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  1. I just want to win....

  2. Must go to San Diego for this years falcon game in San Diego!

  3. Saints Fan came to my work today... Tried swiping his saints rewards card and said who dat... ANDDD card rejected... oh the Irony

  4. how many more years till the falcons play the niners or raiders in Cali again? lol

    1. FlyHighFalcons


      Sorry to tell you this my man, but it's going to be a while. They have Oakland coming to ATL next year, then San Fran the following. Won't be to Oakland til 2016 (SD that year as well), San Fran 2017.

    2. CaliFalconFan02


      serious? FML!!! imma have to catch a flight somewhere im not waiting 5 years lol hopefully we can play arizona in arizona for a playoff game lol

  5. what part of cali you from?

  6. julio jones F*** yeah!!!


  8. GIANTS WORLD CHAMPIONS!!! so psyched... definately ditching school tommorow to go to the parade haha BLACK AND ORANGE BLACK AND ORANGE BLACK AND ORANGE

  9. **** RIGHT!!! GIANTS WORLD CHAMPIONS!!! im ditching school to go to tommorows parade haha

  10. i know... i thought we had a chance to make a run at the world series withing the next five years at the start of the year... i didn't think this year though that i'll admit... im trying to get world series tickets but im not willing to spend more than $250 so it looks like i wont be going haha i already went to like 20 games this year tho so i dont need too go.. i saw like 80% of ...

  11. yeah it would take our best minor league pitcher and either sanchez or bumgarder... i don't think he's worth it... maybe a good power hitter in Free agency...

  12. sorry for the EXTREMELY late reply... not on the comp s much as i used to be now that its summer... but think huff works well in outfield... you heard the trade rumor? i really hope we don't do it... its posey and bumgarder for prince fielder... i don't want to part with two really good prospects over fielder...

  13. we are failing all over the place... its time to trade fo a bat. this offense is making me feeling nautious... kroy beirmann stepped up on kickoffs... i think we should just lets barry zito bat cleanup...

  14. make that 1-7 :D haha i'll take it 1-1 on this series in SD... i just hope the dodgers cool off soon...

  15. the way he's pitching right now i don't want to trade him... he's too good... he's been our second best this year... i'd actually rather trade bumgarder. and the bat needs t be young... not an old player

  16. nice... i've been to two games so far. got tickets already for five more. im seeing them play the mets but out here... i wanted us to trade johnathan sanchez for adrian gonzalez but after the other day im against it. we definitely got pitchers... just need one more big bat

  17. just noticed on the baseball thread you're a giants fan... looking pretty good this year i think this is finally the year we take NL West... you been to any games yet?

  18. lol im hoping for a sophmore slump out of him... i don't want another worse to first lol its tought to say for ATL im thinking 10-6

  19. just curious... what's your honest prediction for the bucs record next year?

  20. im holding you to it... serious... your gonna owe me a car...

  21. just saying... if you play pro ball as a TE... you kinda owe me... just like a $25,000 car that's all...

  22. PLAY TE... maybe the falcons will need a tight end in 8 years

  23. no clue? are you fast? are you strong? can you catch? or throw? lol you gotta have a idea lol

  24. wait what position are you gonna play?