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  1. 20. 28 Days Later 19. Lost in Translation 18. Vanilla Sky 17. Little Miss Sunshine 16. History of Violence 15. Punch Drunk Love 14. There Will Be Blood 13. Knocked Up 12. Donnie Darko 11. Shaun of the Dead 10. Anchorman 9. Kill Bill 8. Old Boy 7. Iron Man 6. Inglorious Basterds 5. Into the Wild 4. The Dark Knight 3. UP 2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 1. The Departed
  2. lol wut? people are just reaching for stuff to complain about now
  3. I would say the fact he actually gets up and jams receivers instead of playing 10 yards off the ball every play
  4. Would take Julius Peppers on your list the rest i wouldn't even bother
  5. Chris Owens is the least to blame on that play Where was the help by Coleman and where was the pass rush. Most corners in the leauge would have gave up that play. This makes 3 straight games where Christopher Owens has been lights out at corner. The best part of this season is we know we got 2 pieces in the secondary for the future. Decoud and Owens are going to be top players in the future.
  6. Abe is just old he was a great player but age has caught up to him. next year we should continue to go young and start some fresh talent at DE
  7. this not only no safety help but they had all day to throw that ball. Reevis probably would have gave up a TD there also
  8. what does Vick have to do with anything. Its the coaching staff that has us playing hard even though technically we don't have anything to play for
  9. Wow what a bunch of ******** whiners We played the number 1 Defense with a banged up offense and won. Yet you still are crying. We played what most people consider the best team in the NFL this year with a back up QB and RB and only lost by a field goal. If people listened to the whiners the franchise would be ran into the ground i can't think of a brighter spot in Falcons history then this team right now
  10. On defense it seems every time we blitz its painfully obvious. The QB usually does a fake snap count catches us. Thats not the problem i have the problem i have is it seems like the Defense is not allowed to audible. I've yet to see this team audible out of a blitz and it has cost us some big plays.
  11. Oh really Evidence proves you wrong when the most agressive defensive performance i've seen by this team has also been the worst. We went blitz happy against SD and the outcome was atrocious. If you are going to bring pressure you are going to be one on one and our corners pretty much have no coverage skills. I mean seriously Owens is a rookie and looks like our best corner
  12. doubt it every reasonable person i know knew the defense would be a growing pain this year and only people i ever see complaing is near sited fans
  13. Disagree why has so many people forgotten the preseason so quickly. Does no body remember SD when he opened up the playbook and Phillip Rivers was able to get 25-30 yard passes at will because our corners couldn't cover. He is playing the smoke and mirrors game right now. When he is able to get more pressure coming from the DL or when the Secondary starts to cover you'll see him open it up and bring more pressure
  14. I don't think he could do much different in playcalling. We have so many weaknesses that its impossible to hide. I'm convinced you could bring in anyone with the current defense and you would probably get similar results.
  15. Dude has tried to switch it up in the preseason. We failed miserably we don't have the talent. He is playing smoke and mirrors with only 2 playmakers on Defense. There isn't enough talent to not play it safer. I like how people want it both ways they cry every day about how bad our secondary is but want us to be more aggressive and blitz more and leave our very bad seconday even more vulnerable. I think once he gets his guys you're gonna see a top defense. All the fans on this board are in for quick pay offs this franchise is trying to build a winning consistency.
  16. Turf Toe is Serious Business don't let the silly name fool you
  17. BVG is not a bad coordinator and is not going to get fired no matter what idiots say.
  18. Falcons (19-0) Saints (10-6) Bucs (5-11) Panthers (3-13)
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