to have his best year in 98
  20. I had a dream that Mark Ingram fumbled against us on the goal line, and we returned it 99 yards for a TD. The other night, I had a dream that I was watching TV with my parents, and they were going around the league and introducing the premiere player of each team, and for us, they showed Roddy signing autographs and picking up a baby who proceeded to stick her hands inside Roddy’s mouth, to Roddy's laughter .. any interpretations?
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