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  1. If I am correct when D. Jones had his Pick Six against the Saints he had the fastest scoring play in the NFL that week.
  2. Ryan #1, Julio #2 for me... I'll never forget watching Matt Ryan on national television against Virginia Tech and after the game was over I knew he was who I wanted.
  3. Ryan looks real bad right now but I am fully expecting a big second half... Call me biased or a homer but I have full faith in him if this game ends up with us down 6 with 2 minutes left and the ball that he's gonna win us the game.
  4. people need to appreciate what we have now... I already know 12 years from now we will all be wishing we had him back or had someone like him.
  5. Rex Ryan is a GREAT Defensive Coordinator... as a head coach... below average... I would be thrilled to have him as our D Coordinator but not interested in him as a Head Coach.
  6. let's be real here though... Is there anyone here who had the guts to start Atlanta D today? I started Free in both my leagues but didn't even consider ATL D
  7. I have 0 doubt in my mind he'd be top 10... maybe top 5 with ryan. He's a lot like julio, main difference being julio is way stronger.
  8. I am not saying collins didn't struggle today but are we going to act like hopkins isn't one of the NFL's better WR? If you gave him a half decent O-Line and QB he would be a top 10 maybe top 5 WR and when their offense is facing almost all backups it is a half decent O-line and QB.
  9. I like hardy but i still see him as more of a slot guy. Hankerson looks like a better outside receiver with his size and speed despite his questionable hands. I'd still like to see a new #2 receiver get acquired in the next couple years once roddy is clearly on his way out.
  10. PSA it says on the website that it is only for 4 year schools but it also allows some community colleges so it may be available to more than you think. I just got it, it allows you to pay in 4 payments of $25 to spread it out a little more. Do you already have a chromecast as well? I just chromecast it right onto my TV. Very worth it.
  11. I am honestly absolutely stunned to hear that there are people on here who like Buck and Collinsworth's commentating... I honestly can't remember ever hearing either of them say anything that a casual fan couldn't have said/thought of.
  12. Buck is the worst commentator I think I have ever heard. But that may just be my impression from how horrible he is at commenting baseball and the MLB Postseason.
  13. I was sad to see him get injured I actually thought he might have been potentially good depth
  14. I'd rather stay put with all the prospects left on the board. I could see it if there was one guy head and shoulders above the rest and it was the missing piece. But we need a few pieces more than one.
  15. Defense definitely still needs work lol I wouldn't mind this pick though.
  16. #93 please... im sure a swap between college teammates should be easy to manage.
  17. I am pretty sure he will get picked before that. Even if no one picks him until the 6th, he will likely just sit out the season and re-enter the draft next year. He would get paid dirt money when he was supposed to be making 10-15th overall money. He'd make more money going in the 2nd or 3rd next year and missing a year than signing a deal with slotted 6th round money.
  18. YESSSSSSS I for one am always stoked to see the falcons playing in san francisco (santa clara).. If only tickets weren't $100 for standing room ,,, doesn't matter going anyway
  19. Antone as long as he is cheap... Quizz can leave... Bring Jerious Norwood out of retirement and let him start.
  20. Rex Ryan would be great as a Defensive coordinator... but I just do not want to deal with the spectacle that he is... and the near certain regression out of matt ryan that would happen with Rex as head coach. Bowles would be an awesome defense consistently despite an absurd amount of injuries, how many teams really actually truthfully were successful with the "next man up" ideology. No matter who was playing it was a solid Defense. Makes me believe it has a lot to do with him.
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