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  1. easiest decision i ever had to make. GO COLTS!!! I don't want to see the saints raising that trophy EVER!
  2. so they're probably won't be too many problems arriving at the stadium for 11 am?
  3. i'm trying to figure out how early to get to the game at tomorrow and i was just wondering if anybody has experience when is a good time to show up.
  4. team had zero sacks he gets paid the money to get sacks obviously he's not doing his job
  5. grimes is awful. he doesn't have the size or the talent to get it done.
  6. Abraham is the prey, not the predator. Your average hack offensive lineman can easily keep him under control
  7. As a Falcon fan living in Pennsylvania, you may say I have no idea about what is going on with the city of Atlanta and that's fine, you're probably right. What sickened me watching yesterday's game was that Falcons fans were applauding plays that Vick made. That's a serious issue. Falcons fans are cheering for someone on the Eagles? I dislike the Eagles as much as our NFC South Rivals and it just sickened me that some of these people who claim to be Falcons fans were cheering more for an Eagles player than the Falcons players. What we need is unity as a fanbase, not these divisive issues.
  8. yeah maybe we should bring morten andersen out of retirement
  9. well it isn't going to be one of the falcons' easiest games, that's for sure. the outcome of this game could determine who takes home the division
  10. so far the secondary has been one of the most glaring weaknesses of any team in the nfl especially without brian williams. the offense is just going to have to pick up the slack of the defense. however, the falcons are still a playoff team.
  11. 18 carries, 39 yards, 1 td. 5 carries for lost yardage.
  12. big deal....you just figured out espn has an agenda?
  13. Yeah voting for a guy that maybe will get back to the line of scrimmage as a pro bowl back? not so much.
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