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  1. Yo - my friend and I are thinking of going to the week 2 MNF game against the Broncos. We were thinking of flying into Nashville and driving to ATL from there. We figured to go camping or something like that to break up the driving and by looking at a map, Chattanooga National Forest is kind of on the way to ATL, whereas the Smokies seem a little out of the way, but maybe worth it? We would be leaving Nashville Sunday morning to go camping and would be looking to leave camping on Monday to get to ATL in time for dinner before the game. Keep in mind, we are Northeasterners, so either would be a
  2. .. or any such website? are they legit? i am trying to get a subscription to the economist
  3. 2008: Matt goes head over heels in MIN -- with a playoff seed pretty much already guaranteed (we won btw) 2011: Matt slides before the third down (GB) and runs OB with plenty of green in front of him (NYG) -- both at critical junctures of our season, and we lost
  4. I think I remember him saying he was trying to signal "safe", as in baseball, but just mixed up his sports
  5. It was decent until he told Arthur Blank to go kill himself. Cursing aside, his frustration was real. I'm up in NY and a few people have seen this now. Is it unreasonable to think this makes the news in ATL? And if it does, that just maybe someone in the organization is asked to respond to it? And if that were to happen, I actually think AB would sympathize with the guy - until aforementioned suicide reference
  6. Im not sure how this season will end, but one thing that has been eating at me is how consistently we play down to the Bucs level. It really is a hurdle we need to get over so we can finally we get 2 easy wins a year. It just seems like every time we play them, something absolutely miserable happens to keep them in the game. I can go down the list: 2004 - at home, we stop them on 3rd down, force a fumble that is returned for a TD, but they say forward progress was stopped. Reminded me of the 1998 Divisional against the Niners. 2005 - Vick fumbles the handoff to Dunn in the first game, Roddy's
  7. I know he has done a lot to help that city recover, but I really hate Drew Brees. The guy has a Napolean complex to the utmost degree, and when things dont go his way, hes got that annoying pouty b,tch face on the sidelines. He'll throw for 400 yards and 5 TD's and then spew out some BS rah rah statement like "we need to get better." He can't win with grace. He also looks a complete baffoon with that pre-game cheer. And lets not discuss the erupting volcano on his face and his thinning hair
  8. ha, no, not my wedding .. a friends, but thanks for the advice
  9. I have a wedding there in March and really debating going. If I do, I would fly in and out in broad daylight and never leave the resort
  10. ****. I really do feel like an a-hole now if this guy is telling me to back off. Admittedly, the timing of this thread was terrible, and for that I apologize. I also apologize for the overall sentiment of the thread. It came off as bashing Ryan, but really it was me trying to say he needs to be more consistent in the clutch. Certain guys in this league you KNOW will close out the game if they get the chance, and Im not sure hes there yet. But the fact that hes only in his fourth year isnt lost on me. And for what its worth, I thought of a great game that fit this description, 09 at Giants, whi
  11. this actually made me crack up. I dont post enough to establish an identity here, so I go with the flavor of the week name when i do post. Perhaps I will have to switch again after this topic though
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