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  1. you can talk about the 2 #1 seeds but they haven't turned into titles. This team was good enough to win 1 or 2 titles in the Smith administration and failed. The players have quit on the coach, and this season is turning worse than 2007
  2. If the Saints game Thursday is an embarassment, it will be time to start evaluating backups and rookies and see who is worth moving forward with and who isn't. The jury is still out on Davis. I don't think he's a gamebreaker but with how Ryan has played the last month it's not too big a difference
  3. Usually wisconsin is a pretty good pipeline for linemen...but this guy looks scared. He would be scared if Betty White was in her 3 point stance trying to get to the quarterback.
  4. yeah hard to say someone who is upset is a troll. If you're satisfied watching this team every week it's your prerogative but a lot of people are just saying bitter truths that people have difficulty embracing regarding Ryan, the coaching staff, front office, offensive line, and defense. it was just plain LAUGHABLE to see Tampa score that much on us
  5. I think Jadaveon Clowney is looking like the move at this point, but if the right guy is there. Or maybe see what's available in the second or third round and find a gem like a Foles or Wilson
  6. I think Matt Ryan was a product of Jones, White, and Gonzalez. Without Jones, with an older White, and an apathetic Gonzalez, Ryan is showing that he is a C-list quarterback. Good qbs build up the people around them, in Ryan's case it was the other way around.
  7. Blank's statements were an absolute joke. As a transplanted fan, I am not wasting any more of my money watching this team embarass themselves at a sportsbar (while the rest of the goofballs in the bar are watching a disastrous eagles team make a playoff run nonetheless). It's just putrid and for them to stand by this display week after week sickens me.
  8. no gamebreaker tight end next year, a new coaching system and offensive/defensive scheme, 80% of our starters are garbage. this is a big optimistic.
  9. if you throw a pick six every week, you suck. the ryan apologists need to wake up and smell the coffee. at this point i'd be ok (if clowney was unavailable) for using our draft pick on a qb next year.
  10. with that contract not even the dodgers would take ryan on lol
  11. bring back the retro red helmet. can be worn with red or black jersey. keep white pants. easy.
  12. Say what you want about the Jags but they played a **** of a lot harder than the falcons did today
  13. yeah because ben is sooooooo good? the falcons next QB will probably be drafted in 2-3 years i would think.
  14. Gruden isn't the answer. David Shaw's stock has never been higher. Bring in a power runner with low mileage like a Toby Gerhart, draft heavy on the O-line, and one or two big defensive free agents and that could be a blueprint to success.
  15. I don't think players quit because of the business nature of the NFL. They still have to play for their job status whether it is with this team or another team but I don't think Smith inspires any of them to keep fighting despite the awful season.
  16. Ryan has the talent, but he throws more short passes than Chad Pennington because of the awful offensive line. Ryan is average to above average at best and people on here are putting him in the same class as Brady Brees and Manning and that is just not right.
  17. trent dilfer didn't win a championship. he had a defense. a defense that matt ryan does not have. more responsibility would be on matt ryan's shoulders than was dilfer's. so that logic doesn't make sense. if all the pressure is on ryan to get it done, he just can't do it. and with an aging white, a retired gonzalez, no bigtime feature back, and a jones coming off injury, and most likely a new coaching staff next year looks like a challenge too. clarification dilfer won obviously but it wasn't because of him
  18. i think ryan might have thrown 5 downfield balls today if that
  19. yeah this comment is a joke. if anyone watched today's game and wasn't absolutely disgusted, you need glasses. it's time to clean house
  20. there's money to go out there and make moves. But you gotta overpay guys to get fired up to play for Smitty if he's still there.
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